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Successor of an Ancient Civilization - Year 250  


Tantu, a young giant, left in search of his ancestor's secretive origin. He was able to discover the remains of an "Iron Buster," which was forged using a long-lost technology. Tantu then studied the weapon and the ancient records left by his ancestors. While studying, he came to realize his purpose and decided to create the secret society called the "Dark Chaser." 





Combat Style 

Armed with powerful and wide-ranging firing power, Tantu excels at creating combat circumstances that are favorable to him.  

His ability to dish out combos is not strong. Instead, Tantu should aim to create opportune combat situations by keeping opponents at a distance with his range and inflicting quick damage during the right moments. Rather than engaging in 1v1 or head-to-head combat, Tantu’s combat style is all about maintaining distance, creating opportune moments for his skills, and knowing exactly when to go all-in.




Tantu loads ammunition to prepare for long-range attacks. Each Reload loads up 1 Bullet, and a total of 4 Bullets can be carried at onceFiring the Bullets causes a blast, and the middle of the blast radius inflicts greater damage. Enemies hit within a certain range will be afflicted with Stiffen. Using another skill while Tantu is reloading will cancel Reload. 


Charged Shot  


Tantu gathers energy in the Iron Buster and fires off a powerful charge. Enemies hit by the shot will be blown back and Tantu will recoil from the force. Any ammunition left from Reload will fire with Charged Shot, which will add tremendous damage to the skill.


(Ultimate Level effectIncreases projectile speed by x1.2) 


Aggressive Negotiations 


Quickly grab a nearby enemy and throw them down multiple times. This skill ignores the enemy’s Defense and Super Armor status, and Tantu can follow up with other skills following Aggressive Negotiations.


(Ultimate Level effectDecrease the opponent’s AP by 100 after the last hit for 10 seconds. 

Power Jump 


With the power of the Iron Buster, Tantu flies into the air and lands. Tantu can fly upwards to gain higher ground on the battlefield, but he can only defend from the front while doing so, making him vulnerable to attacks from the rear.
(Ultimate Level effectCooldown time reduced by 4 seconds.) 

Explosive Strike 


Instantly move backwards for a short distance and smash down the enemy in the front with a fist. If there are Bullets loaded, spend all the Bullets and deal more damage to enemies in melee range based on the number of Bullets loaded.


(Ultimate Level effect: Guard while moving backwards. 


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