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Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.    


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the client update on October 8 (Mon).  


* Patch Size: 397.69MB (Approx.)    


Please launch the game client to receive the latest update to apply the changes below.      


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!   



■ Promotion Match Improvement 

If there are more than 8 tier difference between the rivals, the lower tier Hero will be promoted if they defeat the higher tier rival Hero.  

  > In this case, your Tier points will not decrease even if you fail to promote.  

Invalid promotion matches were added to make sure you didn’t have to go through an unfair promotion for matching against a rival that was much higher tier, but there was a lot of feedback that winning in this disadvantageous situation should be counted. Thus, we decided to recognize winning in this case as a successful promotion but losing will still have no effect on your points.  


■ Deathmatch 

Changed the point system to following: 

  > Point per Kill: 1 point → 5 points 

  > Victory score: 30 points → 150 points 

Added consecutive kill score. 

If you defeat a Hero that achieved consecutive kills without dying, you can earn additional points equivalent to number of kills that the Hero had 

Changed the member requirement for starting a match from 4 players to 2 players.  

Changed new Heroes who enter the match to join the losing team when both Red and Blue have same the number of team members 

Fixed an intermittent issue where the healing NPC does not restore your HP immediately even when you stand close to it.  

Fixed an issue where party chat text command (/p, /party, etc.did not work correctly. 

Fixed an issue where party chat cannot be used if you do not change the chat settings when a new player joins the team.  

We changed some Deathmatch rules so teams can have a chance to make a comeback.  


■ Weapon Skin 

Added skin that changes weapon appearances 

  ▶ Check out the October 8 (Thu) New Shop Products notice. 


■ Hero 

Fixed an intermittent issue where the chest does not show when you cheer from obtaining a red grade or higher item.  

Fixed an issue where the chest is still shown in your hand when using a skill while obtaining a red grade or higher item.  




- Fixed an issue where you cannot cancel basic attack with Dark Shift or Blink when crouched. 




Shadow Explosion (3) 

Added DP decrease effect to Shadow Explosion (3). 

  > Level 2DP -30 for 5 seconds  

  > Level 3, Ultimate LevelDP -80 for 5 seconds  

Ahon Kirus had very low pick rates after the last nerfs. Thus, we buffed the upper levels of Shadow Explosion (3) which usually does not get leveled. This change is also for a team mode that we planned to release in the future. 




Fixed an issue where the chest-shaped form appears in hand when RMB is used immediately after obtaining a red grade or higher item from a chest.  


Unleashed Beast (RMB) 

Fixed the incorrect Super Armor duration in the skill description.  

Fixed an issue where Dark Shift (Q) and Blink (E) cannot be used while using Unleashed Beast (RMB).  




Changed Freezing to apply again when landing Frozen Dagger (F) or Seed of Ice (1) on a Hero who is already Frozen.  




Heart Stab (1) 

Changed Bleeding damage and skill description to the following: 

  Level 1: 20 seconds -400 

  > Level 2: 20 seconds -800 

  > Level 3, Ultimate Level: 20 seconds -1200 

  > 20 seconds -400, 20 seconds -800, 20 seconds -1200 

Reduced Level 2~3 maximum Bleeding damage to following:  

  > Level 2160 less than previous damage  

  > Level 3400 less than previous damage 

Haru showed top performance for long time. She had great game strategy with concealment, but also excelled in direct combat thanks to her trait that gives big burst damage. Thus, we nerfed Bleeding in Heart Stab (1) to decrease the amount of damage done that ignores AP and DP.  




Increased stamina regen speed during basic attack by 43%.  

- Fixed an issue where you cannot cancel basic attack with Dark Shift or Blink when crouched. 


Sleeve Tangler (2) 

Changed the grab range of Sleeve Tangler (2to following:   

  > Before: 140 → After: 180 

Recent updates have slowly restored Badal’s combat ability, but they still seemed insufficient. Thus, we restored the stamina regen of basic attack and the grab range of Sleeve Tangler (2) to how they were initially. 




- Fixed an issue where you cannot cancel basic attack with Dark Shift or Blink when crouched. 

Fixed an issue where the weapon does not show while rolling if you roll during an action that doesn’t show the weapon (item acquisition, social emote).  




Explosive Trap (4) 

Fixed an issue where small explosion visuals and sound are shown and heard after the Explosive Trap is triggered by someone else or when it explodes naturally after time passes.  

Fixed an issue where another explosion visuals and sound are shown and heard after the Explosive Trap disappears after someone destroys it.  




Fixed an issue where you can move quickly when running over obstacles while basic attacking in Endurance Stance.  

Fixed an issue where you can move quickly when obtaining an item while basic attacking in Endurance Stance.  

Fixed an issue where Endurance Stance is cancelled when jumping over obstacles in Endurance Stance. 


Radiant Pursuit (2) 

Changed the Ultimate Level of Radiant Pursuit (2to following:  

  > BeforeA follow up attack can be instantly performed after the strike. 

  > AfterAble to turn easily while dashing. 

Changed Radian Pursuit (2) to have faster follow up attack aftesuccessful dash with each level increase.  

