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ShadowArena 2021-01-07 09:00 (UTC+0)


Greetings, this is Shadow Arena. 


We are finally releasing the new Shadow Arena today. 


Of course, there are many parts which could be polished and improved. 

However, we would like to request our player’s heartfelt support and honest opinions.  


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!  


Thank you. 


* Patch Size: Approx. 749.36 MB



■ Distinct Hero Roles  

- Available Heroes have been adjusted to 8 Heroes. 

  > Please check out more details in [Major Service Changes] - [Adjusting the number of Heroes]

- Each Hero’s roles are clearly defined and distinguished by concept.  

- However, some skill effects can be used regardless of the Heroes’ roles.






These Heroes have high HP or a hefty amount of defense skills. Charging and Crowd Control are their main strong points. 


We recommend these Heroes to those who do not fear diving into the front lines. 


These Heroes attack and defeat opponents with high AP, rapid attack speed, and movement speed.   

They can hit and run, deal continuous damage at long range, or deal instant burst damage. We recommend these Heroes to players who like to fight for victory. 

These Heroes have the ability to protect, heal, and give buffs to their party members.  

These Heroes greatly increase the survivability and the combat power of their team.  

We recommend these Heroes to the players who wish to contribute to their team with various CC and effects.  

Skill Explanations 


Continue battling on without faltering with a hefty amount of HP. 




Players can block the opponent’s attack liberally through a shield.  



[Super Armor] 

These skills heighten the ability to defend against all cc effects and resist the opponent’s attack.  



Players can make pre-emptive attacks such as charging or pacing down against enemies through this skill. 



[Absorb HP] 

When the attack hits, the Hero gets HP. This gives an advantage in extended fights.  




These skills have a wide hit range. This makes them easy to hit and also able to hit multiple enemies. 


[Crowd Control] 

These skills cause disrupting effects so the enemy could be threatened any time. 


These skills can deal powerful damage in a short amount of time based on high AP. 



These skills enable Heroes to have a fast attack speed through spectacular physical abilities. 



These skills help to dodge enemy attacks instantly or pass through the opponent. 



These skills allow Heroes to approach their enemy without being seen. This increases their threat in the arena. 



These skills allow Heroes to attack enemies from afar. 



These skills heal and recover the team member’s HP.  



 DP of party members are increased and protects them by creating obstacles. 



These skills heighten the overall combat power such as AP, attack speed, and movement speed. 




Jordine Ducas 

Gerhart Shultz 





Ahon Kirus 


Additional Matters 

The unavailable Hero and their skins cannot be used until the Hero is added.  


■ Black Spirit Skills 

- Added “Matchlock” and “Hand of Healing” to the Black Spirit Skills. 

  > Players can select 2 out of 4 Black Spirit skills to enter the match with in the Hero Selection screen. 

Black Spirit Skills (Able to select 2) 

Skill Name 

Skill Explanation


Dark Shift 

Transform into Black Spirit to evade all attacks, then break nearby enemies' guard and knock them back. (Ignores Super Armor) 


Cooldown: 90 seconds 



Teleport forward instantly while invincible.  


Cooldown: 60 seconds 



Use a Matchlock to deal 2,000 fixed damage to an opponent and knock them down.  

Deal 5,000 additional fixed damage to monsters. 

(Total fixed damage against monsters: 7,000) 


Cooldown: 85 seconds 


Hand of Healing 

All team members instantly recover 2,000 HP and gain +30% movement speed for 3 seconds. 


Cooldown: 75 seconds 


■ Contents 




This is a mode where 3 players team up and battle against enemy teams. If all other teams are eliminated or if the team succeeds in conquering the “Light of Ascension,” the team wins. 

>Check out the details of how to get started and Hero progression in [Guide] - [How to Enter and Stand-by] & [Game Start and Rules]

Sparring Grounds 

The Sparring Grounds is where players can choose the Hero they would like to practice and get used to their skills. They can also duel with other players. 


A mode where players could create the matches themselves. Choose from various modes such as Deathmatch, and more. 

We have found issues where some modes in Custom mode do not run properlyWe advise our players to only play Trio Mode in Custom Mode for now 


Shop System  

Shop (B) 

“Tokens” are obtainable by defeating monsters. They are used to buy gear and items that increase AP and DP. 

600 tokens are given when the game starts.  

Bought items can be sold again, but only for a portion of its original cost. 

Item Options 

There are various effects to increase the Heroes’ potential with items. 

