Dev Notes [Dev Note] Orwen Guide
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Orwen is a half-elf born to an elvish father and a human mother.


Being a half-blood, she grew up without being part of any human or elf society. She had been a loner for a long time despite her excellent archery skills. However, everything about her life changed as she met the Secret Guards.



| Difficulty



| Combat Style

Orwen’s skill kit consists of long ranged attacks using the bow, so she has a very long range.

She is at a major disadvantage in melee combat since she has a low HP and a lack of defensive skils. Therefore, it is crucial for her to keep a distance and create a blindspot to support party members from the back the fight in her favor.


| Skills

[RMB] Thunderbolt Arrow


Instill the energy of lightning into the arrow and fire. The damage increases the longer its charged. The energy of lightning can be charged up to 4 levels. You can knock down or blow the enemy back. Click LMB or RMB while charging to shoot the arrow immediately.


 [Q] Twin Fairy Arrow


Borrow the power of the twin fairies for a short time to fire an additional Twin Fairy Arrow that deals fixed damage and has increased projectile speed.


[E] Arrow Storm


Shoot multiple arrows forward then perform a somersault backwards. More arrows will hit enemies standing close and deal more damage.


[R] Shower of Arrows


Gather the power of the fairies to fire a countless number of arrows into the sky to rain down on an area.