Dev Notes [Dev Note] Hexe Marie
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"Immortal Witch" - Year 122


She was always beside Belmorn, the last king of Hexe Kingdom.

Many rumors of her went around.

Some said she was Belmorn's lover, some said she was an immortal witch.

However, one thing was known for sure. Her name was "Marie."

Hexe fell about 150 years ago,

But there are tales claiming they've sighted her even till this day.



| Difficulty 




| Combat Style 

Hexe Marie uses the power of Quturan and conditionally exercises a great deal of power.

Her general attacks are not so damaging, so it is best to charge the power of Quturan on Harbinger’s Scythe and combine the power with other skills. Use these enhanced skills accordingly and consistently distress the opponent.

To use Harbinger’s Scythe, you must go into the attack range of the opponent. However, it can be used while moving, so you can play by hit and run or chasing continuously.

Hexe Marie has two Guard Break skills, and especially ‘Frightening Crow’ works well against defense type heroes, since it deals damage depending on the opponent’s HP.



| Skills

 [RMB] Harbinger’s Scythe
Brandish the scythe to inflict damage to nearby enemies. Quturan gains power and Movement Speed increases when the attack succeeds. Turn stealth when used while sprinting.
 [Q] Shadow of Quturan
Knock enemies up by shooting out a line of sinister thorns using the powers. You can create the thorns farther by strengthening the power of Quturan.
[E] Contaminated Sacrifice

Slam the Shamanic Stick onto the ground to summon a Skeleton Wolf that detects nearby enemies and explode. You can summon a stronger Skeleton Wolf by strengthening the power of Quturan. The Movement Speed of enemies that step on the contaminated liquid near the totem decreases.

[R] Frightening Crow
Gather the power of Quturan and slam the ground to summon “a flock of crows”. The crows will recover Marie’s HP while bashing nearby enemies. The skill gets stronger as the power of Quturan grows.