Updates [Update] August 19 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-08-19 06:58 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on August 19 (Thu).

* Patch Size: Approx. 182.66 MB


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!



■ Major Fixes and Improvements


- Fixed an issue where players were unable to teleport in Black Spirit form after using Dark Shift when they were knocked down.

- Increased the duration of all Bleed effects from 4 to 5 seconds.

- [Solo] Increased the tier points obtained from defeating rivals from 5 points to 10 points.

[Dev Note]

The bleed effect is an effect that limits an opponent's ability to maintain combat, which is beneficial during long battles. However, the combat system has recently changed in a way that benefits those who prefer to play aggressively. In other words, players can preemptively attack and defeat opponents who do not have Black Spirit skills instantly, making the idea of maintaing combat less important.

As a result, we've increased the bleed effect's duration by 1 second, allowing players to gain an HP advantage or increase their chances of defeating the opponent by preventing them from recovering HP. If a player is bleeding during combat, on the other hand, it might be more advantageous to retaliate aggressively rather than run away for more than 5 seconds to regain HP. In addition, we'll closely monitor how these changes play out for heroes such as Haru and Hexe Marie, who rely heavily on bleed effects


■ Hero


| All

- Changed the invincibility effect to no longer apply from the point a player can start moving.

- Decreased damage of special sprint attack by approximately 34%.

Special Sprint Attack



Sprint Attack

AP x500~700%

AP x330~ 462%

Sprint Jump Attack

AP x700 ~ 900%

AP x462 ~ 594%

- Decreased the height of jump sprint attack by approximately 10%.

- Decreased the travel distance of sprint and sprint jump attack by approximately 1m to 2m.

- Improved so you would not slide and move when using sprint jump attack.

- Improved so when you fail to target or roll after using sprint jump attack, you would get up approximately 0.1 sec faster.

[Dev Note]

Players were invincible while getting up and taking a stance when using Roll. Although it was intentional that invincibility effect was applied in a roll, the motions and functions of it seemed awkward, so we removed the invincibility effect from the point where a player could move.
Additionally, we've also nerfed the sprint attacks in this week's update after receiving feedback that the charging distance and damage were a little too strong. We also made adjustment to some of the attack’s motion that seemed akward.
The balance adjustments for each hero will be implemented the following week after the Event Cup tournament concludes this week.



- Increased the time to trigger sprint jump attack by approximately 0.1 sec.




- Improved the camera effect of sprint attack.




- Changed so sprint attack range matches the actual attack range.

- Improved to attack quickly instead if sprint jump attack was used when your stamina was less than 50.




| Blades of Retribution (E)

- Fixed the issue where enemies could pass through Venslar when using a skill.




- Improved so roll could be used after landing sprint jump.



- Fixed the issue where counterattack would not be applied when targeted by the following Hero’s skills.

  > Durgeff Durkhan: Fire-rang

  > Ataraxia: Basic Attack, Dash Attack, Jump Attack

  > Wu-Ju: Take Off!

  > Sura: Basic Attack, Dash Attack, Jump Attack, Free-Form

  > Igrid: Jump Attack

  > Venslar: Radiant Pursuit

  > Taghal: Basic Attack, Dash Attack, Jump Attack, Dragon Impaler

  > Haru: Thunder Rip, Mirage A B


- Fixed the issue where counterattack would not be applied when attacked by the following Hero’s skills.

  > Durgeff Durkhan: Burning Hula Hoop A B

  > Tantu: Overload A

  > Hexe Marie: Frightening Crow B

  > Wu-Ju: Older Brother!, Take Off!, Laytenn A

  > Sura: Free-Form, Demon Rend B

  > Lahn: Hell Flower, Third Blade, Winter Petal A B, Crimson Nether Flower A B, Nimbus Stride A B

  > Igrid: Shield of Revenge, Thunder Strike A B

  > Gorgath: Rockwind A B, Forbidden Alchemy A B

  > Taghal: Scale Ripper, Dragon Impaler, Heart Gouge A B

  > Venslar: Radiant Pursuit A B, Blades of Retribution A B, Heavently Descent A, Breath of Elion A B, Judgement of Light A

  > Badal the Golden: Asura Tread, Thunder Breaker A B, Sleeve Tangler A B

  > Goyen: Gatekeeper, Grave Digging B

  > Orwen: Twin Fairy Arrow A B, Shower of Arrows A B

  > Herawen: Thunder Viper A, Kamasylve Tree A

  > Haru: Shadow Step, Shadow Strike A B

  > Gehard Shultz: Unleashed Beast, Sausan's Tremble, Rock Smash A B

  > Yeonhwa: Bond Cut, Clairvoyance A B, Head Shot B, Red Moon B

  > Jordine: Shield of Heidel



■ Contents


| Shadow Lords

- [Solo] Changed the Boss Defense Gear to no longer drop as loots when defeating Shadow Lords in Solo mode.

- The effect of Shadow Lord’s Soul have been changed to the following.




Varigord’s Soul

Max HP +500

HP Recovery +200

Max HP +500

HP Recovery +300

Gigagord’s Soul

Movement Speed +7%

Stamina +30

Movement Speed +10%

Stamina +30

Saigord’s Soul

Attack Speed +5%

Ignore DP +15%

Attack Speed +7%

Ignore DP +15%


[Dev Note]

The boss items obtained from defeating Shadow Lords are generally more advantageous for heroes who are better suited to melee attacks. As a result, the buff effects have been improved, and these items no longer drop as loot.


| Shop

- [Solo] Changed the following high-tier offensive items to make them more viable to use.





