Updates [Update] August 12 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-08-12 07:29 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on August 12 (Thur)

* Patch Size: Approx. 303.33 MB


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!



■ Beta Season 6


- Beta Season 6 has started.
  > Beta Season 6: August 12, 2021 (Thursday) after maintenance – October 14, 2021 (Thursday) before maintenance
  > Check out the [Beta Season 6 Notice] for more information on the Beta Season 6 Ranking, Season Rewards, and much more.
  > Players who achieved a Gold Tier or higher in Beta Season 5 have been rewarded with [Haru] Giha skin as a Season Reward. Make sure to check your in-game inbox.
  > Players who achieved a Bronze Tier or higher in Beta Season 5 have been rewarded with a title reward. In the game, go to [Achievements] > [Titles] and check the menu.



■ Changes to the Ranking System


- [Solo/Trio] Changed the 1st place score to 20 points.
  > (Before) 25 Points
- [Solo/Trio] Players who defeat AI players while unranked now get 0.5 times their placement score, and those who place first get 1.5 times their placement score.
- [Solo] Changed the tier points earned per kill to 1.5 points.
- [Solo] Added a Solo ranking page.
  > To see the ranks, go to [Main Lobby] - [Ranking] - [Solo].
- [Solo] Changed to allow players to overshadow their rival if there is no rival during a placement match.



■ Major Improvements


- [Solo/Trio] Changed the game to begin in 8 minutes if the first player joins even if the minimum number of players is not met.
- [Solo/Trio] Fixed an issue where only AI players were present when entering the round for the first time.
- [Solo] Improved Barrier (V) to allow the skill's invincibility effect to be applied immediately after it is used.



■ Heroes


| All

- Added a Special Sprint Attack. If you have more than 50 stamina, this attack will activate; otherwise, it will perform the same attack as before.
However, this does not apply to ranged heroes who have never had sprint attacks. Orwen, Herawen, Gorgath, Durgeff, and Wu-Ju can only use sprint jump attack and special attack.
- As a result, the attack time and range have been changed to match the motions of sprint and sprint jump attacks, which are used when the stamina is less than 50.


[Sprint Attack]
- Requirement: 50 Stamina or more
- Damage: AP x 500~700%
- Effect: Stun 0.2 sec
- Charge Distance: Approximately 8m


[Sprint Jump Attack]
- Requirement: 50 Stamina or more
- Damage: AP x 700~900%
- Effect: Knockdown 1 sec
- Charge Distance: Approximately 14m

[DEV Note]

The new pattern for the sprint attack and sprint jump attack discussed last week have been applied. The change was made so that if an attack fails, stamina is greatly reduced, which increases the risk of an enemy counterattack, but if an attack is successful, it was adjusted to have a sufficient effect. The charge distance has been increased so attacking enemies at a distance can be done more easily. However, if your attack fails while pursuing a fleeing enemy, the enemy will move further away. This does not apply to Herawen, Orwen, and Gorgath as they can continuously attack enemies using ranged attacks while sprinting. We will further examine the effect of this specification for Orwen and Herawen.

The invincibility effect was not applied at first because the barrier skill was not intended to be 100% successful and could be interrupted by enemies. However, if a skill is interrupted while it is casting, it can be discouraging for the player, and they may believe it is a bug, which is why the invincibility effect was changed to be applied immediately after casting the skill. However, players remain vulunberable to attacks when they appear as they descend, and enemies can still counterattack with CC effects to prevent the creation of the barrier.


| Black Spirit Skill

- Increased the cooldown of [Teleport] and [Dark Shift] skill by 10 sec.
  > Teleport (Before) 60 sec→ (Now) 70 sec
  > Dark Shift : (Before) 90 sec → (Now) 100 sec

- Decreased the extra damage inflicted to monsters when using a matchlock from 10,000 to 8000.
- Changed the Matchlock's skill description to "inflict high damage to monsters" after the description that states that it inflicts 10000 fixed damaged to monsters was removed.
  > Actual effect : Inflict approximately 7000~8000 damage depending on the Monster’s DP.

