Tournament News [Results] [Participants Announcement] Nov 2020 Asia Champions Showdown (Trio)
ShadowArena 2020-11-16 09:00 (UTC+0)



The battle to determine the Asia server’s best Trio team is right around the corner, and the participants listed below will be the ones to compete for the glory. 


As a participant, please check the below tournament schedule and join the Discord channel URL sent to your in-game mail.   


Participants Announcement

■ Participants Announcement

 Participants (team)  

강초한, 윤재, 차사  


Gold강, 박사장z, 큐떱  


RADOM, HyejinFiora, Mime  


Bakemono, 엄준식, Bambolina  


콜라, 양사마, 케니  

Reserve Participants (team) 

Lena, Banishing, 별꽃놀이  

- Reserver participants were selected to ensure a smooth tournament processReserve participants will be contacted separately before the rounds begin regarding their participation status.



■ Tournament Schedule and Live Broadcast Channel

Event and Live Broadcast Schedule  

November 22, 2020 (Sun) 21:00 (UTC+9) -Will last approx. 3 hours 

and Gameplay Mode  

Asia / Trio 

Heroes Eligible to Participate  

- Jordine Ducas, Yeonhwa, Ahon Kirus, Gerhard Shultz, Haru, Herawen, Orwen, Badal the Golden,  

Goyen, Venslar, Tagahl Sherekhan, Lahn, Gorgath, Igrid, Sura, Ba-Ri & Heilang   


* You may not participate with Random Heroes or any Hero released after the start of the sign-up period.   

* Participating with a Hero not listed above will result in your expulsion and you will not participate in that round. 


▶ Watch live broadcasts oour official channels 


Afreeca TV  





Additional Announcement

We changed some tournament rules for players’ convenience since this is the first officla Trio Mode tournament. Please read below for the tournament details. 

1) Penalty standard for failing to participate in a round changed 

We changed the standard of “Penalty for Failing to Participate in a Round from certain team members not participating into all team members not participating in a round. 

(BeforeApplied if any member does not participate   

(After) Applied if all members do not participate  


2) Team member changeallowed 

If a team member needs to be changed for inevitable reasons, member change requests can be made once per team during the change request period. However, the team member cannot be changed after the round starts, and the reward is only given to the new member that participated after the change. 

Change request period: After tournament bracket announcement-9:00 PM (UTC+9) on the day of tournament 


Change request method: Ask the CM inside the participant Discord server



▼ Check tournament details and rewards

■ Tournament Format and Placements


① A custom room for the tournament will be created 10 minutes before the scheduled match start time.    

  * Room information will be announced via the participant Discord server.   

② Confirm the room information and enter. 

  * 1 Special Ticket will be consumed for each entry into the tournament custom room and Special Tickets will be sent to all participants in the near future.   

* Tournament method has changed from a Ticket Entry System, to a normal Custom Match entry system. Please read through the changed tournament methods to avoid any inconvenience. (New)

③ After making a party with the team members that you signed up with, click on [Game Start].    

④ The match will start automatically at the match start time or when all participants have entered.      

⑤ There are total of 4 rounds and the final rankings will be determined by the sum of the points earned from each round   

Please make sure to complete all preparations before entering the room.    

The match will still start at the scheduled time even if all participants do not enter the room.    

All player chat will be restricted in the tournament room. 

* In game chat is allowed for ease of communication in the Trio Mode.

However, if negative actions that affect the tournament are found in Chat, players may be penalized according to the Shadow Arena Competitive Rules. (New)


■ Scoring System  

1st place per round   

55 Points   

2nd place per round   

32 Points   

3rd place per round   

21 Points   

4th place per round 

10 Points   

5th place per round    

1 Point   

Leaving Mid-game   

-50 (Per Round)  

Penalty for failing to participate in a round(All team members) 

* If two or more teams have the same number of total points, the points of the last round will determine the final placements.    


■ Rewards 



Winning Team   

Winning Team Exclusive Special Skin - “Blackstar Successor”   

Winning Team Exclusive Special In-game Title - “Blackstar Successor 


30,000 Silver 

Participating Team   

10,000 Silver 

* Participation rewards are limited to the players who participated in the tournament match

* Tournament method has changed from a Ticket Entry System, to a normal Custom Match entry system. Please read through the changed tournament methods to avoid any inconvenience. (New)

  • ※ AdditionalNotices 

- If you sign up for a tournament, then your nickname will not change during the tournament period even if you use a Nickname Change Coupon. Please note that the timing of any nickname changes will vary depending on whether the participant is selected or not. 

> Selected as tournament participant: Nickname changes during the maintenance after tournament ends   

> Not selected as tournament participant: Nickname changes during the maintenance after participant announcement  

A total of 4 rounds will be held and the tournament in its entirety will last for approximately 3 hours, so please make sure that you have enough time to participate for the entire tournament.  

- There will be 4 roundsintotal,and it may take more than 3 hours to complete all the rounds.  We recommend having extra time to continue playing on that day if the time takes longer than expected.     

Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change/cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.     

- If you have any other questions or concerns related to the event, please contact us via[Support] 

- Any matters not listed on this page will follow the [Shadow Arena Competitive Rules] and[Shadow Arena Terms of Service].