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ShadowArena 2021-10-07 04:40 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on October 7 (Thu). 

Patch Size: Approx. 131.64 MB 

Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena! 




■ Major Fixes and Improvements 


- (SoloIncreased the Grace Period from 5 to 7 minutes.

[Dev Note]

After 5 minutes into the game, players will start to engage in combat, usually after purchasing 1-2 pieces of equipment on average. Players who are eliminated at this point, on the other hand, may be disappointed. Furthermore, because players were eliminated in the early stages of the game, the game tended to boil down to repeatedly defeating AI bots in the mid to late game. As a result, the grace period has been extended to allow players to freely engage in combat before the Gigagord battle, and there will be more surviving players by the mid- to late-game, keeping combat engaging and tense. 


■ Hero 


| All 

Fixed the issue where Electric Shock’s effect was not applied at certain ranges. 
  > Increased the Electric Shock’s attack range from 2.8m to 3m. 
Decreased the effect of Bleed effect as follows. 
  > (Before): Decreased healing amount by –40% for 5 sec, -100 per sec 
(Bleed damage is applied a total of 4 times. Total bleed damage: -400) 
  → (Now): Decreased healing amount by –40% for 5 sec, -50 per sec 
(Bleed damage is applied a total of 4 times. Total bleed damage: -200) 

[Dev Note]
The Bleed mechanic was added with the purpose of it being used to reduce healing effectiveness, but the Bleed effect’s fixed damage was a bit too highThereforewe slightly decreased its effects so that damage incurred from the Bleed effect is more tolerable. 



| Clairvoyance B (Q) 

Stamina is no longer consumed when using the skill. 
Changed so that the cooldown is no longer applied after using the skill while holding Q. 

Increased the Guard Capacity by approximately 23%. 


| Red Moon B (R)  

Improved to grant Super Armor effect while charging. 

Decreased the first casting motion by approximately 0.22 sec. 

Improved so that additional attacks can be performed by pressing R or LMB even if the skill fails to hit the target. 

  > If the skill successfully hits the targetadditional attack will be performed without having to press the R key.

[Dev Note]

The focus of this update was on adjusting in-game balance and improving the viability of mastery skills for each hero that weren’t being used as commonly. We plan to release a patch next week to improve certain heroes' skills that were not a part of the mastery skill improvement in this update.

In Yeonhwa's case, Blood Moon B now has the Super Armor effect, which can be used to counter opponent attacks.



Fixed the issue where when using basic attacks from a sitting or prone positionthe second attack would not be applied.   



| Bestial Howl A (R) 

Decreased the time it takes to perform the attack when casting the skill by 0.16 sec. 




| Heart Stab B (Q) 

Decreased the skill’s Bleed damage per 1 sec from –200 to –150.  

  > Bleed damage is applied a total of 4 times 

  > Total Bleed Damage-600 (Before -800)  


| Mirage B (E) 

Added 0.5 sec Stun effect on the first attack after teleporting while casting skill.

[Dev Note]
Mirage B varies from Mirage A in that it was designed to initiate combatbut it lacked crowd control effectsleaving Haru vulnerableTherefore, Mirage B will now stun for 0.5 seconds, and it can be utilized as part of a combo with a back attack. The stunhoweverwill not be applied on the initial hitbut rather on the first hit after teleportationWe believe that depending on the range and direction of the targetthis skill requirement can be used to apply stun in combat.




| Thunder Viper B (E) 

Added Thunder Attack so it can be used after using skill or by holding LMB or E 
> The thunder damage is based on AP x 340%. 
> Upon successfully targeting Thunder Attacka short stun effect is applied. 

Decreased Lightning Damage by approximately 12.8%.  


| Kamasylve Tree B (R) 

Decreased cooldown from 35 sec to 30 sec.  

[Dev Note]
Thunder Viper A deals continuous damage over time and it can also interrupt an opponent's strike with a final stun effect, which is why it's used more frequently than Thunder Viper B. As a result, improvements were made so that Thunder Viper B can also interrupt an opponent's attack for a short time with a combo attack. In addition, we reduced the cooldown of Kamasylve Tree B (R) to make it more usable by allowing it to be used more frequently. 




| Twin Fairy Arrow B (Q) 

Changed so additional basic arrows are launched upon using skill.  

> The total damage and effects remain the same.  


| Arrow Storm A (E) 

- Decreased cooldown from 13 sec to 12 sec 


| Arrow Storm B (E) 

Added Knockback Attack from 0.7 sec upon targeting additional arrows after moving backwards.  

Increased cooldown from 10 sec to 12 sec.  

[Dev Note]

In the case of Twin Fairy Arrow B, the skill has been changed to fire an additional arrow to match the skill’s name. Furthermorewhile Arrow Storm B is an evasion-focused skillit falls short to Arrow Storm A in terms of AoE attack performancemaking it difficult to keep opponents at bayThereforeimprovements were made so that the additional arrows now knockback targetincreasing the distance between you and your opponent and allowing you to evade effectively when using the skill. 



| Sleeve Tangler A (E) 

Decreased the cooldown from 11 sec to 10 sec.  


| Sleeve Tangler (E) 

-  Increased the cooldown from 12 sec to 14 sec.