[Dev Note]
Teleport and Dark Shift are the best survival skills among Black Spirit skills. If you have the Black Spirit skill, being able to survive once more after being attacked is a clear advantage, so the relatively short cooldown of the skill has been increased by 10 sec.


| Shield Charge A (Q)

- Increased the time to transition into another skill when the skill fails to hit a target by 0.2 second.


| Formation Break A (R)
- Fixed an issue where Jordine appeared to shake mid-air while performing this skill when viewed by other players.

[Dev Note]
Shield Charge A is a simple skill with a low risk while still allowing Jordine to execute a preemptive strike. As a result, we improved the risk of using the skill by adding a slight transition time.


| Dark Mark A (Q)
- Decreased the Projectile explosion radius from 1.5m to 1.2m.

| Dark Mark B (Q)
- Increased the projectile explosion radius from 2.2m to 2.5m.


| Sun of Destruction B (R)
- Increased the movement speed after gathering the Sun of Destruction by 20%.

[Dev Note]

Dark Mark A having a shorter cooldown, and a smaller exploding area is considered to be effective when used against a single enemy while Dark Mark B is more effective when dealing damage to multiple enemies. In addition, despite the fact that Sun of Destruction B deals less damage than Sun of Destruction A, it grants increased movement speed, allowing the skill to be used strategically before firing.




| Bond Cut (RMB)
- Changed to allow the Super Armor effect to last until the first hit.

| Clairvoyance A (Q)
- Increased cooldown from 8 sec to 9 sec.
- Removed the Absorb HP effect


| Red Moon A (R)
- Fixed an issue where Yeonhwa's motions slowed down if the movement keys (W,A,S,D) were not entered after using the skill.
- Increased the transition time to the next action by 0.5 sec when the last hit fails.

[Dev Note]
Yeonhwa’s skills mostly consist of abilities to ignore crowd control, and effects similar to invincibility such as resisting CC’s and super armor. Additionally, she is equipped with both mobility and ranged attack, so it is not easy for opponents to counterattack or flee from her during battles. As a result, we increased the risks that accompanies the use of certain skills, and removed the Absorb HP effect from Clairvoyance, which is a key skill that allows her to stay in battles for extended period of time.




| Unleashed Beast (RMB)
- Increased cooldown from 15 sec to 17 sec.


| Sausan's Tremble (RMB)
- Increased cooldown from 15 sec to 16 sec.

[Dev Note]
The Unleashed Beast is a skill that grants Super Armor, recovers HP, and increases DP. It's a solid skill for Schultz because it allows him to attack continuously once he has hold of the opponent. However, due to the fact that the skill can be used frequently and the combat retention being overly powerful, the cooldown was slightly increased.



| Heart Stab A (Q)
- Increased charge distance by approximately 25% (Before: 3m > After: 4m)

| Heart Stab B (Q)
- Changed the bleed effect to the following as shown below:
  > HP -100 per 1 sec for 4 sec
  > HP -200 per 1 sec for 4 sec

[Dev Note]
Heart Stab is a core skill of Haru which allows her to quickly make preemptive strikes. However, Heart Stab A's charging distance is too short in comparison to other heroes', and Heart Stab B lacks defensive effects, putting her at a disadvantage. To make up for these weaknesses, improvements were so that Haru can have a prominent advantage especially when using ambush tactics.



- Added sound effect when basic attack is enhanced.

| Light of Kamasylvia (RMB)
- Increased cooldown from 7 sec to 8 sec.
- Decreased the HP recovery from 1000 to 800.


| Ancient Dragon's Breath (RMB)
- Decreased the projectile's explosion radius by approximately 28%.


| Kamasylve Tree (Q)
- Decreased maximum HP recovery from 4200 to 3500.

