Updates [Update] September 17 (Thu) Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-09-17 08:00 (UTC+0)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.       


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on September 17, 2020 (Thu). 


* Patch Size: 446.24 MB (Approx.)        


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena! 



■ Deathmatch 

- Added Deathmatch mode. 


How to Play 

- Enter Deathmatch mode after selecting a Hero and you will receive 13 Skill Points and blue-grade gear.  

- The game will start when at least 2 players enter the lobby.  

  > Maximum 10 players can enter the match after game starts. 

. > You cannot enter a match 10 minutes after the game starts or when one team gets more than 20 points.   

- Players will be put into either Red or Blue team depending on order of arrival.  

- When you die, you will respawn after 10 seconds. 

  > You may change your Hero during the respawn time. However, you must relearn your skills after changing Heroes. 

- For 5 seconds after respawning, you can move around as an untargetable Black Spirit and press LMB to cancel the Black Spirit form immediately.  



[HP Recovery] 

- An adorable NPC donned in Tree Spirit attire will emerge in the East, West, South, and North areas. You can recover 10,000 HP when you stand near it.  

- The NPC will deplete all its stamina and collapse after restoring your HP. It will regain its healing powers after 1 minute. 



- To win, a team needs to get 30 kills first or have the most kills after 20 minutes. 




- Regardless of the results of the match, you will earn 5 silver per kill.  

- You will earn 30 additional silvers if your team wins the game.  


[Hero Mastery] 

- Regardless of the results of the match, you will earn 5 Hero Mastery per kill.  

- You will earn 10 Hero Mastery if your team wins the game.  

- This reward will be applied to the Hero Mastery of the Hero that you selected last.  

Deathmatch mode is a new mode where players are divided into 2 teams of five and battle each other.  

It’s a stress-free place to practice a new Hero, hone your team fighting skills for Team matches or other team-based modes to come. Take time to immerse yourself in mindless skirmishes or just take a break from worrying about rankings. 

However, there is a limit to how many can enjoy Deathmatch mode at a time, so we recommend waiting for some time before attempting to re-enter if the room is full.  


■ Rookie Battle Pass 

- Added a new Battle Pass for rookie players.  

- Finish the required number of Solo matches to receive the rewards shown below.  



Play in Ranked Solo 1 time 

5,000 Silver 

Play in Ranked Solo 2 times 

10,000 Silver 

Play in Ranked Solo 3 times 

15,000 Silver 

Play in Ranked Solo 4 times 

[Event] All-Hero Pass (7 Days) 

Play in Ranked Solo 5 times 

Title: Knows What's Up 

 ▶ Check the Rookie Battle Pass details 



■ Tournament System  

- Players will now get 4 Preliminaries Ticket to participate in the Weekly Tryout (Asia). 

- Players that have entered the Custom room for the Weekly Tryout (Asia) will be able to see the points they’ve earned during the match in the Results page. 

- Fixed an issue where the incorrect tournament name was displayed in the lower part of the screen in the main lobby ticket UI when players received a Finals Ticket. 


■ Hero 


- Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit visual effect does not appear when moving in the Black Spirit form when the match started or respawning in the early phase.  

- Fixed an issue where you cannot move when you land on the circular roof of the Extraction Mill while in Black Spirit form. 

- Fixed an issue where you appeared to break out of Stun when you use a HP potion or an Elixir of Swiftness while Stunned by a Stun Trap.  

- Fixed an issue where Heroes get up quickly and become afflicted with Stiffness when they are hit by a basic attack during the falling motion. 

Finally, we have fixed the “getting up too quickly” issue that occurs when you are hit by additional attack while falling over. We have been trying for countless weeks to address this issue and it is with great joy to finally have the fix put into the game.  


Since the Preliminaries are currently underway, this week will also feature only minor Hero balance changes. 




Shield Charge (2) 

- Fixed an issue where the cooldown wasn’t applied when using Shield Charge (2) while eating a sandwich. 




Chin Kick(F) 

-  Fixed an issue in the Chin Kick’s skill description where the damage applied was incorrect.   

  > Before: 80 → After: 120 




Bestial Howl (4)

- Fixed an issue where the cooldown wasn’t applied when using the ultimate level of Bestial Howl (4) while eating a sandwich.  

- Fixed an issue where your appearance changes when using Bestial Howl (4) after equipping a skin.

Shultz is a Hero that we started recently to monitor very closely. Since the Preliminaries are currently underway, there are no major changes for Shultz but expect some in the following week after the Preliminaries. 




Head Shot (1) 

- Fixed an issue where Stiffness was applied to self when using Head Shot (1) without stamina. 

- Fixed an issue where you cannot use Blink (E) while using Head Shot (1) 




Kamasylve Tree (4) 

- Fixed an issue where the Kamasylve Tree’s heal potency doubled when used in Team matches.  