[Dev Note]
When compared to the Golden Gate effect, the Sleeve Tangler B skill is used to charge and grab the enemy. In addition, as compared to Sleeve Tangler A, Sleeve Tangler B has a higher usability in terms of hit accuracy and combo capabilities. As a result, we changed the cooldown to make Sleeve Tangler A a more viable option. 


Decreased the Enhanced AP effect from +175 to +150 when HP is lower than 30%.  


| Corpse Cut A (Q) 

Increased Charge Distance by approximately 2m.  

Increased Attack Range by 0.4m.  


| Grave Digger A (E) 

Increased Attack Range of first hit by 0.8m.  


| Grave Digger B (E) 

Increased cooldown from 10 sec to 12 sec.

[Dev Note]
Some of Goyen's skills had relatively short charging distance or attack range, making it difficult to land strikes with them. Therefore, we increased the charging distance and attack range of these skills to improve its viability as a skill.  



| Barrier Stance (RMB) 

Increase DP Enhancement effect from +200 to +100.  


| Courage Stance - Radiant Pursuit B (Q) 

Increased cooldown from 6 sec to 7 sec. 

Increased Charge Distance by 4m from 8m to 12m. 

Decreased the upward strike by 20%.  

Changed upward strike’s CC effects to the following. 

  > (Before) Knockup for 1.2 sec 

  → (NowKnockdown for 1 sec  

Added a powerful spinning strike that can be performed by holding LMB or Q after using the skill. 

- Spinning strike will apply Guard Break and Blowback effect when the attack is successful. 

Increased the maximum damage by 42.8%.  


| Patience Stance - Sacred Barrier B (Q) 

Increased cooldown by 1 sec from 6 sec to 7 sec.  

- Fixed a typo explaining how the skill is used on the skill description.

[Dev Note]
Radiant Pursuit A had the advantage of being able to strike first because of its long charging distance. In comparison, the charging distance of Radiant Pursuit B was short, making it less viable. Therefore, the skill has been changed so that players have the choice to whether to combo into another skill when Radiant Charge B hits, or to blow the opponent away while inflicting more damage.




- Fixed the issue when the the "Please try again later" message would occasionally appear when the Guard Capacity break motion played. 




- Fixed the issue where the damage and effect of the special attack were applied at the same time when using Heilang’s Territory B while using a special attack from a sitting or prone position. 




| Older Brother! (RMB) 

Decreased Fixed Damage by 500 to 400.  


| Take Off! (RMB) 

Decreased Movement Speed by approximately 20%.  


| Found You! A (E) 

Increased Cooldown from 7 to 8 sec.   
Decreased HP Recovery from +1000 to +800.  


| Found You! B (E) 

Decreased Damage by approximately 9%.  


| Laytenn! A, B (R) 

Decreased Laytenn’s HP by approximately 50%.  

> Duration Time remains the same.  

Decreased Laser HP Recovery from +2000 to +1500.

[Dev Note]
Hexe Marie and Wu-Ju remains to be powerful heroes due to their powerful abilities and destructive damage output, so we decreased their overall specs that were excessive. 



- Fixed the issue where the damage and effect of the special attack were applied at the same time when using Contaminated Sacrifice A while using a special attack from a sitting or prone position. 
| Harbinger's Scythe (RMB) 

Increased Damage by 12%.  


| Shadow of Quturan A (Q) 

Decreased the duration of Knockup effect from 1.5 sec to 1 sec 

| Contaminated Sacrifice A (E) 

Decreased Fixed Damage of skill to the following. (Before → Now) 

  > Power of Quturan 0: -400 → -200 

  > Power of Quturan x1: -600 → -400 

  > Power of Quturan x2: -800 → -600 

  > Power of Quturan x3: -1000 → -800 


| Frightening Crow R 

Decreased HP Recovery of skill to the following(Before → Now) 

  > Power of Quturan 0: +500 → +400 

  > Power of Quturan x1: +1000 → +800 

  > Power of Quturan x2: +1500 → +1200 

  > Power of Quturan x3: +2000 → +1600 




| Air Strike B (Q) 

Increased Damage by approximately 9%.  


Helix Slash A (E) 

Decreased Damage by approximately 8%.  


Helix Slash B (E) 

- Removed the knockback effect from the first hit. 


| Garden of Roses A (R) 

Decreased HP Recovery per 1 sec from +400 to +300.

[Dev Note]

Helix Slash B differed from Helix Slash A in that it allowed you to connect attacks into a combo by knocking down opponents. On top of thisyou could knockback enemies for approximately 0.2 sec after casting the skill which made it a far too advantageous skill from a close rangeIn correspondence to thisthe effect of knockback on the first hit has been removedso that even in close rangethe chance of failing to target the skill or being counterattacked depends on the opponents’ reaction.  




| Thaw Winter B (Q) 

Decreased Movement Speed of the Boomerang by 30%.  

