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Greetings, This is Shadow Arena.


Here are the updates on February 4 (Thu).

* Patch Size: Approx. 219.48 MB


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!



 Hero IgridLahn  


Added Hero ‘IgridLahn.  



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Fixed an issue where Heroes were not able to move with an error message “Please try again later.” when standing up and rolling without stamina. 


[DEV Notes]  

As there were feedbacks that certain skills are canceled or an extra attack is made unwillingly while using them, we have made some improvements to the skill system. Now, players will have to reuse the skill to cancel skills or make an attack immediately. 


Shield of Heidel (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon. 


Shield Charge (Q)  

Changed the skill icon.  


Spinning Slash (E)  

Changed the skill icon.  


Formation Break (R)  

Changed the skill icon.  



Twin Fairy Arrow (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon.  



Fallen Flower (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon.  


Clairvoyance (Q)  

Enabled next immediate attack when reusing the skill.  


Head Shot (E)  

Enabled next shot when reusing the skill.  


Red Moon(R)  

Enabled immediate last attack when reusing the skill.  



Phantom Raven (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon. 


Shadow Explosion (E) (Modified)

Changed the skill icon 


Sun of Destruction (R)  

Enabled next shot when reusing skill.   




Unleashed Beast (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon. 


Gate Breaker (Q)  

Enabled next shoulder charge when reusing skill.  




Shadow Step (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon.  


Heart Stab (Q)  

Changed the skill icon.  




Thunder Viper (E)  

Enabled next thunder attack when reusing skill.  




Switch Stance (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon.   


Courage Stance - Radiant Pursuit (Q)  

Enabled next thrust attack when reusing skill.  


Courage Stance Heavenly Descent (R)  

Fixed an issue where forward blowback was applied when the smash attack was hit.  


Patience Stance Breath of Elion (E)  

Enabled cancelling charging when reusing skill.  




Scale Ripper (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon 


Heart Gouge (R)  

Changed the skill icon.  




Fixed an issue with stamina being consumed when jumping in concealment.  
Fixed an issue where he crouches when jumping backwards in concealment.  

Improved game feature to attack while moving forward by using W+F.  

Fixed an issue where he repeats the first attack when maintaining W+A+LMB 


Older Brother! (RMB)  

Changed the skill icon.   


Found You! (E)  

Changed the effect shown when using Found You! to “Att+”.  

Fixed the issue where the AP increase buff of “Found You!” would not be applied to AI players the party. 


Laytenn! (R)  

Increased the charging speed of laser attack while riding the mini layteen by 30%. 

Wu-Ju will be able to transform into the Mini-Laytenn and return to its normal state 50% faster. 

Fixed the issue where laser shot in the form of the Mini-Laytenn would hit its body. 




Overload (R)  

Changed the skill icon. 





Black Fog and Final Stage  

Changed the fog range to show up as a red circle after the match begins.  

Diversified the final stages of the map 

  The location of the final stage in every match will be randomly decided among the following locations. 

  1) Center of the Shrine  

  2) In front of the bridge before crossing the Northeast Heidel River  

  3) Southeastern Windmill Village 

  4) Southwestern Vineyards 

  5) Western Extraction Mill 

Spawning location of Shadow Lords change from the center of the shrine to the center of the Fog as the Fog moves. 

Changed the moving time of the Fog as follows.  

  > (Before) move between 2 minutes - 12 minutes  (After) 2 minutes - 15 minutes  

Increased the size of the final fog by 30%.  


Ancient Relic  
Changed the spawning location of the relic in the final stage as follows. 
  > However, activation order of the Ancient Relic will not change. (The kinds of Relics that spawn by time is fixed.)  
  > The location of the final stage can be predicted according to where the Ancient Relic is generated right after the match starts. 
  1) Center of the Shrine (Activated from the Goddess’ Blessing in the clockwise direction)  
  > 3 minutes (Southeast): Goddess’ Blessing  