Heart Stab (1) 

- Fixed an issue where the hitbox of level 1 of Heart Stab (1) in the skill description is different from actual hitbox 

  > Before: 150 → After: 220 


Thunder Rip (3)  

- Fixed an issue where the invincibility duration and the stealth duration did not match in the Ultimate level of Thunder Rip (3)  

  > As a result, the stealth duration while in air has been reduced slightly.  




Grave Digger (3) 

- Fixed an issue where the cooldown wasn’t applied when using Grave Digger (3) while eating a sandwich.  




Breath of Elion (Endurance Stance - 3) 

- Fixed an issue where the healing effect of Breath of Elion (Endurance Stance – 3) was doubled in Team mode.  




Dragon Slash (3) 

- Fixed an issue where the cooldown wasn’t applied when using Dragon Slash (3) while eating a sandwich. 




Fourth Blade: Demon Rend (4) - Blizzard (RMB) 

- Removed Stiffness from 1st hit of Blizzard. 

  > With this change, an intermittent issue where Blowback was shortened when successfully hitting with Blizzard after blowback with Fourth Blade: Demon Rend.  

- Changed the dash distance of Blizzard to match the skill description.  

- Reduced the additional travel range bonus when learning Ultimate level from 50% to 30%.  

  > The total travel distance is reduced to 9.1M, compared to 10.5M from before.

Since Sura is restricted from this week’s tournament, so we added some balance changes. We reduced the travel distance of the Ultimate level of Blizzard (RMB after 4).  


■ Freeze Bomb 

- Added Freeze Bomb. 

> You have a chance to obtain Freeze Bomb by defeating monsters and it cannot be obtained from Gorgath’s Forbidden Alchemy (4). 


How to use 

- When using the item, you will be switched to a non-combat stance when using the bomb and you will not be able to move.  

- While in non-combat stance, press LMB to view the trajectory.  

  > Aim the mouse cursor to the desired location while holding LMB and let go of LMB to throw the Freeze Bomb. 

  > It will explode 4 seconds after the trajectory appears and if you hold LMB for too long, you will automatically throw it 1 second before it explodes.  

  > It applies 1,000 fixed damage to nearby opponents and a 3-second freeze. 

We added a new throwing bomb item, but we were concerned over its impact on   Gorgath’s performance during this tournament period. Therefore, we restricted Gorgath’s Forbidden Alchemy (4) from creating this item for now.  


■ Red Dragon 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where the Red Dragon passes by without attacking when you use the Red Dragon's Offering. 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where the flame visual effect did not appear when you use the Red Dragon’s Offering.  


■ System 

- Improved the matchmaking system

Recently, we’ve made steady improvements to the matchmaking system and formula.  

With these changes, any losing or winning streaks will have more definite impact on your matchmaking evaluation.  


Also, we’re updating one section that was added during last Friday’s unscheduled maintenance. 

After last Friday’s update on the Asia server, we’ve reduced the number of bots to increase the player ratio. 


■ Event 

- Battle Pass! Event has been changed as below:  

  > Event duration for [Battle Pass!] event has been extended until before maintenance on October 29, 2020 (Thu). 

  > Event duration for [Get those Tickets] event will last until September 17 (Thu) as previously announced. 

  > After September 17 (Thu) maintenance, [Event] Tickets from the Battle Pass will be changed to silver. 


■ Shadow Lord 

- Reduced the AP of all the Shadow Lord’s that are first summoned in the match (excluding Varigord) by the following amounts:  

> Gigagord: -17.5%  

> Saigord: -28% 

> Margord: -33.3% 

- Reduced the AP of Shadow Lords that spawn after the 2nd summoning by -33.3%. 

- Reduced the frequency of Margor’s upper cut (Floating attack).  

- Reduced the frequency of Margord’s whirlwind Floating effect from every hit to once per turn.  

- Fixed an intermittent issue where the Sealed Relic Tower and Shadow Lords would spawn in the air. 

Margord, the last Shadow Lord, was nerfed last week. However, we still noticed that Shadow Lords are still quite overpowered and struck down many players.  

Thus, we’ve lowered the AP of Shadow Lords post-2nd summon.   



■ Specter

- Added Specter icons to appear on the World Map and Minimap. (Added)



■ Item Presets  

- Added item preset in Solo and Team matches.  

  > Bind an item that can be obtained from those matches to either Z, X, C, or V keys to use them.  

We added an item preset feature for consumable item slots. 

This feature can be set in the “Sealed Item” selection screen.  

Do note that other items that are not selected in the Item Presets will not be placed into slots automatically.  


■ Other Fixes and Improvements 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where the opposing Hero becomes invisible when mounting the Ancient Weapon. 

- Fixed an issue where the Clan Flag would turn invisible after being placed. 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where Herawen bot becomes invisible. 

- Removed the score related category from the profile window.  

- Changed the Rival status window to also display time.  

- Added English and Chinese voice-overs for Sura.  

- Changed the “character” written in Nickname Change coupon to “account.” 

- Changed the Server info located in upper left side of Europe/Russia server’s main lobby to display “Europe/Russia.”  



Thank you.