Dev Notes [Dev Note] Ba-Ri and Heilang
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Princess of the Fallen Kingdom – Year 272 


The princess of a fallen kingdom grew up on Haemo Island under Hwisa's care 

Howeverthe army of the east eventually heard the rumors and tracked her downBa-ri was barely able to escape thanks to Hwisa and her life-long friendHeilangEncouraged by Hwisa's wordsshe now begins her journey to discover who she truly is. 






| Combat Style 

Ba-Ri and Heilang is a unique character with various combat style due to Celestial Bo Staff and Heilang 

You can order Heilang to attack nearby enemies or stand down and waitYou can also battle while riding on Heilangmove directly to Heilang’s locationor call Heilang to Ba-ri's sideNote that you’re risking yourself if you engage in battle without Heilang. 


Heilang cannot attack a target by itself and can only attack a designated target with a skill. However, even if Ba-ri is stunned or cannot move due to knockdown, Heilang keeps attacking the target and continues the fight. 

Heilang in battle can detect stealthed Heroes by smell and when it is attacked and its HP is depleted completely, Heilang will disappear. After 15 seconds, however, Heilang will appear again with full HP. (Heilang’s HP regens automatically but regens faster when it isn’t taking any action.) 

Super Armor will be applied when Ba-ri mounts Heilang but both of their HP will be affected when attacked. Items cannot be picked up and Jump Gates cannot be used when Ba-ri mounts Heilang. Additionally in certain modes, such as Deathmatch, the mount feature is not available.  


| Unique Skills 


Command Heilang to do one of the following. 


Wait: Call Heilang to Ba-ri's locationShe can ride Heilang and "Where Are You Heilang?" effect will be applied for 30 sec. 


Help: Attack enemies randomly as Heilang follows Ba-ri aroundIf Ba-ri starts attaking a targetthen it will the same target. 

Monkey: Reach!

Climb up on the staff then jump into the air. While in the air, turn and move around then swing down with the staff. Able to move farther on higher locations and if Heilang is helping, it will come to Ba-ri and be ordered to Bite attack. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Monkey: Reach!  Reduce Damage Taken while in the Air by -70%) 

Tiger: Chase! / Where Are You Heilang?


Call Heilang to Ba-ri's location and order it to do a Charge attack. However, if "Where Are You Heilang?" is active, Ba-ri will teleport to Heilang's side. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Tiger: Chase!! Increase Heilang's Charge attack Travel Distance +30%, Reduce Teleport Casting Time)

Crow: Shoo!


Twirls the staff while walking forward and hits enemies, then swing up to send enemies flying. Press LMB to immediately stop twirling and use the up swing. 



(Ultimate Level Effect: Crow: Shoo! Guard while moving) 

Heilang's Territory


Order Heilang to disappear and create a small area around it. All allies in Heilang's Territory, including Ba-ri, will have Super Armor. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Heilang's Territory. Increase Area of Heilang's Territory by Double) 


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