Updates [Update] September 9 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-09-09 04:25 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on September 9 (Thu). 

 * Patch Size: Approx.  365.52 MB

 Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena! 



■ Major Fixes and Improvements 


- Fixed an issue where the “Account authentication failed.” message would occasionally appear when logging into the game. 

- Decreased the loading time when launching the launcher. 

- [Solo] Decreased the number of AP and DP that increases automatically to the following. 

  > (Before): +25 AP, DP +25 every 1 minute 

 → (Now): +20 AP, DP +25 every 1 minute 

[Dev Note]
The automatic increase of AP and DP feature was added to provide at least a minimum combat power for players who were unable to grow as much during early to mid-game, as well as to prevent matches from becoming tedious by increasing the overall damage towards mid to late-game. Because the automatic increase of AP and DP was too high, the value of items and objects decreased, further widening the efficiency gap between heroes, as each hero has different stats. 
The development team recognizes that the current method can be improved and can relate to the concerns raised by the players. We're looking into ways to improve this in the future, such as adding a feature that increases stats automatically based on "each hero's concept" (similar to a leveling system) or a system where players can use growth points to get the stats they want. 
Because the game's balance is currently based on the current feature, rather than removing the feature all at once, we have decided to reduce the numbers in this patch. We'll keep an eye on the situation and make adjustments as needed.


■ Hero 


| All 

- Changed so that the Roll motion after the Sprint Special Attack is not affected by the Attack Speed. 


| Sub-Mastery 
 - Changed the effects of [Black Spirit's Blessing]. 
 > Decreased cooldown from 30% to 20%. 
 > Added enhanced effects to Black Spirit skills. 

    [Blink] Increased charge distance by 3m 

    [Dark Shift] Decreaed cooldown by –10% 

    [Hand of Healing] HP Recovery +500 

    [Taunt] Buff Duration +10 sec 

    [Bloodthirst] HP Recovery +150 per hit 

    [Electric Shock] Buff Duration + 1 sec 

    [Kick] Fixed Damage +200 


| Black Spirit Skill 

- [Blink] Decreased the travel distance from 11m to 8m. 
- [Blink] Decreased the duration period of the first casting motion by approximately 0.1 sec. 
- [Blink] Decreased the time it takes to switch to another motion after using the skill by approximately 0.063 sec. 
- [Blink] Improved the blur effect to stay in place regardless of which direction you move when using the skill. 

- [Kick] Decreased the Fixed Damage from 500 to 300. 
- [Bloodthirst] Decreased the first cast time by approximately 0.24 sec. 
- [Hand of Healing] Decreased the duration period of the first casting motion by approximately 0.05 sec. 
- [Hand of Healing] Decreased the transition time into another motion by approximately 0.037 sec. 
- [Matchlock] Improved so that the Hero rotates in the direction of the camera view when charging. 

[Dev Note]

The animated motion for Blink was poor, giving the impression that Heroes simply vanished ifrom an opponent's point of view. Therefore, we made improvements by adding a blur effect that will show where players will teleport to. In addition, we increased its usability by allowing a faster transition into other skills after using Blink. 


Adjusted the base DP of certain Heroes. 

  > Please check the detailed updates accordingly for each hero. 

[Dev Note]

Differences in base DP, as well as HP, were factors that made a big difference in survivability between Heroes in the early stages of the battle. As a result, we decreased the difference in their base DP slightly to account for each Hero's balance. 


- Decreased base DP from 140 to 120.  

- Decreased damage of base skills by approximately 19%. 

- Improved the sound effects for Spinning Slash A and B.  

- Improved the sound effect of the victory motion. 




- Increased base DP from 55 to 60. 

- Fixed the issue where the camera moved excessively when using Sprint Dash Attack.  

- Improved the sound effect of the victory motion. 




 - Increased base DP from 55 to 60. 




- Added the "Use the skill while in stealth" text as a requirement in the description which explains that damage is increased while in stealth. 

