Dev Notes [Dev Note] Ahon Kirus Guide
ShadowArena 2021-01-07 07:40 (UTC+0)


Ahon Kirus was born and raised in Tarif, the home of sorcerers. 

She mastered the knowledge handed down by the Great Sorceress Cartian and Allan Serbin.

She overcame many darknesses together with Ain Greid, the sentinel of the Bautt Slate. After that, she returned home and became the leader of Tarif. 




| Difficulty



| Combat Style

Ahon Kirus is a Hero that requires time and strong controls to masterShe has high evasion capabilitiesboth melee and ranged skills

She can easily take advantage of the situation if she is given the room to do so, and can deal a critical blow with her strong offensive skills


She can disturb opponents with evasion skillsdraw a safe distance and counter the enemy’s attacksHowever not using her evasion skill (Phantom Ravenat the right timemay put her in a dangerous spotso this should be used carefully. 


| Skills

[RMBPhantom Raven

Turn into a Phantom Raven and evade all attacks while moving. 

[Q] Dark Mark

Throw a mass of black energy at the enemy to knock them back and reduce their DP. 

[E] Shadow Explosion

Explode shadows on the ground, causing damage and knocking up enemies within range. 

[R] Sun of Destruction

Charge a mass of black energy into a large orb and throw it at the enemy to knock them down. The orb can be charged up to 3 levels.

Its size and damage grows by 20% each level. Reuse or press LMB while charging to throw it instantly. You can move around while holding the charged orb.