Dev Notes [Dev Note] Ba-Ri and Heilang Guide
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Princess of the Fallen Kingdom – Year 272 


The princess of a fallen kingdom grew up on Haemo Island under Hwisa's care 

Howeverthe army of the east eventually heard the rumors and tracked her downBa-ri was barely able to escape thanks to Hwisa and her life-long friendHeilangEncouraged by Hwisa's wordsshe now begins her journey to discover who she truly is. 







| Combat Style 

As a master of staff and Heilang, hero Ba-Ri & Heilang is capable of performing various combo attacks in battles.

Heilang follows Ba-Ri and attacks the targeted enemy. It can heal, give buffs to nearby allies, or fight together with Ba-Ri when she uses certain skills.

Heilang’s power grows with that of Ba-Ri, and even though Ba-Ri gets stunned or knocked down by enemies unable to move, Heilang does not stop fighting them. It can also sense and attack enemies in stealth mode.

When Heilang loses all its HP from battles, it disappears for a moment and appears again fully recovered. Indeed, if Ba-Ri is left alone without Heilang even for a short moment, she would be exposed to greater danger.



| Skills

[RMB] Heilang

Heilang doesn't listen to Ba-Ri very well and often runs off to attack enemies. Call Heilang to come close when it is located too far away from Ba-Ri. When Heilang loses critical amount of its HP, it will disappear for 15 sec then return with full HP.


* [Heilang: Roar: Heal]: Press RMB to recover HP of nearby allies.

* [Heilang: Roar: Combat]: Hold RMB to increase AP and DP of nearby allies.

[Q] Monkey! Reach!

Climb up on the staff then jump into the air. While in the air, turn and move around rapidly then swing down with the staff to knock down the enemy. Able to move farther on higher locations.

Upon the strikedown attack, Heilang moves to Ba-Ri and uses Heilang: Roar: Swift, which increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed of nearby allies.

[E] Crow: Shoo!
Twirl the staff while walking forward and knock up the enemy. Heilang dashes toward the target or the direction it is facing, then blow back the enemy.
[R] Heilang’s Territory
Order Heilang to create Heilang's Territory. All allies in Heilang's Territory, including Ba-Ri, will have Super Armor.