Dev Notes [Dev Note] Gerhard Shultz Guide
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Shultz ruled the Sausan region after the fall of the Mediahn kingdom

He tried to lead Sausan and Altinova into cooperation of one anotherwhen the two regions had their backs against each other. 

He became the champion of the Altinova Arena in order to boast the power of the Sausan region. 


In 284 howeverhe died in Altinova due to mysterious poisoning by an unknown enemy. 


| Difficulty



| Combat Style

Shultz is a Hero that charges head first as his inherent skill which makes him immune to all crowd control effects

Howeverbe aware of the decreasing HP since so one must always be wary of one’s health.  


Shultz has a gameplay style to harass the enemy by latching onto the enemyand move them nearby the party members for them to focused fire on themflingand stun.  


| Skills

[RMBUnleashed Beast

Ignore all crowd control effects for 3 sec. However, you will still take damage from attacks. 

[Q] Gate Breaker

Dash forward at lightning speed to blow the target away upon impact

You can change the direction while charging forwardUse the skill again while dashing forward to instantly perform a shoulder charge. 

[E] Rock Smash

Grab and lift the enemy over your head and slam them onto the ground.

You can move around while grabbing the enemy. Reuse or press LMB to slam them onto the ground immediately. 

[R] Bestial Howl

Roar with the power of the beast to send shockwaves that stun all enemies nearby.