[Dev Note]
We reduced the Ancient Dragon's Breath skill's explosion radius to prevent explosions in undesirable locations, rather than reducing Herawen's ability to maintain combat through HP recovery.


| Explosive Trap (RMB)
- Increased explosion range by approximately 33%.
- Decreased fixed damage of explosion from 2000 to 1500.

[Dev Note]
In the most recent update, we improved the usability of Exlposive Traps. However, we discovered that opponents had a hard time locating the traps and that they were causing too much damage. As a result, the trap's fixed damage has been decreased.


- Increased maximum HP recovery from 6400 to 8000.

[Dev Note]
We’ve increased Badal’s HP to encourage players to play more aggressively in order to perform combo attacks.




- Increased basic attack from 170 to 200.

[Dev Note]
Taghal’s movements are relatively slow and heavy. However, compared to Goyen, who is similar, Tagahl lacked the ability to inflict damage on the opponent with a successful hit that was powerful enough. Tagahl had previously excelled as a brawler-type hero with strong CC abilities. We hope that by making this change, players will be able to play Tagahl more aggressively.



| Shield of Fortitude B
- Increased the recovery period by 0.1 sec after using skills.


| Radiant Pursuit A
- Increased the charge distance from 15m to 19m.
- Increased the transition time into another skill by 0.5 sec upon failing to target enemies.


| Radiant Pursuit B
- Improved so when using skills, defensive effect is maintained until Upward Strike is performed.
- Increased the charge speed by approximately 35%.

[Dev Note]

We slightly reduced the effectiveness of the Shield of Perseverance B skill as its defensive and recovery effects were too strong, which made it impossible for opponents to challenge her in the early stages of the game. Additionally, we increased the charge distance of Radiant Pursuit A so Venslar can utilize it as a a preemptive attack. We have also enhanced Radiant Pursuit B so that skill better fits the counterattack concept.


| Rock Manipulation A (Q)
- Decreased damage by approximately 11%.


| Rockwind A (E)
- Decreased damage by approximately 9.1%.

| Rockwind B (E)
- Decreased charging speed by 17.5%.


| Forbidden Alchemy A (R)
- Changed the probability of earning items to be equal for the 100 Tokens ~ 500 Tokens range.
> Before: Probability of earning items was higher for a higher number of tokens.

[Dev Note]
We felt that Gorgath's high survivability, offensive capabilities, and ability to grow through the use of his skills made him a bit too powerful. As a result, we have slightly nerfed his overall stats.



| Hell Flower (RMB)
- Improved the issue where enemies attacked within the barrier would sometimes turn up outside.
- Adjusted so while performing sprint attack with a stamina 50 or lower, the attack timing and range would match the action.
- Decreased the travel distance by 2m while performing Sprint Jump attack with a stamina 50 or lower




- Adjusted so while performing Sprint attack with a stamina 50 or lower, the attack timing and range would match the action.


| Countercurrent A (E)
- Increased charge distance by approximately 20%.


| Demon Rend B (R)
- Increased duration time of knock up from 0.8 sec to 1.1 sec.

[Dev Note]
Sura is a difficult hero to play because unless a player charges and overpowers their opponent quickly, they may find themselves in a dangerous situation. The reason is that Sura's ability to deal powerful damage by quickly executing combo attacks comes at the expense of his lack of defensive abilities and super armor effect. As a result, we increased the charging distance of Countercurrent A, to increase its usability when it used as a combo with First Blade: Rushing Gale. We also adjusted the Demon Rend B skill by increasing the knockup duration so targeting becomes easier when using Blizzard B.



| Heilang A (RMB)
- Heilang’s Roar: Decreased instant recovery of HP from 700 to 300.


| Monkey: Reach! (Q)
- Decreased skill’s damage by approximately 19%.

| Crow: Shoo! (E)
- Decreased skill’s damage by approximately 13%.

| Heilang's Territory (R)
- Decreased maximum HP recovery of Heilang’s Territory from 1500 to 1000.


