Updates [Update] November 12 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-11-12 14:58 (UTC+9)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the November 12th maintenance.  


* Patch Size: 612.39MB (Approx.)       

Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena! 



■ Trio Mode 

- Added an option to view party members’ current gear level in the party list window located on the upper left side. 

- Added a chat feature on the Create Party screen. 

- Improved Trio mode to return to the Create Party screen instead of the Main Lobby after a Trio match is over. 

- Fixed an issue where item loot UI appears in the grave after a Hero dies.  

- Changed items and gears to be unusable while in Black Spirit form after reviving in Trio Mode.  

- Increased maximum number of players in Trio Mode to 21.  

  > However, the game will still begin when 15 or more players join the game. 

- Updated Custom Trio Mode’s maximum player limit to match the actual maximum number of players that can enter the game.  

- Added details regarding buffs you can obtain from defeating Shadow Lords and Specters in their spawn notifications.  

- Changed the color of notification messages that appear when team members get objectives. 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where the number of Blackstar Fragments gained by team members weren’t displayed on the Party UI. 

- Fixed an issue where players could fetch items from the Shared Inventory while waiting to revive after dying. 

Since last week, our focus has been on improving Trio Mode.   

This week, we balanced Bosses and Specters, improved convenience features, and fixed bugs.  We will continue to improve Trio Mode for the coming weeks. 

Relic of Ascension 

- Improved the animation of a Hero Ascending and the Relic of Ascension being destroyed.  

- Added special visual effects (wing shapes around the head) to the party occupying the Relic of Ascension.  

When the final battle begins around the Relic of Ascension, it was difficult to determine which team was currently occupying the Relic so we added visual effects to these players.  

If you are not sure who to prioritize to stop the Ascension, look for players that have wing effects around their heads. 


Normal Monsters (Trio Mode) 

- Changed the buff that you obtain after defeating Shadow Trolls. 

  > (Before) Party HP +1,000 -> (After) Individual HP +1,000, AP to Monsters +200 for 1 minute. 

In Trio Mode, the purple monsters (Shadow Trolls) were originally designed as monsters that improve the team’s HP in the late game, but the effect was minimal. Due to high HP, Shadow Trolls took significant time to defeat in the early game and rewards weren’t enough to make up for the time investment, making Shadow Trolls a low priority target in the early game.   

Thus, we removed the team HP regen effect and instead added a buff to farming in early to mid-game to increase farming efficiency but also to aid in hunting or stealing Shadow Lords. 


Specter (Trio Mode) 

- Changed Specter spawn times in Trio Mode from the one-minute mark to the two-minute mark. 

- Changed items that Specters drop in Trio Mode to Yellow or higher grade-weapon or -armor. 

Item grades that monsters drop in Trio Mode are generally low, so it is very important to kill Specters mid-game to get higher grade items earlier. 

Before this update, Specters in Trio Mode only dropped weapons as they did in Solo Mode which made AP increase much higher than DP increase. Therefore, we decided to expand the type of item drops from Specters.  

Additionally, we delayed the Specter spawn times by 2 minutes to make it difficult to go for Shadow Lords if you defeat Specters first. With this change, you will have to consider strategically assigning team members to different objectives in the early game.  


Shadow Lord (Trio Mode) 

- Changed the buffs for killing Shadow Lords in Trio Mode as following: 


Shadow Lord  




AP+45, DP +90  

AP +30, DP +60 


AP +50, DP +100 

AP+40, DP +80 


AP +55, DP +110 

AP +50, DP +100 


AP +60, DP +120 

AP +60, DP +120 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where the Shadow Lord does not spawn from the center.  

- Fixed an issue where Saigord roars 2 times when it finds a Hero for the first time. 

- Fixed an issue where Margord continuously jumps. 

- Changed Margord to immediately chase the target that attacked it when it was on standby.  

- Changed the distance it takes for Margord to change to standby mode after chasing a target without any nearby Heroes from 30m to 25m.  

Shadow Lords in Trio Mode are highly valued boss monsters due to their permanent buffs, but we felt that the effect was too great from the early game. Thus, we nerfed the effects of the 1st through 3rd Shadow Lords while keeping the final Shadow Lord’s buff as is. (This is equivalent to the buff you gain from collecting 6, 8, 10, and 12 Blackstar Fragments). 

Also, we fixed a bug where Shadow Lords are sometimes summoned in the wrong places. 


Blackstar Fragment

- Additional effects have been added when players get Blackstar Fragments. 

 > DP -50% for 4 seconds 

 > Exposes the player’s location on the World Map and minimap briefly 

- Changed Specters in Trio to gather nearby Blackstar Fragments. 

- Changed the Blackstar Fragment spawn rates as following (in comparison to current rate): 

 > Mage Tower: -13%  

 > Pumpkin Farm: +34%  

 > Southern Mountain Range: +10%  

 > Serendia Shrine: -9%  

 > Watchtower: -27%  

Blackstar Fragments are crucial objectives to increase a team’s combat power. 

After closely monitoring the Fragment spawn locations, however, we felt that it was much more effective to search for Fragments in the west side of the map, so we changed the Fragment locations to evenly spread them out. 

Additionally, players gathering Fragments will have their location shown briefly so other players may target them more easily.  The new debuff in the Fragment will make Fragment gatherers engage in battles from disadvantageous position when they are attacked. 


