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ShadowArena 2020-10-22 13:00 (UTC+9)



Greetingsthis is Shadow Arena.      


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance update on October 22 (Thu).    


Patch Size: 390.93MB (Approx.)     


Please launch the game client to receive the latest update to apply the changes below.        


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!     



October 29, coming up next week, marks the end of Beta Season 1. 

Together with the start of Round 1 of Beta Season 2 on early November, season ranking rewards will be distributed based on the highest tier reached during all the rounds of Beta Season 1. 

During Beta Season 1, we focused on Solo mode and polished the game rules. 

Now we believe Solo mode has reached a stable point and that we can take Shadow Arena to the next stage as a new team game in the upcoming Beta Season 2.  

We are introducing the new “Trio” mode along with a Preseason test and UI in next week’s update on October 29. As this is the last week of Beta Season 1, there are no major content or Hero balance changes.



Formation Break (3) 

Changed the center of the strike from 1forward to the center of the character and increased the hitbox range from 160 to 200.  

Increased distance moved for all levels by 20%.  

To address the issue where the attack did not register when the target is against a wall, we changed the attack range to be character-based. Due to this change, the hitbox range decreased slightly when you do not move forward to use Formation Break, so we slightly increased the distance moved to compensate.  




- Fixed an issue where you move abnormally when pressing Auto-Run (Caps Lock) and sideway movement (A,D) at the same time.




Fairy Flame (RMB) 

- Fixed an issue where a normal projectile was fired instead of the powered-up version when using Fairly Flame (RMB) right when you stop moving.




Explosive Trap (4) 

Fixed an issue where Heroes are stiffened and the trap does not explode when they jump over Explosive Trap (4). 




- Fixed an issue where you move abnormally when pressing Auto-Run (Caps Lock) and sideway movement (A,D) at the same time.




- Fixed an issue where you move abnormally when pressing Auto-Run (Caps Lock) and sideway movement (A,D) at the same time.


Heilang (RMB) 

Added details about Heilang’s damage in the skill description.  

Added details regarding Heilang’s basic attack damage and maximum attack range in the skill description. 



Take Off! (1) 

Fixed an issue where the Hero stopped when using Take Off! (1) with no stamina 



■ Monsters and AI 

- Fixed an issue where 4 debuffs would overlap when taking damage from Hungry Black Spirit. 

- Improved unnatural attack motions of below monsters and fixed an issue where they blinked after a movement attack: 

  > Shadow Soldier, Shadow Javelin Thrower, Shadow Mercenary, Shadow Warrior, Shadow Elite Soldier, Shadow Knight, Shadow Fighter, Shadow Archer, Shadow Troll 

- Fixed an issue where Shadow Troll’s HP bar location was abnormal.  

- Fixed an issue where Shadow Trolls do not attack for a long time after spawning.  

- Improved an intermittent issue where AI bots turn in to Black Spirit and respawn on the spot when status debuffs are applied right after they die during respawn time.  

- Fixed an issue where Ahon Kirus bot’s Sun of Destruction damage was too high.  

  > Reduced the damage by 50%. . 

- Fixed Badal bot’s Helix Cannon projectile speed to be same as the Hero Badal’s.  

  > Reduced projectile speed by 25%.  

- Fixed an issue where stealth was not deactivated when stealthed Haru bot was attacked.  

- Fixed an issue where AI bots lie down still for 10 seconds when you use Blink right after using grab on the AI bot.  

- Improved unnatural attack motions of below Shadow Knights and fixed an issue where they blink after a movement attack: 

  > Shadow Warrior, Shadow Assassin, Shadow Knight, Shadow Guard, Shadow Elite Warrior, Corrupted Centurion


■ Ancient Altar 

- Fixed an issue where you pass through under the relic when you sprint attack right after the relic has spawned at the Ancient Altar.


■ Shadow Lord 

- Improved unnatural attack motions of below Shadow Lords and fixed an issue where they blinked after a movement attack:  

- Decreased attack speed of all Shadow Lord Margord’s skills by 10%.  

- Fixed Shadow Lords to not use consecutive spinning attacks.  

- Decreased Shadow Lord Margord’s running speed by 16.6%. 


■ Event 

- [Would You Play As Wu-Ju?] event has started. 

  > Event Duration: October 22, 2020 (Thu) after maintenance~ October 29, 2020 (Thu) before maintenance 

  Play as a Random Hero in Solo or Team mode to get 3,000 Silver! 


■ Other Fixes and Improvement 

- Changed the assigned Hero to appear instead of the Black Spirit in rival’s result screen when your rival selects Random Heroes.  

- Changed the assigned Hero to appear instead of the question mark icon in the game result screen rankings if it’s a Random Hero.  

- Fixed an issue where Safe Zones were not shown in the World Map and Minimap when the Hero is decided after starting the match as a Random Hero. 

- Adjusted the rival info to be the same size as the rival warning and sealed chest UI.  

- Changed the background image of the splash screen to be shown in the same ratio regardless of screen resolution.  

- Fixed an issue where skill points to learn Ultimate level skills were not available in the skill window.  

- Fixed an issue where Clan chat is only visible when you enter Channels chat in the lobby screen.  


<New Week Update Preview> 


The upcoming Trio mode will be replacing Team mode as the new team game. A completely new set of rules made specifically for this team mode will be applied instead of just increasing the team size with the same Solo mode rules.  

Death and respawn rules will be changed in the new Trio mode (this is the reason why the graves were added a while ago), a new system to win the game called Tower of Ascension will be added, and new objectives will be added. These objectives will power-up the entire party along their individual gear.  

We designed Trio mode for each unique Heroes to collaborate and carry out their roles to execute strategic plays.  

Trio mode will be introduced next week on October 29 with the Free Season of Beta Season 2. 

We hope you will participate and give us your support! 



Thank you. 


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