[Dev Note]

We added the mentioned text to the skill description because the bonus damage while in stealth was not applied when Haru was in stealth under the effect of Dark Nebula.



- Decresed base DP from 115 to 100.  




- Fixed the issue where the camera view was too narrow when using Thunderbolt Arrow. 




- Decreased base DP from 100 to 90. 


Iron Pulverizer (RMB) 

- Changed the extra hit motion. 

> Swings the great sword while moving forward for about 1m when performing an extra hit. 

> The hit effect and the time it takes to switch to another action remain unchanged. 

[Dev Note]
 The extra attack motion of the Iron Pulverizer was identical to that of Corpse Cut B, making it difficult to distinguish between the two. As a result, the attack motion was changed while keeping the attack’s effect the same as before. Because the changed extra attack has a dash mechanic, it can be used as a secondary attack by moving the camera if Iron Pulverizer misses.



Decreased base DP from 180 to 150. 


Skull Crusher B (Q 

Decreased fixed damage from 1000 to 700.  




Fixed the issue where Standby Expression would not change after using basic attacks and skills.  




Decreased base DP from 130 to 100.  




Decreased base DP from 160 to 150.  




Increased base DP from 35 to 40 

Fixed the issue where the transition speed was slower than other skills when using RMB after using Kick. 




Decreased base DP from 120 to 90.  


Heilang’s Territory A (R) 

Increased cooldown from 26 sec to 32 sec.  



| Hide-and-Seek! A (Q) 

- Increased cooldown from 14 sec to 15 sec.  

- Decreased the Movement Speed while stealthed to be equal as the normal Movement Speed. 

- Decreased Explosion Speed by approximately 10%. 

- Decreased exploding blast radius from 3.5m to 2.5m.  


Hide-and-Seek! B (Q) 

- Decreased Explosive Area from 3.5m to 2.3m. 


| Found YouB (E) 

-  Decreased damage by approximately 26%.  


| Laytenn A (R) 

- Changed so Laytenn’s damage does not apply double the damage against Monsters.  

- Laser Attack is now performed immediately when you press RMB after mounting Laytenn. 

- Changed the Laser Attack’s effect from Guard Break and Blowback to Stiffness.  




- Decreased base HP from 6700 to 6500.  

Decreased base DP from 80 to 50.  


| Shadow Bullet (RMB) 

- Increased cooldown from 2.5 sec to 3 sec.  

- Decreased damage level from 350% to 320%.  

Removed the Bleeding effect.  


| Shadow of Quturan A (Q) 

Removed Super Armor effect 

Increased cooldown from 8 sec to 10 sec. 

Decreased damage by 17%. 

Changed so upon successful target, the following bleeding effects are applied. 

Power of Quturan



Heal -10% for 5 sec

HP -100 per 1 sec for 5 sec


Heal -20% for 5 sec

HP –100 per 1 sec for 5 sec


Heal –30% for 5 sec

HP –100 per 1 sec for 5 sec


Heal –40% for 5 sec

HP -100 per 1 sec for 5 sec


| Shadow of Quturan B (Q) 

Fixed the issue where you would move forward when your feet were stuck upon casting the skill. 

Removed Super Armor effect.  

Decreased damage by approximately 17%.  

Changed so upon successfully targeting, the following effects are applied along with the bleeding effect 

Power of Quturan 



Heal -10% for 5 sec 

HP -100 per 1 sec for 5 sec 


Heal -20% for 5 sec 

HP –100 per 1 sec for 5 sec 


Heal -30 for 5 sec 

HP –100 per 1 sec for 5 sec 


Heal -40 for 5 sec 

HP -100 per 1 sec for 5 sec 


| Contaminated Sacrifice A (E) 

Decreased the movement speed of nearby enemies of the Shamanic Stick from –30% to 20%. 

Decreased the duration period of Skeleton Wolf from 6 sec to 5 sec. 

Decreased the maximum chasing distance of Skeleton Wolf from 15m to 6m.  