■ Hero 

- Increased Stamina consumption slightly when the Hero starts to run 

- Changed Jump moves of all Heroes to be affected by movement speed increase buffs and debuffs.  



Low Sweep (F)

- Fixed the AoE range on the Skill details to fit the in-game AoE range. 

 > Before: 250 -> After: 180 


Shield of Heidel (RMB) 

- Fixed an issue where Jordine has Super Armor briefly when using the skill. 

We found and fixed an unintentional bug where the previous “multiple shield” effect returned while increasing the skill’s DP in last week’s update.  



Back Kick (F) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.  

> Before: 425 → After: 180 


Head Shot (1) 

- Changed the skill to be unable to hold charge when low on stamina.  




Chin Kick (F) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.   

  > Before: 350 → After: 180 





- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.   

  > Before: 650 → After: 180 



Mind Cut(F) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.   

  > Before: 300 → After: 180 



Frozen Dagger (F) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.   

  > Before: 350 → After: 180 




Kick (F) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.   

  > Before: 250 → After: 180 



Natural Marksman (RMB) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.    

  > Before: 2500 → After: 4500 



Low Kick (F) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.    

  > Before: 250 → After: 230 


Shield of Revenge (RMB) 

- Fixed an error where the skill’s Skill Enhancement effect wasn’t applied. 




Snake: Ambush! (F) 

- Improved an issue where the knock down combo couldn’t connect due to Stiff effect ending too quickly after the 1st hit.  

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.     

  > Before: 280 → After: 230 


Crow: Shoo! (3) 

- Improved the skill to quickly upper strike when you hold W+LMB when using the skill.  


Heilang’s Territory (4) 

- Changed the Super Armor time in the skill description to match the actual duration.  

  > Before: 3, 4, 5 → After: 3, 5, 7 



Push Kick (F) 

- Fixed the range on the skill description to match the actual range.      

250 > 180 


Fourth Blade: Demon Bend (4) 

- Added the Guard Break motion to activate when skill is cancelled after receiving damage higher than the Defense Gauge while using Ultimate level of the skill. 



- Fixed an issue where Tantu’s bullets do not reload if he’s selected in Random Hero or Tantu resets skills in Sparring grounds. 

- Decreased all movement speed by 5%.  

- Decreased Basic Attack damage in fixed distance when bullets are loaded by 20%.  

- Fixed an intermittent issue where Tantu did not receive revive buffs in Trio mode.  

- Fixed an issue where Tantu makes quick consecutive attacks if he’s loaded with 2 or more bullets and executes an attack in place after forward attack. 

- Changed ranged attacks to not execute when Tantu sprint jump attacks while bullets are loaded.  

- Fixed issues where Tantu makes awkward motions when climbing fences or high walls. 

- Fixed an issue where the default weapon skin is not shown on the Hero selection screen. 

- Fixed an issue where the Goyen guide appears when clicking on Skill/Combo guide on Hero selection screen.  


Charged Shot (1) 

Increased the time it takes to switch to another action after using the skill by 0.4 seconds. 


Aggressive Negotiations (2) 

- Fixed an issue where Tantu immediately loses his target after using grab without any stamina. 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where Tantu’s last opponent teleports behind him. 


Explosive Strike (4) 

- Fixed an issue where Tantu’s Guard Break motion was not activated when he receives more damage higher than the Defense Guage while using Ultimate level of the skill. 

Tantu’s debut performance in Shadow Arena was stronger than what the dev team intended, particularly due to a bug which allowed Tantu to fire his Iron Buster and quickly cancel the animation to attack 3 times. 

Initially, we planned to prevent Tantu’s kit from allowing players to animation cancel and follow up with other moves, but we also agreed that this “boom boom bang” combo was fun to play. In the end, we changed Tantu so that players would be able to cancel his animation by jumping, not by moving, which would make at least the “boom bang” combo possible. 

Additionally, it is our principle to give ranged heroes slower movement speed than melee heroes so Heroes like Orwen and Herawen have slower movement speed than other melee heroes. However, Tantu didn’t follow this principle and had the same movement speed as other melee heroes so we changed Tantu’s movement speed to be slower like other ranged heroes. 


■ Enter Arena screen 

- Changed the image of Shadow Arena’s Enter Arena screen.  


■ Hero Selection Screen Renewal 

- Updated look and design of the Hero selection screen. 

 > Players can set all their Sealed Item presets and item presets in the new Hero Selection screen.  



■ Battle Pass 

- For approximately 2 hours after the November 5 maintenance, players were unable to properly receive their Battle Pass points.  

> In order to make up for these lost Battle Points, we have sent Battle Pass rewards worth 1,030 Battle Pass points (equivalent to the daily maximum number of points that can be acquired) to the in-game mailboxes of players who experienced this issue.  

> Additionally, we increased the maximum daily Battle Pass points limit to 300. This limit increase will be in effect right after the November 12 maintenance until the start of the November 19 maintenance. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. 


■ Sound 

- An announcer’s voice will be played when a player revives on their own. 

- Changed the Boss Appearance Alert Sound. 

 > The pre-existing Boss Alert Sound is now the Specter Alert Sound. 

- Added Stoneback Crab Summon alarm. 

- Added Chinese and English voiceovers for Wu-Ju. 

- Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit's voice is played when Wu-Ju rides a Jump Gate. 


■ Improvements on Home Page 

[Arena Board] > [Ranking] 

 > Improved the design for the 1st rank. 



Thank you


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