GM Notes [GM Note] Ahon Kirus Guide
ShadowArena 2020-02-11 06:00 (UTC+9)


Ahon Kirus was born and raised in Tarif, the home of sorcerers.

She mastered the knowledge handed down by the Great Sorceress Cartian and Allan Serbin. She overcame many darknesses together with Ain Greid, the sentinel of the Bautt Slate. After that, she returned home and became the leader of Tarif.



| Difficulty



| Combat Style

Ahon Kirus is a character that requires time to master. She has evasion, melee and ranged skills and can easily take advantage of the situation if she is given the room to do so. The timing of her evasion skill (Phantom Raven) in melee combat can make or break the fight.


| Skills

Phantom Raven


Teleport momentarily and evade all attacks. Press RMB again to dash forward and hit enemies, which knocks them down.

Dark Mark


Throw a mass of black force at the enemy, causing damage and reducing their DP for 6 seconds. The DP debuff can be stacked.


(Ultimate Level Effect: Dark Mark damage is increased by 30%.)

Resonating Shadow


Connect a chain to the enemy's shadow, causing damage over time while the enemy is within range. The enemy will be stunned if the chain lasts for two seconds or more.


(Ultimate Level Effect: Resonating Shadow skill range is increased by 25%.)

Shadow Explosion


Explode shadows on the ground, causing damage to enemies within range and bouncing them into the air.


(Ultimate Level Effect: Shadow Explosion attack range is increased by 25%.)

Sun of Destruction


Charge a mass of black energy into a large orb and throw it at the enemy to knock them down. The orb can reach up to level 3 when fully charged. The higher the level, the greater the damage and size, but the speed of the orb will decrease. Able to move around while possessing the charged orb.


(Ultimate Level Effect: Movement speed increases by 50% while casting Sun of Destruction. Movement speed increases for 5 seconds once the orb is released. )