 > With this changethe maximum range was decreased from 30m to 24m.  


| Shining Light B (E) 

Decreased HP Recovery from +800 to +500.  

Fixed the issue where you could not Shining Light B while performing Special Attacks in a sitting or prone position 


| Burning Hula Hoop A (R) 

Fixed the issue where the burning effect would disappear when sitting or in prone position 



■ Content 


Changed so you cannot purchase Starting Items if you purchased Legendary Items 

Changed so you cannot purchase ‘Worn Boots’ if you purchased a Top Tier item within Shoe Items.  

> Top Tier Shoe ItemBoots of WindBoots of SteelAssassin's Clogs

[Dev Note]
The ability to purchase Legendary items in the early stage, and then repurchasing a starting item was overly efficient
For this reasononly legendary items and shoe items are changed so that sub-items cannot be purchased when combined with higher-level items.

Changed the effect of Consumable Items to the following. 

Item Name 



Berserker's Elixir 

AP +100 for 5 sec 

Ignore DP +30%,  

Self DP -50% for 10 sec 

AP +50 for 5 sec,  

Ignore DP +20%,  

Self DP -50% for 10 sec 

Elixir of Thorn 

Damage Reflection -3% for 5 sec 

Damage Reduction +50%,  

Movement Speed +15% 

Damage Reflection -3% for 5 sec, 

Damage Reduction +25% 

Movement Speed +15% 

[Dev Note]

Although growth through Items tend to be on the slower side of thingsthe intention was to give significant effects through using consumable items

Howeverthese effects were overly powerfulso we slightly decreased the effects of Elixir ItemsIt may be costly to use them in the beginning stages of the game, but it is expected that they’ll play a significant part in winning matches in the mid-to-end stages of the game.


Changed the effect of Equipment Items to the following.   

Item Name 



Hunting Hawk Amulet 

AP +100 against Monsters 

AP +80 against Monsters  

Hunting Bow 

AP +150 against Monsters  

Movement Speed +4%,  

AP +60 

AP +130 against Monsters,  

Movement Speed +4%,  

AP +50 

Skull Dagger 

Attack Speed +8%,  

AP +40,  

Stamina +10 

Attack Speed +8%,  

AP +30,  

Stamina +10 

Great Sword of the Vanguard 

AP +80 

AP +70 

Silver-Lined Gauntlet 

AP +150 against Monsters  

Movement Speed +4%,  

DP +80 

AP +130 against Monsters, 

Movement Speed +4%,  

DP +80 


Decreased Purchasing Price of Top Tier Items to the following 

Item Name 



Great Sword of the Vanguard: 



Elion's Long Spear 



Silver-Lined Gauntlet 



Cloak of Giants 



Helmet of Guardians 



Plate Armor 



Mithril Shield 



Elion's Silver Crown: 



Militia's Gray Cloak 



[Dev Note]
Due to offensive items being more powerful than defensive itemswe decreased the AP of those items that were highly efficient by 10. 
with the reduced price of some items by 100 Tokensthe price of some defensive items has also been reduced by 200 Tokens.

■ Monsters


Decreased AP of Shadow Lords to the following  
 > VarigordDecreased by Approximately 33% 

 > GigagordDecreased by Approximately 28% 

 > SaigordDecreased by Approximately 25% 


Decreased AP of Trolls to the following. (Before → Now 

  > Phase 1: 1000 (no change)  

  > Phase 2: 2000 → 1500 

  > Phase 3: 3000 → 2000 

 Decreased AP of Mountain Stoneback Crab by approximately 25%.  

Decreased AP of Steppe Stoneback Crab by approximately 40%.

[Dev Note]

Due to the overall decreased specs of Heroeswe decreased the Damage of Powerful Monsters.  


■ AI Bots 


- Improved so AI bots can purchase 3 Starting Items.  

- Readjusted the items that AI bots purchases from the shop. 

Fixed the issue where Yeonhwa’s AI bot would purchase ‘Skull Dagger’ as a Starting Item.  

Fixed so Yeonhwa’s AI bot does not perform counterattack if it fails to defend upon using Clairvoyance skill.  



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website   

*The fixes and improvements listed below were applied during the October 6th (Wed) maintenance made on the Pearl Abyss website. 


Fixed the issue where reCAPTCHA would occasionally not be activated upon signing up as a member through "social media account login". 

Improved the UI of the Terms of Agreement page that appears when you sign up as a member. 

Fixed an issue where the email verification process would occasionally fail after signing up as a member with the consent of a legal representative. 

Improved the UX of the email verification page when a legal representative consents. 

- The website can no longer be accessed with Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or lower version. 

Improved so the Terms of Agreement pop-up window can be closed by pressing ESC.  
- Fixed the issue where the Language Selection Box field located below My Page, Log In Page, and Sign Up Page would occasionally appear in German 



▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 


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We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will inform players through the linked page when the issues are resolved.


Thank you.