Dev Notes [Dev Note] Wu-Ju
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Ancient Black Spirit – Year ??? 


The Shadow Knights borrowed the power from the Blackstar, built the Shadow Shrine, 

and created the Shadow Arena by calling in all the Black Spirits spread across the world. 

However, one strange Black Spirit refused to choose a Hero. 

It chose to join the battle itself by wielding the ancient power. 


| Difficulty  



| Combat Style 

Wu-Ju has significantly low HP and AP. It is best to engage in teamplay than fighting one on one against an opponent. 

Although his basic attacks are slow and weak, his they debuff enemies by reducing their DP. So, it is best to create DP decrease stacks by hitting them with as many basic attacks as possible when the team attacks. 

Also, Wu-Ju's core combat skills use “Hungry Black Spirit” to significantly decrease the enemy’s DP and increase the team’s AP. 


Since his HP is low and doesn’t have any outstanding movement skills, we recommend having Wu-Ju in a safe location where other team members can always protect him. 

Wu-Ju has amazing utility ahe can escape from crisis by using Hide & Seek! (Q) and discover enemy locations with Found You! (E). 


| Skills

[RMBOlder Brother! 

Summon a Hungry Black Spirit that lasts for 10 seconds.

The Hungry Black Spirit follows Wu-Ju and attacks nearby enemies. 

[QHide & Seek! 

Knock back nearby enemies and turn stealth. 

While stealthed, your Stamina will not be consumed nor recovered. 

Press LMB or Q while stealthed to throw yourself at the enemy 

and stun them. 

When there is a Hungry Black Spirit, the DP of enemies within 10M drops by -20% for 5 seconds. 

[EFound You! 

Allies can detect enemies across the entire arena for 5 seconds. 

Also, summon a Target Tracker that finds the closest enemy 

within 50M, leaves a mark, and reduces their Movement Speed. 

When there is a Hungry Black Spirit, the AP of allies within 10M increases by +150 for 5 seconds. 


Transform into a Mini-Laytenn. 

Press T to transform after summoning it.

The summoned Laytenn deals damage according to Wu-Ju's AP.  
Maximum duration: 20 sec 




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