Dev Notes [Dev Note] Ataraxia Guide
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Guardian of Kamasylve – Year ?


She is one of the Dark Knights who pledged an oath to protect Kamasylve and is also the founder of the Obsidian Ashes.

The group was established to fight against the forthcoming darkness.

However, she fell to the darkness while chasing after Hadum. Eventually, she chose death to be liberated from her fallen state.



| Difficulty Level 




| Combat Style 


Wielding a Kriegsmesser, Ataraxia is capable of approaching her enemies in the blink of an eye.

With her strong, destructive powers, Ataraxia is nimble and evades attacks skillfully.

She can also block enemies from running away by covering the area with her skill “Garden of Roses.”

However, as she lacks defensive ability, you must think twice before initiating a fight with an enemy.



| Skills

 [RMB] Thorns of Corruption
Summon 5 magical swords that last for 6 sec. The swords automatically track and attack enemies within the 8M radius.
 [Q] Sudden Attack
Dash forward quickly and knock the enemy down.
 [E] Wheel of Fortune
Swing the Kriegsmesser to inflict damage to all nearby enemies and blow them away.
 [R] Garden of Roses
Create a wall of roses in the 8M radius. The roses deal damage to enemies touching them, and recover allies’ HP inside the garden. Press R to remove the Garden of Roses.