- Fixed damage of the Skeleton Wolf’s Explosion has been changed to the following. 

Power of Quturan 

Damage (Before) 

Damage (Now) 















Frightening Crow A (R) 

HP Recovery has been decreased to the following. 

Power of Quturan 

HP Recovery (Before) 

HP Recovery (Now) 


HP Recovery +1000 for 8 sec 

HP Recovery +500 for 8 sec 


HP Recovery +1500 for 8 sec 

HP Recovery +1000 for 8 sec 


HP Recovery +2000 for 8 sec 

HP Recovery +1500 for 8 sec 


HP Recovery +2500 for 8 sec 

HP Recovery +2000 for 8 sec 

[Dev Note]

Wu-Ju and Hexe Mari already had decent stats even before Solo mode was added. Despite their low base stats, their skill set included utilities such as invincibility, Super Armor, long-range distance check, HP Recovery, Guard Break, and Stealth. Because AP and DP increase automatically in Solo mode, their base stats were reinforced even more, resulting in a level of performance that was nearly impossible to match. As a result, the features that were deemed to be the most excessive within its usability were decreased.  



Increased base DP from 45 to 50. 




Increased base DP from 40 to 70.  



■ Beacon of Blackstar 


Decreased the duration of increased vision range effect of the Beacon of Blackstar from 10 sec to 5 sec.  

Moved Beacon of Blackstar location from in front of the Windmill Village to lower area of the street. 

Increased the number of appearing Beacon of Blackstars in all areas from 12 to 20.  

Changed so the Beacon of Blackstar does not disappear at 13 minutes and remains until the end of the game. 

Changed so when the Beacon of Blackstar is ativatedits location is displayed as an icon on the map.  

Improved so that when you approach the Beacon of Blackstar, the guide message Illuminates your vision” is displayed. 


Changed the Beacon of Blackstar to be activated in the following stages. 

  > 3 minutes into the game: 3 Beacon of Blackstar appearing in the Dark Fog are activated. 

  > 6 minutes into the game: 2 Beacon of Blackstar that appearing in the Dark Fog are activated. 

  > 9 minutes into the game: 1 Beacon of Blackstar appearing in the Dark Fog is activated. 


  > The activated Beacon of BlackStar is displayed as an icon on the Minimap and world map (TAB) and will automatically deactivate after 3 minutes.  


- If you approach an activated Beacon of Blackstar, it will deactivate after generating 1 to a maximum of 5 Blackstar Fragments every 6 seconds. 

  > 3 minutes into the game: Generates Level 1 Blackstar Fragments x5 (AP per unit or DP +5, and immediately obtain upon coming in contact) 

  > 6 minutes into the game: Generates Level 2 Blackstar Fragments x5 (AP per unit or DP +10, and obtain 3 sec after approaching it)  

  > 9 minutes into the game: Generates Level 3 Blackstar Fragments x5 (AP per unit or DP +20, and obtain 5 sec after approaching it) 



■ Blackstar Fragment  


The appearing number of Blackstar Fragments near the fog has been changed to the following 

Game Time 



0~1 minute 

Approximately 30 Level 2 Blackstar Fragments 

Does not appear 

3~4 minutes 

Approximately 25 Level 2 Blackstar Fragments 


Approximately 20 Level 1 Blackstar Fragments 


6~7 minutes 

Approximately 20 Level 2 Blackstar Fragments 


Approximately 15 Level 2 Blackstar Fragments 


9~10 minutes 

Approximately 15 Level 2 Blackstar Fragments

Approximately 10 Level 3 Blackstar Fragments


The Blackstar Fragment acquires different number of tokens and increases combat abilities to the following levels.  