[Dev Note]
The high damage output from Bari and Heilang, combined with their HP recovery abilities, made them impossible to defeat in 1:1 battles. As a result, we decreased its excessively high HP recovery and damage level. Since this updates brings a pretty significant nerf, we will do our best to find an appropriate balance by continuously monitoring and internally reviewing the situation.



- Fixed the issue where teleport would not occur while in Dark Shift mode.


| Older Brother!! (RMB)
- Increased cooldown from 12 sec to 15 sec.

| Found You! B (E)
- Decreased the maximum damage and damage inflicted per hit by approximately 13%.
- Decreased the maximum damage and the power of the Black Spirit damage per hit by approximately 13%.

| Laytenn! A (R)
- Decreased the duration time of Laytenn from aproximately 20 sec to 5 sec.

[Dev Note]

Wu-Ju's basic stats are very weak, but the efficiency of his skills (movement ability, damage, defense reduction, Mini-Laytenn, etc.) were very high. However, because AP and DP naturally increases over time, they compensated for his base stat shortcomings, making a Wu-Ju a strong contender. Therefore, we have slightly reduced the effectiveness of skills that opponents struggled against when fighting Wu-Ju.



| Overload B (R)
- Decreased cooldown from 30 sec to 25 sec.
- Added a stun effect that lasts for 1 sec upon successfully targeting enemies using ‘Explosive Slugfest’.


| Power Jump A (E)

- Improved so while using skills, Tantu would not appear shaking in mid-air from the opponent’s view.


| Power Jump B (E)
- Changed so CC effects are ignored while flying.

[Dev Note]

Tantu's strength lies in his ability to deal powerful burst damage, but his reload and charge mechanics makes him a difficult hero to master. Adding to this, there were aspects where it was difficult to utilize Tantu as a complete Hero due to the lack of completeness of his certain skills. As a result, we have decreased the cooldown of Overload B and increased the efficiency of Explosive Slugfest so Tantu better fits the concept of hero inflicting “powerful burst damage”.


| Contaminated Sacrifice A (E)
- Increased cooldown from 12 sec to 15 sec.
- Changed so Hunting Skeleton Wolves would not chase while opponent is in stealth.
  > If an opponent uses Stealth while being chasing, she will either chase another nearby target or return to Hexe.

| Frightening Crow A (R)

- Increased cooldown from 30 sec to 35 sec.


| Frightening Crow B (R)
- The speed of swinging the scythe has been increased, so the overall action has been decreased by approximately 0.22 sec.
- Decreased the damage of Frightening Scythe by approximately 13%.

[Dev Note]
 Hexe Marie’s ability in finishing off the enemy through combo attacks isn’t very strong, but is a Hero with high combat durability through the use of summoned objects. However, from the opponent's perspective, dealing with these aspects appears to be extremely difficult. As a result, we reduced the effects of Contaminated Sacrifice A and Frightening Crow A as they are difficult to deal with.



- Increased basic HP from 5800 to 6300.

[Dev Note]

Compared to powerful melee Heroes such as Jordine and Schultz, Ataraxia's survivability is relatively low, making it difficult for her to engage in battle. As a result, we increased Atraxia's base HP, allowing her to be played more aggressively.



| Fire-rang (RMB)
- Decreased casting time by approximately 0.17 sec.


| Shining Light A (E)
- Increased damage by approximately 29%.


| Shining Light B (E)
- Increased cooldown from 6 sec to 8 sec.
- Increased damage by approximately 52.7%.
- Decreased the transition time to another skill after using a skill by approximately 0.38%.

[Dev Note]
Durgeff is a hero who excels at applying continuous damage while pursuing an enemy or attacking an enemy who has been knocked down. However, due to the lack of defensive and CC abilities, Durgeff was a bit weak in solo mode, where strategical thinking is crucial in 1:1 combat. As a result, we increased the damage of Shining Light and improved the ability to connect Fire-rang into a combo attack by utilizing a short CC effect.


