Product Info [Product Info] October 8 (Thu) New Shop Products
ShadowArena 2020-10-08 03:10 (UTC+0)


Greetingsthis is Shadow Arena.      

Here are the newest products released on October 8 (Thu).     


For more details about these products, please check out the in-game Shop after logging into Shadow Arena. 

New Products

[All-HeroWeapon Skins were released. 

Sales PeriodOctober 8 (Thu), 2020 after maintenance – Permanent   

- Only purchasable upon achieving the Hero’s Mastery Lv.5



[Jordine Ducas] Serendia's Hope 

[Ahon Kirus] Master of Darkness 

15,000 Silver 

[Yeonhwa] Spring in the Valley 

[Gerhard Shultz] Shatter of Blades 

[Haru] Red Chaser 

[Herawen] Light of Kamasylve 

[Goyen] Legendary Mercenary 

[Orwen] Outsider on the Borderline 

[Badal the Golden] Golden Dawn 

[Venslar] Successor of the Valkyries 

[Lahn] Last of Kirin Castle 

[Gorgath] Earth Alchemist 

[Tagahl] Sherekhan's Oath 

[Igrid] Slayer of Gods 

[Ba-Ri & Heilang] Pillar of Heaven 

[Sura] Path of Sura 


※ Additional Notices      

- Please refer to the in-game description for the exact details and images of each product.   

- Each product’s sale and/or discount period is subject to change.    

- Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual appearance in-game. 


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