Updates [Update] September 29 (Tue) Maintenance Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-09-29 15:00 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.      


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on September 29, 2020 (Tue).     

* Patch Size: 243.58 MB (Approx.)       


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena! 




Due to high number of inquiries, we are adding more explanations regarding Hero Score calculations and Hero Ranking that got added last week.  

Hero Score is determined by comparing average number of kills per game and average survival rankings with total played time. This means that your Hero Score will be higher the longer you maintain high average number of kills and rankings.  

However, since the Hero Score is based on averages, unfair point calculations may be made if you have only 1-2 games of high performance and stop playing afterwards. Thus, the Hero Score is deducted as a percentage of the number of games played until 30 games and afterwards, the Hero Score will be based purely on your own average.  

In other words, before 30 games your Hero Score is not your actual Hero Score and rather a deducted version of the score based on number of games played.  

(For example, if you played 10 games then it’s 10/30 so only 1/3 of your Hero Score is recognized.) 

During this period, it may look like your points are increasing exponentially due to increasing ratio the more you play but after 30 games, the score will even out, and it will be based on average number of kills and rankings. Also, your score may be deducted if you have less-than-average number of kills and rankings.  

There are, however, bonus points for number of times played after 30 games so as long as you maintain your average kills and rankings your score will always increase.  

To summarize, the best way to have high Hero Score is to “maintain high average number of kills, rankings and number of times played”.  

This score is calculated from overall average rather than changes in a score so there are no benefits to starting with a bad score and suddenly becoming better. It is based only on the cumulative averages of all the matches during the season.  


■ Hero 


Explosive Trap (4) 

- Added misfire visual effect when Explosive Trap (4) is destroyed by another Hero.  




- Increased movement speed after the first hit of basic attack. 

- Improved forward attack to be cancelled with movement.  

  > With this change, forward attack will not be cancelled when holding LMB.  

- Decreased Heilang’s basic attack damage by 9.6%. 

- Increased all damage except fixed damage by 10 times when hitting Heilang and increased Heilang’s HP by 8 times.  

- Enabled dismounting when running fast while mounted on Heilang. 

- Fixed an issue where an invisible wall that blocks projectile appears when Heilang is waiting to respawn.  

- Fixed an issue where the RMB “Help” command does not work when Heilang defeats the target.  

- Fixed an intermittent issue where Heilang does not appear after the respawn time.  

- Fixed an issue where Heilang follows the party member when Ba-ri dies in Team mode.  

Tiger: Chase!  (2) 

- Improved Heilang to dash quickly and attack when using Tiger: Chase! (2) while dismounting mid-run.  

- Reduced the maximum damage of Level 2 Tiger: Chase! (2) by 20%. 

  > Before: 2160 → After: 1800

The most important strategy against Ba-ri is to first remove Heilang from the fight. It was very difficult to kill Heilang but Heroes with fixed damage skills were able to do so easily.  

This was due the trait of mounts like Heilang and Laytenn where only 10% of the damage was applied due to high DP and the fact that Heilang’s HP was set low. Thus, we removed this damage reducing mount trait but increased its HP to match around 80% of its previous HP. Since the actual HP is increased, Heilang will not be easily defeated with fixed damage skills like Orwen’s Twin Fairy Arrow (3).  

To summarize, defeating Heilang with basic attack has gotten easier but harder with fixed damage attacks.  


■ Matchmaking System 

- Improved matchmaking system.  

We fixed the matchmaking algorithm again so that “Bronze” rank users do not match against top tier players. However, Silver tier players who passed the Broze rank or Shade tier players in the middle of placement matches will be matched based on internal skill assessment.  


■ Tournament System 

- Changed the result screen of tournament match to display rankings based on tournament score. 



■ Ancient Weapon 

- Fixed an issue where only 10% of damage was applied when hitting Laytenn and Puturum.  

  > With this change, HP and HP regen has been doubled.  

This is a change that goes with Ba-ri & Heilang.  

As a result, Laytenn and Puturum’s HP has been reduced to around 1/5 so now you can aim to directly attack Laytenn and Puturm to destory it when you’re in a tight spot.  

However, it will take less damage from fixed damage like matchlocks than before.


■ Other Fixes and Improvement 

- Added name color changes to bots depending on how much they leveled.  

- Fixed typos and inappropriate dialogues of Black Spirit in the tutorial.  

- Changed the default chat mode of Deathmatch into Party chat.  

Fixed an issue where the weapon of Goyen's Specter did not show. (Updated)



Thank you.


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