Updates [Update] December 3rd (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-12-03 06:00 (UTC+0)


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the December 3rd (Thu) maintenance.  


 * Patch Size: 487.91 MB (Approx)    


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!     



■ New Hero “Hexe Marie”  

- Added new Hero, “Hexe Marie.” 

> Players cannot choose [Hero] Hexe Marie when in Tutorial. 

> Players cannot summon monsters through the Shamanic Tree in the Sparring Grounds or before Solo/Trio Mode starts. 


Hexe Marie is a necromancer-like Hero that forms an undead army by reviving slain enemies.  Once you defeat enemies that are chained to the Shamanic Tree summoned by Wicked Sorcery (RMB),  minions are summoned and their type and rank depend on the type of defeated enemies. If there are 2 low level minions of the same type, they can be transformed into higher level monsters and summoned monsters can explode by using Sacrificial Offering (4).  

However, Level 3 or higher level monsters will not disappear even when they explode and they cannot be transformed further.  

Level 1 and 2 monsters have slow movement speeds and disappear once they get too far away from Hexe Marie, but Level 3 or higher monsters reappar by teleportation if they are too far from Hexe Marie and do not disappear even when Sacrificial Offering (4) is used.  

Two weak monsters can be combined into a stronger monster with Sacrificial Offering (4) but monsters summoned from powerful enemies have inherently high level.  

When you defeat a Shadow Troll (purple monster), a level 3 monster (Undying Soldier) is summoned and when you defeat a Hero or a Shadow Lord, even more powerful monsters can appear.  

Hexe Marie’s playstyle depends on how well she grows her undead army by procuring Shadow Trolls early on to summon Level 3 monsters that do not disappear.  

(Hexe Marie can own up to 10 monsters at a time.) 

Without her undead army by her side, Hexe Marie will be at a severe disadvantage compared to other Heroes and despite her best efforts, the army can be drained in a flash depending on the situation. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain her power and army until the end to win. We advise that you always keep note of your minions when you play as Hexe Marie.  


■ Champions Arena  

- Added “Champions Arena” where only players above Tier “Gold V” could participate.  


- Only Players at Gold V tier or higher in Solo Mode can enter. 

- Players who do not meet the entry requirements can only spectate. 


Game System 

- Only one game proceeds at one time. Game starts once 8 players enter, and the maximum number of players is 12.  

- Players cannot gain Ancient Weapon Laytenns or Puturums.  

- Grace period is 7 minutes. 

- Players cannot choose Random Heroes. 


In-game notifications

- Notifications will pop-up in the lobby when additional players enter the lobby after 5 or more players are on standby.  

  > Notifications will pop up in the lobby when the game starts. 


Shadow Lords 

- All Shadow Lords spawn near the center of the fog 3, 6, 9, 12 minutes after the game starts. 

- Decreased damage from Shadow Lords by 15% compared to Solo Mode.  

- The following DP decrease debuff are applied when you get hit by a Shadow Lord. 

Shadow Lord 

Debuff applied when hit 


No DP decrease 


10% DP decrease 

for 10 seconds 


20% DP decrease 

for 10 seconds 


30% DP decrease 

for 10 seconds 

- Shadow Lord’s HP are changed to the following compared to Solo Mode.  

Shadow Lord 

Solo Mode 

Champions Arena 










Stoneback Crab 

- Changed all Stoneback Crab’s HP to gradually decrease outside the fog and die when outside the Fog. 

- Changed all Stoneback Crab’s spawn time to the following. 

> (Solo Mode) Spawn between 0 – 2 minutes after the game starts   

(Champions Arena) Spawn between 1 – 2 minutes after the game starts 

> Changed spawn notification times to match the above time. 

- Decreased kill buff duration of all Stoneback Crabs by 1 minute compared to Solo Mode. 

- Changed additional Monster attack buff from killing Steppe Stoneback Crabs 

  > from +700 (Solo Mode) to +300 (Champions Arena) 



- 9 Specters simultaneously spawn in random places after 2 minutes after the game starts.  