Increased travel distance of Level 1 and 2 of Radiant Pursuit (2) by 10%.  

  > Level 1Before 15m → After 16.5m 

  > Level 2Before 17m → After 18.5m 

On September 24, there were some adjustments to Venslar’s Radiant Pursuit (2) but her reliance on Ultimate level of this skill was still too much. 

Thus, we distributed the delay reduction after attack of Ultimate level to Level 1~3 so it’s not always necessary to level the skill up to Ultimate. Instead we changed the Ultimate level effect to an ability to change directions 

However, even if you level up Radiant Pursuit (2) to Level 3, it will not have the same delay reduction as previous Ultimate level.  




Fixed an issue where you pass through the Hero when dodging while crouched.  


Forbidden Alchemy (4) 

Changed Forbidden Alchemy (4) to have shorter alchemy completion time with each level increase.  

  > BeforeAll levels 7 seconds 

  > AfterLevel 2: 6 secondsLevel 3~4: 4 seconds 

The time between summoning an alchemy chest with Forbidden Alchemy (4) and the chest exploding and creating an item was too longThuswe reduced the alchemy completion time in Level 2,3 so that the skill can be used more aggressively.  

Howeverthe trait where Gorgath can also be damaged stays the same 



Added in the skill description of each skill that upon failing to strike, some Form Skills can be used quickly. (Updated)

Fixed an issue where you aren’t holding the chest when obtaining a red grade or higher item.  (Updated)




Increased basic attack speed. 

Added a motion for cancelling forward attack.  

Increased damage of sprint jump attack by 25%.  

Improved to be able to attack quickly immediately after sprint jump attack.  

Fixed an issue where Heilang revives immediately when Heilang Command skill is used during Heilang respawn time.  

Changed Heilang’s HP bar to be always visible. 

  > This HP bar is only shown to the Ba-ri that summoned it and enemy Heroes can see it only if they strike Heilang directly 

Disabled rotating while jumping after riding on Heilang 

Improved an issue where other Heroes see Ba-ri and Heilang teleport when they move while jumping after Ba-ri mounts Heilang  

Fixed an intermittent issue where Heilang is not summoned when you change your Hero into Ba-ri and Heilang in Deathmatch. 


Monkey: Reach! (1) 

Fixed an issue where Heilang’s Help attack is applied as Knockback when using Monkey: Reach! (1).  

Improved Heilang’s Help attack to activate faster.  


Tiger: Chase! (2) 

Added in the skill description that while sprinting on Heilang’s backyou can order Heilang to execute fast Charge if you dismount and use Tiger: Chase! (2) at the same time. 


Crow: Shoo! (3) 

Added 1 more hit in Crow: Shoo (3) swings.   

It’s been 2 weeks since Ba-ri and Heilang were released on September 24 but they have not shown a great performance so farSo we improved basic skills to be easier to use and buffed their overall skills 


■ Shadow Lord 

Fixed an intermittent issue where Shadow Lord and Sealed Relic Towers are spawned while stuck on a terrain.  

Fixed Margord to not apply hits when he roars after detecting a nearby Hero.  

Changed Shadow Lord’s HP bar to be always visible. 


■ Monsters 

Fixed an issue where only 1 hit registered in the hitbox when a bot attacks 

Fixed an issue where there was collision on the spot where a bot dies 

Changed the maximum number of bots that can join a game to 25. This does not apply to beginner games. 


■ Ancient Weapon 

Changed Laytenn’s basic attack to apply Stiff instead of Blowback.  

Increased the time that Laytenn can consecutively use laser by 0.37 seconds.  

Fixed an issue where the sound cuts off if you dismount from Puturum in Sparring Grounds.  

We nerfed Ancient Weapon Laytenn’s basic attack and lasers so that it cannot constantly knock over targets unfairly.  


■ Events 

Extended duration of [Battle Pass!] event until November 5, 2020 (Thu).  

Stopped distribution of “[Event] All-Hero Pass (7 days) from [Find the Right Hero for YOU!] event.  

- Stopped distribution of [EventSkin Tickets and [EventMerch Tickets from Daily Quests with the end of [Don’t Miss the Special Skin] event.   


■ Other Fixes and Improvement 

Changed player name color to differ based on gear level. 

Fixed an intermittent issue where the mission is not accepted and only the item disappears when entering a game with a sealed Item chest.  

Added “Retry” button in the Solo mode result screen.  

  > Pressing this button will lead you directly to Hero selection screen in Solo mode.  

Fixed an issue where the RMB description in the tutorial is based on Jordine 

Fixed an issue where the LMB basic attack tutorial is completed even when you do not take any action. 

Fixed an issue where the W+F section is skipped without fulfilling it in the tutorial.  

Added an option to change UI sizes in the settings.  

  > These values apply only in game.  

  Upon changing UI sizea confirmation message will appear. (When you cancel, the settings will return to how they were previously.) 

Fixed an issue where the audio range of Red Dragon was reduced.  

Average Rank has been added to Hero Ranking and Average Kills now show up to 3 decimal points. (Updated)



Thank you.


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