Dev Notes [Dev Note] Wu-Ju
ShadowArena 2020-10-22 11:00 (UTC+9)



Ancient Black Spirit – Year ??? 


When Shadow Knights borrowed Blackstar’s power to build Shadow Arena by raising Shadow Shrines and collecting Black Spirits from all over the worldthere was one peculiar Black Spirit among all the othersInstead of choosing a herohe decided to fight his own battles with his ancient powers 





Combat Style 

Wu-Ju's basic combat skills aren’t outstanding but he has his own tricks that help his particular gameplay style and turn the tides of battle.


Instead of one powerful combo, Wu-Ju excels in dodging, movement, and transformation to avoid direct confrontation and bides his time until the perfect opporunity comes to strike his opponents with his special skills.


Inherent Skills 

Older Brother! 

With a wave of his hand, Wu-Ju summons a Hungry Black Spirit. Hungry Black Spirit will attack nearby enemies and it cannot be controlled by the player.

Take Off! 

Wu-Ju transforms into a circular Black Spirit and after pulling back a bit, flies off like a slingshot.  

The trajectory and the distance vary based on how much energy was gathered. Wu-Ju explodes in large radius upon contact with the enemy or the ground and returns to original form.  

Targets hit by flying Wu-Ju will be knocked and blown back from Wu-Ju's explosion.  


(Ultimate Level Effect: Increase speed of energy gathering by 30% when using Take Off!)



Wu-Ju obtains invincibility by instantly transforming into a Black Spirit, creates an explosion that knocks back all targets in range, and becomes invinsible.  

While stealthed, Wu-Ju does not consume or regenerate stamina and a dash attack will be activated.  


(Ultimate Level Effect: Increase stealth duration by 1 second and movement speed while stelathed by 30%.)


Found You! 

Wu-Ju receives a buff that can survey a set area around him for certain duration. Wu-Ju's AP and DP increase based on how many enemies are detected right after the skill is used.  

A tracking skill will be sent to the nearest target out of all those detected and if this lands on the Hero, they will be marked for 10 seconds.    


(Ultimate Level Effect: Reduce movement speed of marked targets by 20%.)  



Wu-Ju summons a Mini-Laytenn. All enemies nearby Wu-Ju when he’s summoning Mini-Laytenn will be damaged and blown back. Press R to transform into Laytenn but Wu-Ju will return to his original form if he does not press R within the set time.  


(Ultimate Level Effect: Increase Laytenn Form Duration +10 sec



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