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Greetings, this is Shadow Arena


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena on January 15 (Fri). 


  • Patch Size: Approx. 432.51 MB 


Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the Arena.  



■ New Hero “Tagahl”  

- Added new Hero “Tagahl.”  

▶ Go to the [Tagahl Guide]   


■ Start of Beta Season 3  

- Beta Season 3 has started.  

  > Beta Season 3: January 15, 2021 (Fri) after maintenance – March 18, 2021 (Thu) before maintenance 

> All players who achieved Gold or a higher tier in Beta Season 2 will receive the "[Jordine Ducas] Dark Whispers" skin in their in-game mail. 


▲ [Jordine Ducas] Dark Whispers


■ New Battle Pass 

- A new Battle Pass has been added with the start of Beta Season 3.   

How to acquire Battle Points  


Battle Points Earned 

Daily Max Points Limit 

Start Trio Ranked Match 


Get 1 Kill in a Trio Ranked Match 


Win a Trio Ranked Match 


Complete Daily Quests 



▶ Check [Beta Season 3 Battle Pass] Event Details 


- Renewed the Rookie Battle Pass.  

  > Rewards for the renewed Rookie Battle Pass can be claimed once per character. If you have already claimed rewards for the previous Rookie Battle Pass, you will be unable to claim the new rewards. 

▶ Check out [Rookie Battle Pass Renewal] Event Details. 


■ Leaving Penalty 

- A Leaving Penalty that prevents players from entering games for a certain amount of time was added. The penalty will be posed when players go back to the main screen after the party matching is complete or exits the game before all party members die.  

  > Penalty time will accumulate 2 minutes multiplied by the number of penalizations. 

  > Leaving Penalties will reset every day at midnight. 

  ASIA: Resets every day at 00:00 (UTC +9) 

  NA, EU/RU: Resets every day at 00:00 (UTC +0)   


■ Vision Range System 

- Adjusted the range so that players will be able to see farther in the direction the camera is facing. 

 > Vision Range to the front will increase as much as it decreases to the back. 

- Improved the visibility of the opponent’s HP bar within the Vision Range. 

- Changed the Vision Range to match the distance the opponent’s icon could be seen on World Map (Tab) and Mini Map. 

- Changed Vision Range to only apply to Trio Mode.


■ Matching System 

- Improved Trio Mode Matching System. 

> Improved party matching feature to not match players with high proficiency with a party with low-proficient players. 

- Added a feature to create a party with AI bots. 

   > Players can join a match right away by inviting AI bots by clicking on [Invite bots to your party and enter a game immediately] > [Start] 




■ Heroes

- Changed the initial launch when players turn into Black Spirit so that the direction they launch is random. Players will be able to change directions mid-air slightly.  

- Decreased the amount of time players can move as Black Spirit after landing from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. 

- Fixed an issue where the CC effect is not applied when the Hand of Healing is used before being hit by a CC skill. 

- Fixed an issue where the Movement Speed increase effect of Hand of Salvation is shown as 30% not 15% in the UI. 



- Fixed an issue where 10 additional stamina was being consumed when performing a dash attack, jump attack, and dash jump attack. 

Shield of Heidel (RMB) 

- Increased Movement Speed by 20% when moving while holding his shield. 



- Fixed an issue where she could move while jumping without consuming stamina by jumping on the spot then pressing W. 



Sun of Destruction (R) 

- Changed to consume stamina when moving while charging. 



- Changed HP from 8,000 → 7,200.  

- Increased sprint jump attack damage by 33%. 


Iron Pulverizer (RMB) 

- Improved the charging attack and additional hit to go in the direction the camera was aimed. 

- Improved the additional hit to be performed sooner after the charging attack.


Slashing the Dead (E)

- Fixed an issue where the stiffness Super Armor effect was not applied when making an additional attack. 


Blood Flurry (R)

- Decreased Movement Speed by 20% when spinning. 



- Changed HP from 6,800 → 6,300. 


Bestial Howl(R) 

- Fixed an issue where damage in the skills explanation was shown higher than that of the in-game damage. 



- Fixed an issue where stamina is not consumed when attacking while sitting or crouching. 

- Increased the damage of the sprint jump attack by 50%. 

Fallen Flower (RMB) 

- Increased the damage of the upward swing by 50%. 

- Added Stiffness effect to the upward swing.   

- Added an explanation that attack speed will increase after using the skill. 



Thunder Viper (E)

- Improved so that lightening can be cast by pressing LMB during using the skill. 

- Improved targeting to find targets during the lightning chain. 

- Changed the lightning chain to consume stamina while casting. 

- Changed the lightning chain to be casted until stamina is depleted. 


Seed of Ice (Q)

- Fixed the issue where the Freeze effect was not being applied to targets that are standing still. (added)



Twin Fairy Arrow (Q) 

- Changed the fixed damage amount to the following. 

- Before: 500 > After: 620 

Shower of Arrows (R) 

- Decreased damage by 12.4%. 


Shop Renewal 

- Decreased the amount of tokens given when starting the match from 800 to 600. 

- Changed the items available in the Shop to the following. 