> Level 1 Blackstar Fragment: 10 TokensAP or DP +5 

> Level 2 Blackstar Fragment: 20 TokensAP or DP +10 

> Level 3 Blackstar Fragment: 30 Tokens, AP or DP +20

[Dev Note]
 Within the Ancient Relic renewal patch scheduled for the end of September, the Blackstar Fragment will be a key element. Due to this, we are working on diversifying the method of obtaining Blackstar Fragments in advance. Previously, Blackstar Fragments were obtained near the fog or by coincidence during battles, but now the Beacon of Blackstar will be activated at a set time and will be utilized as a “mini-conquest war” object that generates Blackstar Fragments.  


Nonetheless, until the Ancient Relic Renewal is complete, the effects of Blackstar Fragments will not be as substantial. But even in the current situation, its advantages in permanently increasing AP and DP will be greatly beneficial. 


■ Contents 


| Dark Nebula 

Enhanced the effect to be more detectable for opponents when moving to the Dark Nebula.  

Fixed the issue where a dark dot effect would appear when moving to the Dark Nebula.  

- Fixed the issue where surrounding sound would be reduced even if you were far from the Dark Nebula.  


| AI Players 

- Fixed the issue where your HP would not recover when Harewen’s AI Bot used Light of Kamasylvia. 



■ Monsters 


The appearance time of normal monsters have been changed to the following.  

  > Level 2: (Before) 4 min → (Now) 5 min  

  > Level 3 (Before) 7 min → (Now) 8 min 


The appearance time of Shadow Trolls have been changed to the following. 


  > Level 2: (Before) 4 min → (Now) 5 min 

  > Level 3: (Before) 7 min → (Now) 8 min 


The number of normal monsters that appear together with Shadow Troll have been decreased to the following. 

  > Level 2: (Before) 6 → (Now) 5 

  > Level 3: (Before) 7 → (Now) 5

[Dev Note]

Players were frequently in the middle of battle objects (Boss or Stoneback Crabs) when Shadow Trolls and regular monsters appeared 4 minutes and 7 minutes into the game. From a player’s perspective, they had little to no time to spare because they would have to hunt regular monsters and Shadow Trolls that had been added after the object battles. As a result, we've pushed back the appearance of monsters by 1 minute to reduce the risk of long-lasting object battles and give players more time to strategize their next move.


- Added the following consumable items that can be obtained upon defeating the Goblin Theif. 
 > New Consumable Item: Matchlock, Stun Trap, and Elixir of Swiftness 



- Improved so that surrounding barriers are destroyed when Stoneback Crabs attack.  

- Fixed the issue where the Stoneback crab would first encounter Heroes and react by applying damage.  



- The “Stoneback Crab’s Claw” buff effect gained upon defeating Steppe Stoneback Crab has been changed to the following.  

  > (Before): AP +30, Counter Attack Damage +15% 

  → (Now): AP +30, Counter Attack Damage +20% 


- Increased the Red Dragon’s Fire damage by 25%. 

[Dev Note]

Due to the fast appearance time of Light of Accession, which occurs at 13 minutes, the Red Dragon's damage continued to decrease with the last update, making it difficult to set up an offering for the Red Dragon at this point. However, the Light of Ascension has been pushed back to 15 minutes, and the final fog is much narrower than before, making it difficult to place the offering for the red dragon. As a result, if you successfully set up an offering for the red dragon in the narrow fog, the fire damage will be increased once more, ensuring that the red dragon's advantage pays off.


- Decreased the Shadow Knight’s movement speed and attack speed by approximately 15%.  



■ Item  


- Changed the lower-level items required to create Axe of Carnage to the following. 

  > (Before): Curved Wooden Sword + Leather Armor 

  → (Now): Steel Longsword + Leather Armor  


Fixed the issue where the icon of Elixir of Thorn and Berserker's Elixir would appear awkwardly upon using them.   


- Fixed the issue where the Elixir of Thorn buff notification message would not appear.  

Fixed the typo in the buff icon description upon using HP potions.  

Improved the charging sound upon using Matchlock.  


- [Solo ModeTop tier item effects have been changed to the following. 