Hunting Bow

Monster AP +150

Attack Speed +3.5%

AP+ 40

Monster AP +150

Attack Speed +3.5%

AP+ 60

Skull Dagger

Attack Speed +7%

AP +30

Attack Speed +8%

AP +50

Stamina +10

Crimson Blade

HP +40 per hit

AP +30

HP +40 per hit
AP +50

Back Attack Damage +3%

Dark Shuriken

Back Attack Damage +10%

AP +50

Back Attack Damage +12%

AP +60

Elion's Long Spear

Ignore DP +12%

AP +30

Ignore DP +15%

AP +30

Great Sword of the Vanguard

AP +90

AP +100

Ignore DP +3%

Desert Snake Scale

AP +75

Stamina +10

Attack Speed +2%

AP +90


Attack Speed +2%

Axe of Carnage

HP +500

AP +60

HP +500

AP +70

Great Warrior's Hammer

AP +60

DP +40

Movement Speed +2%

AP +70

DP +40

Movement Speed +2%


[Dev Note]

In Solo mode, the usability of defensive items for its price was somewhat better than that of offensive items, so the balance of offensive items has been increased. We believe that these adjustments will help offensive heroes perform a little bit better.


| Objects

- Decreased the HP recovery of Tree Spirit from +3000 to +2000.

- Changed the appearance of the Jump Gate to appear immediately after the game starts. (Before: 30 seconds after the game starts)

- The appearance time of the following monsters and objects has been changed to 30 seconds after the game starts. (Before: 1 minute after the game starts)

> Relic of Time, Shadow Knight Captain, Shadow Shaman, Shadow Trolls, Shadow Knight, Ruins Golem, Cauldron

[DEV Note]

After the game starts, the 1 minute waiting time for the main farming monsters to appear seemed to be quite long, so we adjusted the appearance time of main monsters and objects to appear at 30 seconds. However, we changed the Jump Gate to appear immediately after the game starts so that even if you start from a point you do not prefer, you can use the jump gate to get to the desired hunting route.


| AI Bot

- Fixed the issue where AI bots would sometimes remain still and not perform attacks.

- Improved Jordine Ducas' AI bot combat performance.

> Fixed so the skill ‘Spinning Slash’ and ‘Formation Break’ is used.

> Fixed so combo attacks are performed.

- Improved Yeonhwa's AI bot combat performance.

> Fixed the issue where ‘Head Shot’ would not be used.

> Fixed the issue where basic attacks appeared disconnected.

> Fixed so counterattack is performed faster when targeted using the ‘Clairvoyance’ skill.

- Improved Goyen’s AI bot combat performance.

> Changed so Sideways Cut would be used more frequently.

> Fixed so when using Sideways Cut, you would not move backward.

- Improved Orwen’s AI bot combat performance.

> Improved so skills are used more frequently

> Due to the fixes made to the issue of attacks being made from an excessively long distance, the starting range of attacks has been changed from 25m to 30m.

- Improved Ahon Kirus’ AI bot combat performance.

> Fixed so you would not chase after enemies after creating distance away from them.

> Fixed so you could perform various attacks upon creating distance away from the enemy.

> Fixed the issue where you would move backward when using ‘Lateral Attack’.

> Decreased so the explosion range of Shadow Explosion would match the actual Hero’s skill.

- Improved Gerhard Shultz’s AI bot combat performance.

> Fixed the excessively powerful damaging effects of ‘Lateral attack’.

> Fixed the issue where Gate breaker hit was used too late.

> Increased basic attack speed by approximately 3.84%.

- Fixed so AI bots would not pick up items in tutorials.

- Fixed so AI bots would perform the cheering motion upon picking up items.

- Fixed the issue where AI bots would teleport to a random location when they were lost and wandering around.
> Changed so when AI bots are not performing individual activities, they would teleport to an area near the party leader.

[Dev Note]

We improved AI bots in terms of their “combat aspects.” Although AI bots can't embody the same behavior as real players, we are still tweaking elements that would overly impair the immersion of the game for players. For example. we fixed the issues where AI bots would stand still when enemies were nearby, or how Ahon Kirus’ AI bot would repeatedly evade enemies then run back to them.


| Additional Fixes and Improvements

- Changed Wu-Ju's basic effect color.



■ Interface


| In-game Timer

- Added a timer at the top that indicates progress of the game.

- In regards to the above change, the placement of notification messages have been adjusted.



■  Shop Items


| [Shop] - [Function]

- The sale of ‘Support Box’ has ended.

- The 'Unknown Dye Box' item has been added to the shop. The prices of items are as follows:

Item Name

Price (Silver)

Unknown Dye Box [Basic]

1,500 Silver

Unknown Dye Box [Olvian]

1,500 Silver

Unknown Dye Box [Velian]

1,500 Silver

Unknown Dye Box [Heidelian]

1,500 Silver

Unknown Dye Box [Keplanian]

1,500 Silver

Unknown Dye Box [Calpheonian]

1,500 Silver

Unknown Dye Box [Medihan]

1,500 Silver

Unknown Dye Box [Valencian]

1,500 Silver



■ Starter Battlepass


- Changed the requirements for earning Starter Battlepasses to the following.



Play 1 Solo match

Play 2 Trio matches

Play 3 Trio matches

Play 4 Trio matches

Play 5 Trio matches

Play 1 Trio match

Play 1 Solo match

Play 2 Trio matches

Play 2 Solo match

Play 3 Trio matches



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Official Website


| [Introduction] - [Heroes]

- Changed Mastery Skill description for the following Heroes.

> Goyen, and Sura.



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website

* The following improvements and changes were implemented during the maintenance of the Pearl Abyss website as of August 18 (Wednesday).


- Simplified the sign-up process.



Check out Currently Known Issues


Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers.

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved.

Thank you.