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The Shadow Arena Beta is coming soon!


Set in a middle-age thematic backdrop, Shadow Arena is an action-packed fantasy arena fighter where you must take down your opponents and be the last survivor standing on the battlefield. 

The Shadow Arena Beta will be held on Steam starting from February 27 (Thu) until March 8 (Sun). 

We’re thrilled to be able hold this Beta on Steam, and we hope you'll help us develop Shadow Arena into a game that everyone will want to play and enjoy.  

▶ Go to Steam

Check out how you can register for the Beta and see the Beta schedule below.

■ How to Register for the Beta

1) Follow the link below to the Beta registration page.

2) Enter the required information and complete your registration. 

☞ Register for the Beta


■ Beta Selection Notifications 

Those selected to be testers will be notified by email on February 25 Tue (GMT+9)

* The Steam Beta Key required to access the game will be sent to the email provided during tester registration. Please make sure to enter your email accurately. 

* Redeem the Steam Beta Key in your Steam Library to access the game. 


■ Preload Information

Preload will be available starting from February 24 (Mon) 25 Tue (GMT+9)


■ Beta Schedule


Available Modes

February 27 (Thu) - March 8, 2020 (Sun): 11-day Period

Solo, Team Battle, Practice Match, Private Match


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