■ Contents


| AI Players
- Fixed the issue so AI player would not revive enemy players.
  > AI players do not revive players when they are performing individually or if players are far within distance from them.
- Improved so AI players pick up items that are dropped around them.
  > But, AI players do not use or wear the items.
- Improved so AI players do not repeatedly consume HP Potions.
- Improved the issue where AI players remain standing periodically.
- Improved so AI players do not remain around the grave and engage perform individually when a party leader is dead.
- Improved so AI party members follow the party leader when 30m or further in distance to them. (Before: continuously followed a nearby party leader)
- Improved the issue where AI players did not use skills periodically.
- Improved the issue where Ahon Kirus AI players would repeatedly use the Sun of Destruction skill.
- Improved so Ahon Kirus AI players fire instead of charging while using the Sun of Destruction skill.
  > Level 1 damage is applied equally to regular players.
- Improved the issue where AI players would chase after another opponent while in combat with an opponent.
- Fixed the issue where AI players would attack the grave while defeating another AI player.
- Fixed the issue where AI players would remain alive when their all of their HP was consumed.
- Fixed the issue where AI players distant from the Jump Gate would disappear when the party leader would ride the Jump Gate.

[Dev Note]
We addressed major issues with AI players, such as AI players being idle or not reviving party members. During the process, we also discovered that some parts of the AI logic were inefficient or incorrectly working, which we fixed. For example, we fixed the issue such as AI players frequently switching targets to nearby normal monsters during combat, or continuously teleporting outside the Dark Fog. Although many AI related issues have been fixed in this update, there may be issues that have not yet been discovered or that may occur in the future, so we will continue to improve in this area.


| Blackstar Fragment
- Changed so upon obtaining a Level 2 Blackstar Fragment, you would receive 20 Tokens.
  > (Before) 0 Tokens → (Now) 20 Tokens


| Shop
- Increased the price of Elixir Thorn from 500 to 600.
- Changed the Elixir of Thorn icon.
- Increased the price of Elion's Long Spear from 2600 to 2700.
- Changed the item builds to Elion's Long Spear to the following.
  > (Before) Curved Wooden Sword + Elixir of Corruption → (Now) Curved Wooden Sword + Curved Wooden Sword


| Beacon of Blackstar
- Beacon of Blackstar has been added as a new object.
  > Beacon of Blackstar appears in 12 designated areas 30 seconds after the game starts.
  > Within the area of Beacon of Blackstar, vision range in the dark fog is increased for 10 seconds and enemies within 150m can be detected.
  > Beacon of Blackstar in all areas are destroyed at 13 minutes.

[Dev Note]
There are times when players may experience an unfair situation, such as being killed by an unsuspecting enemy due to the limitations of fog vision. This is due to the lack of common means of utilizing limited fog visibility. Currently, there is “Beacon of Light” and “Aal's Eye” that can illuminate the field of vision, but to be able to use them strategically, conditions such as cost and cooldown are required.

As a result, we placed Beacon of Blackstar all over the area so when players come across one in the arena, it will grant increased vision from time to time. In addition, we are considering improvements so that fog vision becomes a fun element that can be used strategically rather thanit being a source of inconvenience. We hope this aspect is something players can to look foward to.


■ Title


- Changed the color of basic titles from Orange to Light Orange.
- Changed the color of the following titles to orange.
  > Mastery for each hero: Achieve Hero Mastery 10
- Changed the color of the following titles to red.
  > Reach Master tier for each Beta Season
- Changed the color of the following titles to purple.
  > God of Arena: Defeat 10,000 Heroes in Solo
  > Legendary: Defeat 10,000 Heroes in Trio
  > Best Carry: Destroy 10,000 Blackstar Fragments in Trio
  > Overly Persistent: Defeat 10,000 Monsters in Solo
  > Hard-Working Genius: Defeat Defeat 10,000 Monsters in Trio
- Added Beta Season 5 titles



■ Item


- Added Dye boxes for each color.
  > You can obtain one of the Dye Boxes that pertain to one color series.
  > For the White / Black Dye Box, only one or the other may be obtained.

