Events [Winners/Selection Announcements] A Chance to Get a Gavi Regan Skin! Hexe Marie Tips & Tricks Event Winner Announcement
ShadowArena 2020-12-24 02:30 (UTC+0)


Ta da-!  

Here are the Hexe Marie videos that really showed all the key points you need to know! 



Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to the winners! 


A Chance to Get a Gavi Regan Skin! Hexe Marie Tips & Tricks Event 

Placement and rewards 

YouTube Channel 

1st place 

[Event] [Goyen] Gavi Regan (skin) 


2nd place 

[Event] Skin Selection Coupon (1) 


3rd place 

[Event] Skin Selection Coupon (1) 


“[Event] Skin Selection Coupon” is an item where you can gain one skin of your choice on sale for Gcoins in the in-game store. 

However, Limited-time or event skins, weapon sins, and skins with mastery limits are excluded.  

※ Additional Notes   

- The event rewards will be sent to the account shown in the video through in-game mail on Dec 29, 2020 (Tue).  

- Participating in the event with inappropriate methods such as plagiarizing, you may be disqualified from winner selection. 

- Pearl Abyss reserves the copyrights of content made for the participation of this event, and Peary Abyss may use the content for promotional purposes without time or regional restrictions. 

- If your account is restricted for violating the Terms of Service, you may be disqualified and have any prizes withdrawn even after being selected as a winner. 

- If you have any other questions or concerns related to the event, please contact us via [Support]

- Any matters not listed on this page will follow the [Shadow Arena Event Rules]