- Combat Options: Increase AP, Attack Speed, AP against Monsters 

- Survival Options: Increase max HP, HP recovery, DP 

- Other Options: Increase Movement Speed, Stamina 

- Consumables: HP Potion 



Normal Monsters 

- Spawns at certain times all across the arena 


[Obtainable loot when defeated] 

- Tokens 

- [+200 Additional Damage to monsters for 10 seconds] or [+20% Movement Speed for 10 seconds] buff is given  

Shadow Trolls 

- Spawns near the Extraction Mill right after the game starts, spawns in all area one minute after the game starts. 


[Obtainable loot when defeated] 

- Tokens 

- Bonus Tokens 

- Recover 1,000 HP over 5 seconds 

Shadow Knights 

- Spawns in Training Camp and Windmill Village 

- Attacks first 


[Obtainable loot when defeated] 

- Tokens 

- Bonus Tokens (When defeating the Captain) 

Ruins Golem 

- Spawn in Tulip Farm 


[Obtainable loot when defeated] 

- Tokens 

Stoneback Crabs 

[Obtainable loot when defeated] 

- Steppe Stoneback Crab: +50 AP for 3 minutes (Applied to all team members) 

- Mountain Stoneback Crabs: +70 DP for 3 minutes (Applied to all team members) 

Shadow Lords 

- Spawns in certain times. 


[Obtainable loot when defeated] 

- Varigord: +30 AP & DP, and 300 tokens 

- Gigagord: +50 AP & DP, and 600 tokens 

- Saigord: +80 AP & DP, and 900 tokens 

> Check here for details [Guide] - [Monsters in game] and [Objectives in game].



Blackstar Fragment 

- Red Blackstar Fragment: AP +5 buff (Applies to all team members) 

- Blue Blackstar Fragment: DP +5 buff (Applies to all team members) 

Light of Ascension 

Fill up the Ascension gauge in the Light of Ascension. When you successfully ascend, your team wins immediately. 

Ancient Relic 

A relic that gives the following: Tycoon’s Grace, Hand of Salvation, Goddess’ Blessings, Aal’s Eye, Red Dragon’s Offerings 

Suspicious Cauldron 

Other nearby monsters will swarm to the player who defeated the suspicious cauldron. 

Jump Gate 

Players can transform into a Black Spirit to fly across the arena by getting in the Jump Gate. 

> Check here for details [Guide] - [Monsters in game] and [Objectives in game].


Improvements in visibility

- Added detailed graphic options in settings.  



- Adjust the camera vision range.  



Vision Range

- Clarified the vision range of Heroes. 

  > The vision range is shared among team members. If a team member is close, their vision range can be seen from your screen.  



UI Improvements 

- Reworked the in-game UI.  




- Improved the game Result screen to show each players’ AP, DP, Kill, Death count, and others. 




- Added the chat macro functions. 




■ Service Changes 


Changes in Game Service Times





18:00 - 01:00 (UTC+9)  

17:00 - 24:00 (北京时间)  

15:00 - 01:00 (UTC+9)  

14:00 - 24:00 (北京时间) 


16:00 - 23:00 (PST) 

13:00 - 23:00 (PST) 


18:00 - 01:00 (CET) 

20:00 - 03:00 (MSK) 

15:00 - 01:00 (CET) 

17:00 - 03:00 (MSK) 


- Players can acccess Shadow Arena only during these times. 

  > Please check more details on the [Major Service Changes] - [Changes to Server Times]


The server times were adjusted to increase the concentration of logins so that our players can enjoy the action-packed arena.
Following this change, we are developing more ways to help our players to engage in more dynamic fights.
We will continue to work towards increasing server times in the near future.


Changes in Supported Languages



Chinese (Simplified) 

Chinese (Traditional) 


  > Please check more details on the [Major Service Changes] - [Reducing In-game Localization of Certain Languages]. 


■ Official Website 


Main page 

- Changed the text displayed on the main page. 


[Game Introduction] - [Hero] 

- Changed the Heroes shown on the Hero page. 

  > Jordine Ducas, Yeonhwa, Ahon Kirus, Gerhard Shultz, Haru, Herawen, Orwen, Goyen 


Shadow Arena Beta Season 3 

- We are planning to start Beta Season 3 on January 14, 2021 (Thu).   

  > Beta Season 3 Period: January 14, 2021 (Thu) after maintenance – March 18, 2021 (Thu) before maintenance  

  * The season period may change due to circumstances.  



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