- New items ‘Gorgath's Alchemy Chest’ and ‘Gorgath Forbidden Alchemy Chest’ have been added.

  > Gogath’s Alchemy Chest can be obtain through Challenges, Daily Quests and at the Support Kit Shop. Within the existing Daily Quest rewards, the support box has been changed to Gorgath's Alchemy Box.
  > Gorgath’s Alchemy Chest Gorgath's Alchemy Chest can be obtained through the Support Kit Shop at a lower probability than the actual probability of Gorgath's Alchemy Chest.
  > The set probability of obtaining items and the items contained in the chest may differ for each Alchemy Chest.


Gorgath's Alchemy Chest

Gorgath's Forbidden Alchemy Chest

Skin Shards
Hero Shards
Profile Icon (Hero - Basic)
Silver Booster (3 Days / 7 Days)
Mastery Booster (3 Days / 7 Days)
Hero Mastery Book (I ~ III)
Orange Dye Box
Light Green Dye Box
Green Dye Box
Sky Blue Dye Box
Purple Dye Box
Pink Dye Box
Silver (300 / 500 / 800 / 1000 / 2000)

Skin Selection Coupon
White / Black Dye Box
Profile Icon (Hero – Equipped Skin)
Profile Icon (Hero - Basic)
Silver Booster (15 Days)
Mastery Booster (15 Days)
Mastery Book (IV ~ V)
Red Dye Box
Yellow Dye Box
Blue Dye Box
Navy Blue Dye Box



- New Profile Icon has been added.

Profile Icon (Hero - Basic)


Profile Icon (Hero – Equipped Skin)


[Dev Note]

As previously informed through the developers note, in order provide a clearer purpose in the game, we added color to the titles to make it more meaningful, added “Gorgath’s Alchemy Box,” a new support box, and a new profile icon. In addition, various rewards such as new skins and customization of profile (effects) will continuously be added during the season. Lastly, competition-related rewards will be announced separately through the official website as soon as they are confirmed.


■ Additional Fixes and Improvements


- Fixed the issue where AI players would not follow players within in-game tutorials.
- Fixed an issue where you could not complete the objective when acquiring Blackstar Fragments from the tutorial.
- Increased the time it takes to show you the game result screen after you win by 1 second.
- [Jordine Ducas] Cornelius skin can now be disassembled.
- [Badal the Golden] Onyx Jaguar and Jaguar Weapon skin can now be disassembled.
- Improved the lightning effect of Electric Shock (Black Spirit Skill) to make it apparent even from a distance.
- Added a gold effect to make Goblin Thieves more visible.
- Added range effects to better display the boundary of flame effects summoned by Saigord.
- Enhanced the visual effects when using Electric Shock (Black Spirit Skill)
- Added a highlight effect that appears on the chat input screen when main lobby chat screen is activated
- Changed the chat screen that appears when you press Friend (F2) to prevent it from covering the main lobby chat screen.
- Fixed a typo in the shortcut key that opens the main lobby chat window.
- Changed the Rookie Battle Pass to Starter Battle Pass.
- Changed the notification message that appears when selecting a Skin Selection Coupon or Special Skin Selection Coupon to display correctly.



■ Event


- [Beta Season 6 Battle Pass] event has started.
  > Event Period : August 12, 2021 (Thursday) after maintenance - October 14, 2021 (Thursday) before maintenance
  > The demand for Battle Points has been subdivided.
  > Doubled the amount of Battle Pass points earned.



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Official Website


| [Arena Board] - [Ranking]
- Solo Ranking page has been added under Beta Seaon 6.


| [Introduction] - [Heroes]
- Added Mastery B skill videos.


| [Community] - [DevChat]
- Label style has been set for the forum.



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website

* The following improvements and changes were implemented to the Pearl Abyss website as of August 11 (Wednesday).


- Changed the payment options to accept USD from Bermuda.
- Fixed the issue where the arrow would disappear from time to time when using the Select Language UI on the bottom of the official website.



Check out Currently Known Issues


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We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved.

Thank you.