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Immortal Witch - Year 122 


Belmorn, the last king of Hexe Kingdom, always had her by his side. Many rumors of her went around, saying that she is Belmorn's lover or an immortal witch. However, only one thing is known for sure. Her name is "Marie." Hexe fell about 150 years ago, but there are tales claiming they've sighted her even till this day. 


| Difficulty 



| Combat Style 


Hexe Marie is a Hero that wields a scythe and fights by summoning Shamanic Tree with inherent skill (RMB) to hunt and convert monsters into her minions. She can temporarily move in air while sprinting and excels fighting from afar due to her several long-range skills.  

Her melee combat capabilities are bit lacking but once she garners sufficient skeletal minions, she can be very difficult to approach. She can order minions to explode themselves near enemies or to combine into a stronger minion.  


To summon a minion, first summon the Shamanic Tree with Wicked Sorcery (RMB) and kill an enemy that is chained to the Tree to take their soul.  

Several minions can spawn depending on the types of slain enemies and stronger enemies will spawn higher level minions.   


Defeated Monster 

Summoned Minion 

Shadow Soldier 

Skeleton Soldier 

Shadow Javelin Thrower 

Skeleton Archer 

Shadow Mercenary /Warrior /Combatant 

Elite Skeleton Soldier 

Elite Shadow Soldier 

Elite Skeleton Archer 

Shadow Knight 

Elite Skeleton Soldier 

Shadow Fighter 

Undying Soldier 

Shadow Archer 

Undying Archer 

Shadow Troll 

Undying Soldier 

Shadow Warrior / Assassin / Knight /Guard / Elite Warrior / Centurion 

Elite Skeleton Soldier 

Shadow Wizard 

Elite Skeleton Archer 

Stoneback Crab 

Undying Soldier 

Shadow Lord 

Undying Lord 

Hero / Specter 

Undying Knight 

Kuku Bird 

Skeleton Soldier 

Goblin Thief 

Skeleton Soldier 


When Sacrificial Offering (4) is used, the summoned minons explode to damage nearby enemies and if there are 2 Level 1,2 minons of same type, the minons will combine to transform into a higher level minion.  

Level 3 or higher minions will reappear right away even when they explode.  

Hexe Marie can have up to 10 minions at a time and in order to strengthen her army, she must carefully consider which minions to combine for a higher minion and which minons to expend when using Sacrificial Offering (4). 


| Skills


Wicked Sorcery 

Slam the ground to summon a Shamanic Tree. Enemies near the Shamanic Tree will be chained to it and if they are are killed while chained, they will turn into obidient minions. Killing stronger enemies summons higher level minions. The Shamanic Tree emits evil energy and reduces DP and movement speed of enemies. 



Dark Omen 

Focus dark energy then fire countless dark projectiles. Stop firing by pressing RMB or when stamina runs out. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Movement Speed while firing +100%)


Shadow of Quturan 

Immediately dodge behind and knock enemies up by shooting out a line of sinister thorns using the powers of the ancient Quturan. Able to change directions while shooting out the thorns. All minions will change their targets to the enemy hit. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Max Attack Range +30%)


Harbinger's Scythe 

Charge up dark energy then swing the scythe to shoot a massive wave that send enemies flying. All minions will change their targets to the enemy hit. 


(Ultimate Level Effect: Guard while Charging)


Sacrificial Offering 

Order all minions to explode on the spot. Higher level minions create greater explosions. Sacrifice 2 low level minions of same type to transform a into higher level minion.  


(Ultimate Level Effect: Explosion Area +50%)


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