Notices [Notice] Windows Update Required to Run Shadow Arena
ShadowArena 2021-03-02 07:38 (UTC+0)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.


As we’ve guided you earlier, if you have not updated your Windows OS, you may not be able to play Shadow Arena from March 3 (Wed).

Please refer to the notice below for more details.


We will do our best to ensure a safer gameplay environment.


Thank you.




Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.


As the Code Signing Certificate (SHA-1) has expired with the Windows OS,  

players using Windows OS below Windows 7 (such as  XP and Vista) or do not have the latest version of Windows 7 may experience some difficulty with playing the game. 


How to check My Computer’s OS

Start > My Computer (My PC) > Right-click for Properties > Windows Version 


Players that are experiencing issues related to this need to update or upgrade their OS to run Shadow Arena.




Not the latest verions of Windows 7  

Get all the Security Updates for the OS  

Go to  Microsoft Manual Update  

Windows XP, Vista  

Upgrade to Windows 7 or higher  


Please note the information provided above to get the best gameplay experience. 

Thank you. 


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