  > 5 minutes (Southwest): Aal’s Eye  

  > 7 minutes (Northwest): Hand of Salvation  

  > 9 minutes (Northeast): Red Dragon’s Offering  

  2) In front of the bridge to Northwestern HeidelSame as the center of the Shrine  

  3) Southeastern Windmill  
  > 3 minutes (Southeast): Goddess’ Blessing  

  > 5 minutes (Northwest): Aal’s Eye  

  > 7 minutes (Northeast): Hand of Salvation  

  > 9 minutes (Southeast): Red Dragon’s Offering  

  4) Southeast Vineyards  
  > 3 minutes (Northwest): Goddess’ Blessing  

  5 minutes (Northeast): Aal’s Eye  

  7 minutes (Southeast): Hand of Salvation  

  9 minutes (Southwest): Red Dragon’s Offering  

  5) West Extraction Mill  
  > 3 minutes (Northeast): Goddess’ Blessing  

  5 minutes (Northeast)Aal’s Eye  

  > 7 minutes (Southwest): Hand of Salvation  

  > 9 minutes (Northwest): Red Dragon’s Offering

[DEV Notes]  

The final location of the fog has been changed to diversify the battle stylesThe location of monsters/altars will change accordingly, and this will show up in the timeline after the match starts. The fog does not show up in random locations like beforeso players will be able to predict through the timeline UI where the fog will start not to mention when the objects will be created in which area. Thus, players will be able to plan which path to take in the arena strategically. 

Light of Ascension  

Changed the DP decrease effect of the Light of Ascension as follows.  
  > (BeforeDecrease 20% of Heroes DP within Light of Ascension conquer range by 20%  (AfterDecrease DP of all Heroes within the last Fog range according to time.   
Appearance of the Light of Ascension 12 minutes - 13 minutesDecrease DP by 10%  
> 13 minutes - 14 minutesDecrease DP by 20%  
> 14 minutes - 15 minutesDecrease DP by 30%  
> 15 minutes - 16 minutesDecrease DP by 40%  
> 16 minutes - : Decrease DP by 50%  
DP decrease effect of Light of Ascension does not stack with the Fog‘s DP decrease effect.


Relic of Time   

Fixed an issue where the activation effect is exposed when the Relic of Time is deactivated. 



Changed the name of "Lightbringerto Fairy of Light."  


Blackstar Fragment  

- Improved the speed in which the token and buff alert messages are shown to be more instant when acquiring Blackstar Fragments. 



Changed the list of recommended items due to balance adjustments and the addition of new Heroes and items. 

Removed the purchase limit for Elion’s Long Spear and Dark Shuriken. 

Fixed the issue where the increased amount of HP in the description of Orb of Endurance was incorrect. 

  > (Before) 2,500 → (After) 1,500 

Item effects or prices have been changed as below: 

Purchase price of all the Orb items has been changed to 3,500. 






Beacon of Light 

[Use EffectWidens the Vision Range by double  


※ Cooldown: 30 sec  


(Purchase Price) 200  

[Use Effect] Widens the Vision Range by double and able to detect enemies for 10 sec 


※ Cooldown: 30 sec  


(Purchase Price) 300  


Hunting Bow  

AP against Monsters +200 



(Purchase Price) 2100  

AP against Monsters +200 

Movement Speed +10% 

AP +50 


(Purchase Price) 2100  


Chain Mail Armor  

[Use Effect] DP +500 for 4 sec 

[Use EffectDamage Reflection for 4 sec (Attacking enemy's HP -3%) 


※ Cooldown: 30 sec 

※ Only able to purchase ONE.  


(Purchase Price) 2700  

[Use Effect] DP +500 for 5 sec 

[Use EffectDamage Reflection for 5 sec (Attacking enemy's HP -3%) 


※ Cooldown: 30 sec 

※ Only able to purchase ONE.  


(Purchase Price) 2700  


Plate Armor  


DP +150  


(Purchase Price) 2400  

HP +2,000 

DP +100 


(Purchase Price) 2400  


Helmet of Guardians 

HP Recovery +300 

DP +150 


(Purchase Price) 2400  

HP Recovery +300 

DP +100 


(Purchase Price) 2300  


Orb of Destruction  

(Purchase Price) 3200  

(Purchase Price) 3500  


Orb of Madness  

Attack Speed +10% 

Movement Speed +12% 


※ Only able to purchase ONE of the Orbs. 