Solo Mode 

Champions Arena 

Specters spawn one by one 

from the center of the fog 

9 Specters spawn at the same time in random places 2 minutes after the game starts.  



- Added +200 damage buff to monsters lasting 1 minute when you defeat a Shadow Troll. 


Blackstar Fragments 

- Added Blackstar Fragment to Champions Arena mode.  

> Players could gain an overlapping AP, DP +3 buff that lasts for the whole game when players gain a Blackstar Fragment. 

> Players gain -50% DP and -30% movement speed debuff for 4 seconds when they earn a fragment. 

> Blackstar Fragments appear in random places, but more fragments appear in the outskirts. 

>The total number of Blackstar Fragments that appear is 20% less than Trio Mode. 


Kuku Birds 

- Kuku Birds spawn in Champions Arena.  

  > Kuku Birds spawn in random places 30 seconds after the game starts.  

> Kuku birds are invincible while running but are not invincible when pausing to take a rest.   

> The times at which the bird runs and rests are random.   

> Players are guaranteed to receive “Red Dragon’s Offerings” when they kill a Kuku bird.  

  > The Red Dragon’s Offerings drop rate has been halved due to the Kuku Bird’s introduction compared to Solo Mode, but the rates of receiving Elixirs of Swiftness has slightly increased.    



- Normal monsters do not drop gear above yellow grade.  

- Fixed an issue where ancient weapons could be gained through defeating normal monsters or the Ancient Altar.  

Champions Arena is a new system where higher tier players could fight more honorably. It is a system that is to be officially implemented on the 2nd round which is scheduled to start on December 17th

Champions Arena have a different rule compared to Solo Mode so the maximum capacity of players is smaller and the grace period is longer. Also AI characters and Ancient Weapons don’t appear. Several game systems such as Shadow Lords, Specters, Blackstar Fragment, and item drop rates are implemented similarly to the Trio Mode.  

(These changes could also be implemented to Solo Mode in the future.) 

Only one match is made per time in Champions Arena, and once the game starts all players online will receive a notification to spectate together. Also, all matches are recorded and can be replayed so that players can make videos or review and improve their plays. 

Additionally a separate ranking system will be in place through Champion points earned in Champions Arena, and this will be used in future tournaments. 

As of this week, however, we do not have the replay feature and the champion points implemented yet, and we are revealing the rules of Champions Arena a week before Free Season to listen to the players’ opinions firsthand.  

Only players above “Gold” tier could participate in this week’s and next week’s Champions Arena.  

(This requirement could change in the next round.) 


Account Level 

- Added Account Level. Players can earn Account level Exp. by earning Battle Points.  

- Maximum Account Level is 25.  


Profile Icon  


- Added a profile icon feature where players can change their profile icons.  

- Players can change their profile icons through clicking on the top left corner of the main lobby on [My info] → [Icon Change]

We finally added a player profile icon system.  

There are 10 icons available as basic icons but we will continue to add more interesting icons.  




- Changed Dark Shift to break Heavenly Barrier (Venslar’s Patience Stance -2) made by other players when used.  


We don’t have much adjustments for Heroes this week. 

We had many adjustments last week, so we are monitoring their results. When the first round of Beta Season 2 closes this week, we plan to implement changes to several Heroes. 



Shield of Heidel (RMB) 

- Added visual effects to indicate the skill range for Shield of Heidel.  


Spear of Serendia (1) 

- Fixed an error where Spear of Serendia Ultimate level’s status effect is different from that of the skill explanation.  



- Fixed an error where players can run without consuming Stamina. 

  > Increased Stamina consumption when starting a sprint by 20%. 



Fairy Flame (RMB) 

- Fixed an error where the skill sound effect isn’t heard when using a charged Fairy Flame.  



Golden Gate (4) 

- Fixed an intermittent error where the cast time is slow when using Thunder Breaker (3) Skill after Golden Gate.  


Custom Mode: Team Death Match 

- Added a death match feature in Custom Mode.  

- Players could make a game room by clicking “Death Match” in  

[Game Start] – [Custom Mode] – [Create] – [Game Mode].  


Game System 

 > Maximum number of players is 10.  

 > Player who creates the game becomes the lobby leader and can set up teams for players entering the room.  

