Dev Notes [Dev Note] On Changes, Focus, and New Mode
ShadowArena 2020-09-11 09:00 (UTC+0)





This is the Lead Producer of Shadow Arena, “Byulbaram,” Kwangsam Kim.  

I would like to first thank everyone for their continuous love and support for Shadow Arena. 


There have been many changes for the past 3 weeks since the end of Beta Season Round 2 and the start of Beta Season Round 3. Rival system was introduced, several Hero balancing, game systems, and rules were changed, invincibility was removed from rolling and was added back again, and new Hero Sura was released. We have also consistently worked on improving the matchmaking system. 


I’m sure there is one more thing that everyone wants, which are bug fixes. 

There are key bugs that are plauging our players currently, such as knocked down Heroes getting up too quickly or projectile attacks sometimes missing their target, and we would like to focus on addressing these issues.  


We are currently putting our efforts on the “getting up too quickly” issue first and we plan to actively address the projectile issue and other bugs reported from our official Discord and QQ channels as soon as possible.  


But I’m not here just to talk about fixing bugs.  

We are also releasing a new mode!  



Next week on September 17th, we are adding a new mode, “Team Deathmatch”. 

Players entering this new map will be divided into 2 teams and will be put into an all-out skirmish. Points are accumulated every time a member defeats a player from the opposing team and players spawn and fight endlessly until one team reaches the final victory score.  



Team Deathmatch is a casual mode where you can freely enter and enjoy as you wish. It’s a great opportunity to practice fighting in tangled situations, try out new Heroes, or enjoy coordinating with teammates in combat.  

Since you can spawn endlessly, we hope that you can enjoy it without a pressure to win against someone in 1-vs-1 situation.  

We believe that by introducing team fight situations through this Team Deathmatch mode, it will serve as a starting point for Shadow Arena as a “team game” which we plan to focus more in the future.  


We understand that having several modes, such as King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch, always available might negatively affect the overall matchmaking pool. As some of you may be aware, the current matchmaking pool for Shadow Arena is unfortunately not generous enough for us to constantly expand new modes without some concerns.  

Thus, we are considering having modes available only on specific times or on turn-by-turn basis. We will notify through patch notes again if we feel that these changes are necessary.  


Once again, thank you so much to everyone for your support for Shadow Arena and we will do our best to repay with the best gaming experience possible.  


Thank you.


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