Item Name 

Effect (Before)  

Effect (Now) 

Skull Dagger 

Attack Speed +8%, 

AP +50, 

Stamina +10 

Attack Speed +8%, 

AP +60, 

Stamina +10 

Crimson Blade 


Recover HP +40 per hit, 

AP +50, 

Back Attack Damage +3% 

Recover HP +40 per hit, 

AP +60, 

Back Attack Damage +3% 

Dark Shuriken 


Back Attack Damage +12%, 

AP +60 

Back Attack Damage +12%,  

AP +70 

Elion's Long Spear 


Ignore DP +15%, 

AP +30 

Ignore DP +20%,  

AP +30 

Great Sword of the Vanguard 


AP +100, 

Ignore DP +3% 

AP +100, 

Ignore DP +5% 

Dark Sorcery Gloves 


Back Attack Damage +8%, 

HP +1000, 

AP against Monsters + 130  

Back Attack Damage +8%, 

HP +800, 

AP against Monsters+130 

Cloak of Giants 


HP +1000, 

HP Auto Recovery +100 

HP +800, 

HP Auto Recovery +100 

Helmet of Guardians 


HP Auto Recovery +200, 

DP +80 

HP Auto Recovery +150, 

DP +80 

 Militia's Gray Cloak 

HP +800, 

AP +40, 

HP Auto Recovery +100 

HP +700, 

AP +40, 

HP Auto Recovery +50 

Bloody Leather Belt 


Recover +40 HP per hit, 

HP +1000, 

Movement Speed +2% 

Recover +40 HP per hit 

HP +900, 

Movement Speed +2% 

Orb of Endurance 


HP +1500, 

HP Auto Recovery +200, 

Stamina +20 

HP +1200, 

HP Auto Recovery +200, 

Stamina +20 

Plate Armor 


HP +1100, 

DP +75 

HP +900, 

DP +75 

Obsidian Gauntlet 


DP +120, 

AP +30, 

HP Auto Recovery +70 

DP +120, 

AP +30, 

HP Auto Recovery +50 



- [Solo ModePurchasing price of top tier items have been changed to the following. 

Item Name 

Effect (Before) 

Effect (Now) 

Desert Snake Scale 



Axe of Carnage 



 Great Warrior's Hammer 



[Dev Note]

 Although offensive items provide good boost in AP, due to the automatic increase of AP, it was possible to maintain a good overall damage output. Even if offensive items provide good efficiency, it lacked defensive abilities, which only compounded the risks since survival is the integral component of the game, which is why we increased the efficiency of offensive items to make it more relevant and viable. We’ll closely monitor this change, along with the automatic increase of AP/DP and make changes if required.


■ UI 


| Main Lobby 

Fixed the issue where the background image would sometimes disappear when party members would change in the main lobby.  

Changed so the Tab icon is displayed when the chat window is active.  


| In-game Shop (B)  

Fixed the issue of the consumable item slot frame disappearing when purchasing them. 

Fixed the issue of the frame appearing cut off when selecting an item in the first row of the shop list.  

Changed so the Shop Category activation is applied as the default setting. 

  > You can deactivate the category through the side Category’ setting within the shop.  


| Defeat Notice 

Improved so that when an enemy is killed, the icon of the defeated hero and the number of tokens they have obtained is displayed. 

Improved so that opponent Hero icons are displayed upon their death.  

- Improved so Hero icon information is displayed depending on whether party members are defeated or killed in Trio.  


| Buff  
- Upon gaining the increased vision range buff, the color effect that spreads in all directions has been changed from Gray to Gold. 

Improved various items and buff descriptions.  

Added a color emphasis to increase and decrease of levels.  
Added color emphasis to buff names.  

Simplified descriptions by shortening text and changed line break for each effect.  



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Official Website  


| [Arena Board] > [Ranking] 

- Fixed an issue where an error message would sometimes appear when accessing the ranking page.  



▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 


Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers.

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will inform players through the linked page when the issues are resolved.


Thank you.