Rare Items

Item Name (Purchase Price/Sell Price) 


Shadow Dagger (600/420) 

Attack Speed +4%, AP +15 

Shadow Bow  (600/420) 

AP against Monsters +100, AP +20 

Shadow Armor (600/420) 

HP +500, DP +50 

Orb of Madness (3200/2240) 

Attack Speed +10%, Movement Speed +12% 

Orb of Destruction (3100/2170) 

AP against Monsters +300, AP +80 

Orb of Harmony (3500/2450) 

AP +100, DP +150 

Orb of Endurance (3200/2240) 

HP +1500, HP Recovery +300, Stamina +30 


Item Name (Purchase Price/Sale Price) 


HP Potions (150/50) 

Recover 2,000 HP for 8 seconds 


Offensive Items 

Defensive Items 

Mobility Items 

Item Name 


Item Name 


Item Name 


Old Longsword 


AP +50 

Wooden Shield


DP +80 

Feathery Amulet 


Movement Speed +6% 

Steel Longsword  


AP +80 

Iron Shield


DP +130 

Shamanic Stick 


Stamina +20 

Work Gloves  


Attack Speed+5% 

Leather Armor 


HP +1000 

Shoes of the Wind 


Stamina +20, 

Movement Speed +12% 


Hunting Hawk Amulet 


AP against Monsters +150 

Farmer’s Headband


HP Recovery +200 



Great Sword of the Vanguard 


AP +120 

Mithril Shield


DP +200 



Skull Dagger 


Attack Speed +10%, 

AP +50 

Silver-Lined Gauntlet


AP against Monsters 


DP +130 



Hunting Bow 


AP against Monsters +200, 

AP +80 

Plate Armor


HP +1500,  

DP +150 



Axe of Carnage 


HP +1200, 

AP +100 

Helmet of Guardians


HP Recovery +300,  

DP +150 





- Changed the time the ping is maintained from 120 seconds to 30 seconds. 

- Improved the Party Member Info UI on the top left corner of the screen to show the revival time of Party Members after entering the match. 

- Improved control settings so that the keys for Black Spirit Skills and Sit/Crouch can be change. 

- Added an alert message notifying the victory or the defeat of the battle. 

  > The ascension success message will be shown as usual when the team ascends to win. 

- Fixed an issue where parts of the UI in the Game Results screen were shown in Korean. 

- Changed World Map (Tab) feature to show the Hero portrait together with the icon of the other player’s location.  

- Added a Game Guide button on the Main Lobby and the Hero Selection Screen. 

  > Players can check the guide within the official website through that button.  

- Changed the Party Member Info in the bottom right corner of the Hero Selection Screen to also show the player's information. 

- Changed to show the Party Matching Duration.  




Ancient Relics

- Fixed the issue where the icons of Hand of Healing and Goddess’ Blessing were changed with each other. 

- Fixed the issue where the effects of the orb was not being applied after equipping the item from the Ancient Relic. 

- Changed the time the relic notification alert message pops up from 2 minutes after the game starts to show up right after the game starts. 

- Fixed the wrong phrase in the relic notification message (“Will Appear 120 seconds after” > “Will Appear 180 seconds after”)



- Changed the time rare monsters appear (Shadow Trolls, Ruins Golem, Shadow Knights, Stoneback Crabs) to 1 minute after the game starts. 

- Increased HP of normal monsters by 20%. 

- Changed the maximum amount of obtainable tokens when defeating the below monsters to the following. 


Obtainable Tokens (Maximum) 



Shadow Trolls 



Shadow Shaman 



Shadow Knights 




- Changed Ruins Golems to appear more in the Tulip farm. 

- Shortened the Roaring motion the Shadow Troll makes. 

- Fixed an issue where AI monsters pushed back players ignoring Super Armor and DP when using Dark Shift. 

 - Deleted the DP decrease attack that was applied when using Social Action (F1, F2, F3, F4). 

- Fixed an issue where the Sun of Destruction effect was kept around the AI Ahon Kirus’s head when she got hit by a Status Effect skill when she was using the Sun of Destruction skill.


Sparring Grounds

- Deleted the skill reset button. 

- Changed the location of the Jump Gates to match where they appear in Trio Mode.



- Changed the HP potion guide phrase from “Press 1-4 to use the HP Potion.” to “Press 1 to use the HP Potion.” 

- Changed Shultz AI that appears in the Tutorial to use the same skills as the Hero Shultz. 


■ Event 


- [Battle Point Booster!] Event has started. 

 > Event Period: January 15, 2021 (Fri) after maintenance – January 21, 2021 (Thu) before maintenance 

 > Earn double Battle Points during the Event Period! 


▶Check out [Battle Point Booster!] for details. 


■ Fixes and Improvements 

- Fixed the issue where graves didn’t appear making it impossible to revive the player. 

- Changed the movement direction arrow which is shown when riding the Jump Gate and starting the game to show up slowly. 

- Changed the Black Spirit Skills window to not open up when the player is ready in the Hero Selection Screen. 

- Fixed the issue where the sound and the effects weren’t shown when the AI bots attacked. 

- Fixed the issue where AI bots kept spinning around on the spot.  

- Fixed the issue where AI bots could not be hit intermittently.


■ Website Fixes and Improvements 


[Arena Board] > [Rankings]

- Added Rankings for Beta Season 3. 

- Added the new Hero, Tagahl.  


[Overview] > [Heroes] 

- Added the new hero, Tagahl. 


[Overview] > [Game Feature] 

- Fixed the game explanations. 



Thank you



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