 > The game cannot start if there’s a player without a team, or if there’s no players in a team. 


We finally added Custom Mode Team death match which many players requested.  

Players can now set up teams more easily in Custom Mode Team Death Match and in the long term we plan to advance this feature to make Team Death Match playable with clans. 


Trio Mode  


Shadow Lords 

- Changed the DP decrease debuff effects when hit by Shadow Lords to the following.  

Shadow Lord 




30% DP decrease 

No DP decrease 


30% DP decrease 

10% DP decrease 


30% DP decrease 

20% DP decrease 


30% DP decrease 

30% DP decrease 

Stoneback Crab

- Made adjustments for all Stoneback Crabs to die gradually in 2 minutes when outside the Fog. (Before: Only Mountain Stoneback Crabs died over time) 

- Made adjustments to also change opponents’ HP color when using Elixir of Vigilance in Trio Mode.  

- Made adjustments to voice chat so that when players click on the voice chat icon (mic and headset icon), the actual settings change accordingly. 

- Decreased the collision size of treasure chests appearing mid- to final-stage of the game.  



- Changed all Jump Gates to deactivate when there’s a team succeeding in Ascension.  

- Fixed an intermittent issue where the hungry Black Spirit’s attack doesn’t become stronger when the player gets far from the Relic of Ascension after a team succeeds in Ascension.  

- Changed all applied debuffs to deactivate when players succeed in Ascension.  


Kuku Birds 

- Changed Kuku Birds to spawn 30 seconds after the game starts.  


Quality of Life Improvements 

- Improved chat feature by enabling friend invites and party invites by clicking another player’s nickname on the chat channel. 

- Improved visibility on party member number icon by placing the icon on the top corner of the lobby. 

- Added an UI on the lobby top corner to invite party members or check the party status.  

- Updated main lobby and Hero selection screen to display as many Hero images depending on the number of party members if there is a party formed 

- Improved login rewards window by enabling close with ESC.  



- Extended the event period of [Event 2. Bring it on! All out with all heroes free!] to December 10th, 2020 (Thu) before maintenance. (modified)

Check ▶ [Event 2. Bring it on! All out with all heroes free!] for more details.(modified)

- The title has been changed to label the event more accurately.


- [Hero event – Hexe Marie] Event has started. 

> Event Period: December 3rd (Thu), 2020 after maintenance – December 13th, 2020 (Sun) 23:59 (UTC +9) 

> When you upload a Hexe Marie video, you have a chance to get the [Goyen] Gavi Regan skin! 

Check ▶[Hero event – Hexe Marie] for more details. 


- [Hexe Marie and the Three Little Minions] Event has started. 

 > Event Period: December 3rd (Thu), 2020 after maintenance – December 10th (Thu), 2020 before maintenance 

Check ▶ [Hexe Marie and the Three Little Minions] for more details. 


Other Fixes and Improvements 

- Changed the color of important in-game messages to become more visible.  

- Added a Fire Fist effect to Shadow Lord Margord. 

- Fixed an intermittent issue where Shadow Lords do not move during battle.  

- Changed the height of the arrow mark shown when jumping in dark rift.  

- Corrected tutorial explanations in AI matches to fit to the recent updates.  

- Improved functionality of Jump Gates in Sparring Grounds.  

- Changed the Public Channel icon in the lobby. 

- Fixed an error where players entering the Tower of Ascension as an spectator in Custom Mode can conquer the Tower of Ascension.  

- Improved intermittent issue where normal monsters disappear when Heroes are moving up to higher grounds. 

- Fixed an error where the attack effects of divided Relic Golems are excessively large. 

Round 1 of Beta Season 2 will be over on December 10th.  

Same as in Beta Season 1, rewards in Beta season 2 are given out based on the highest score you made in a round. Once the round is over we will test the new systems and the improved rules in Solo Mode, Trio Mode for a week before the next Round 2 begins on December 17th.   


Website Improvements 


[Arena Board] > [Ranking] 

- Added new Hero Hexe Marie in the Rankings.  


Other Fixes and Improvements 

- Added a “Play in Steam” button on the top right corner of the website. 




Thank you. 




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