(Purchase Price) 3300  

Ignore DP +15% 

Attack Speed +10% 

Movement Speed +12% 


※ Only able to purchase ONE of the Orbs. 


(Purchase Price)500  



  Orb of Harmony 

(Purchase Price) 3700  

  (Purchase Price) 3500  


Added the following items to the Shop. 





Crimson Blade 

Recover HP per hit +50 

AP +50 


(Purchase Price) 2500  


[DEV Notes]

We are trying to take two big directions for the item selections. First, we are adding new features that will help the player's own unique combat style or game choice. For example, "Crimson Blade" added in this update allows the player to engage longer in fights through consistent hits. Also it could be used by players who prefer leading the flow of combat even without the help from Supports. 

Secondly, we are making efforts to create a compatibility concept that does not focus on the functions of each item. We increased the defense efficiency in the last patch and released "Elion's Long Spear" for players to break that strong defense, but as the maximum level of Ignore DP was capped, it seemed to have become an unsolvable problem. Therefore, we have deleted the limitations for purchasing certain items with special effects as we concluded that it would limit the diverse strategies players can take in the battle. Now, players will be able to stick to certain concepts and build on them. However, we will continue to monitor consistently and make specific balancing to prevent a possible situation where a majority of players would lean to a certain style.





Location of Party Members 

The location and distance of party members unseen on the screen will be shown. 


Buff Effect 

When gaining certain buffs, their effects will be shown on the right side of the Hero. 


Monster / Objective Timeline 

Added a timeline UI that shows when major objectives or monsters appear. 



Added a feature to the in-game information where kill assists are recorded for players who have contributed to defeating an enemy. 

Assists will be counted if a player buffs the ally or attacks the enemy together within 5 seconds of their death. 

  This information will also be displayed in the result chart and party status UI with further updates. 


Added descriptions to icons 

 Added details to the description shown when hovering your mouse over the following icons: 


<Hero Selection Window>  

Black Spirit Skills 

Preset Items 

Hexagonal graph showing the Hero’s battle type 



Party Bonus  

Blackstar Fragment  

Basic Stats 


[DEV Notes] 

Players will be able to identify in-game information more intuitively through the UI.
The timeline UI will help players to set up a strategy and focus on the combat as they can check when certain objectives will appear in the arena and where their allies are at the moment. 


 AI Players 


Fixed the issue where the minimap or World Map icon would not disappear upon death. 
- Changed the player Hero to attack the aimed enemy when the AI party member is not in battle or the player’s HP is low. 

Fixed the issue where AI players would intermittently try to attack allies. 

Changed AI Bots to not loot items. 

Changed AI players to have HP Potions as a default setting. 

Changed AI players to purchase recommended items. 
Fixed the skill cooldown and damage to be identical to the actual stats of the Hero. 

Fixed the issue where players would stun when hit by a basic attack while using a skill. 
Fixed the issue where the ranks would be displayed abnormally when an AI player ascends. 



 Fixes and Improvements  

Changed the other player’s nickname to be seen during the battle. 
Changed the display of the inactivation icons to be shown one minute before Shadow Lords, Ancient Relics, and the Light of Ascension appear.  
Fixed the issue where the icons showing the inactive status of objectives would not disappear on the World Map even after they have turned active. 
Improved Pings and chat macros to be shown in the language set by the player. 
Changed the location of the remaining time section in the Hero Selection Window to become more closer to the selection button. 
Fixed the issue where you could invite players to your party from the clan chat. 
Changed party match function so players will be matched with AI players and not higher ranking players until they play at least 4 matches in Trio Mode.

[DEV Notes] 

 As Hero Status information is applied in-gamewe will enable checking the other player’s name to easily grasp the enemy’s informationFor possible backfires of this update regarding co-op with other teams, we will enable players to use the "Report" function in Spectator Mode, during battles, or on the Game Results screen. 


■ Official Website Fixes and Improvements 


I [Arena Board]-[Ranking] 

Added Skill description sections to the following Hero Introductions. 
  Jordine DucasYeonhwaAhon KirusGerhart ShultzHaruHerawenOrwenGoyenVenslarTagahl SherekhanWu-Ju, Tantu (Modified)



Thank you. 



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