Events [Event] Special Login Reward with RTX 3080!
ShadowArena 2021-10-21 02:05 (UTC+0)



Get Dyes to stylize your Hero as well as
a chance to win a [RTX 3080 Graphics Card]!

To celebrate the start of the Beta Season 7, we prepared a special login event!


Event 1. Special Login Reward with RTX 3080!

Event Period

- October 21, 2021 (Thu), after maintenance - November 4, 2021 (Thu), before maintenance 



Daily Rewards 

- Log in every day to get various rewards and a chance to win a “RTX 3080 Graphics Card”!


▲ Log in to the game and then from the main menu go to ESC > Login Rewards to check the Login Rewards.



Item Nam

Item Description 

Day 1

[EventHero Selection Coupon 

You will be able to select one of the Shadow Arena heroes with this item

Now is the time to get the Hero you've always wanted!

Day 2

[EventRazer Merch Ticket 

Use the Ticket to enter in the draw for a chance to win [Razer Keyboard] or [Razer Mouse + Shadow Arena Mouse Mat]!


Enter in the draw for a chance to win the reward!

Day 3

[Event] [Herawen] Weenie Looney Profile Icon 

This Profile Icon can be used to change your profile image.


From the left side of the main screen, go to [My Info] > [Change Icon] to view and make changes.

Day 4

[Event] RTX 3080 Ticket 

You'll automatically enter a drawing for a chance to win an RTX 3080 when you obtain the ticket.

Use the ticket to enter a drawing for a chance to win a [RTX 3080 Graphics Card]!

Day 5


[Halloween Edition] Dye Box x 3 

Obtain a dye with Halloween related color (Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green) at random upon use.

Use the dye to add some personal style

Day 6

Gorgath's Alchemy Chest x2 

Open the chest to obtain 1 of the items at a set probability.

Day 7

[EventUnknown Box Dye x2 

Obtain one of the [Dye Box] at upon use!

Use the dyes to customize your Hero's appearance!

Day 8


[EventMastery Booster (7 Days) 

Increases the amount of hero mastery earned by 20%. Increase your hero mastery to earn various titles!


Increase your Hero's Mastery to earn various Titles!

Day 9

Gorgath's Alchemy Chest x2 

Open the chest to obtain 1 of the items at a set probability.

Day 10

[Halloween EditionDye Box x3 

Obtain one of the Dyes from Halloween colors (Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green).


Use the dyes to customize your hero's appearance!

* If you do not have enough space in your Storage, you can claim rewards by clicking the “Claim Reward” button that will be activated at the bottom of the Reward Icon.

* Once the “Receive Reward” button becomes active, all the following rewards can be received by clicking on the button.

* You will receive the login rewards automatically every day and the refresh time are as follows.

> Asia Server: Every day at 00:00 (UTC+9)

> North America, Europe/Russia Server: Every day at 00:00 (UTC+0)


RTX 3080 Reward

RTX 3080 Graphics Card (1 Winner) 




■ Razer Prize

Razer Keyboard (3 Winners) 


RAZER BlackWidow V3 Keyboard

Razer Mouse Shadow Arena Mouse Mat (2 Winners) 


RAZER Basilisk V3 Mouse


Shadow Arena Mouse Mat 

* If you obtain a ‘[Event] RTX 3080 Ticket’, you will automatically be entered into the [Razer Keyboard] and [RazerMouse + Shadow Arena Mouse Mat] giveaway.

* If you obtain a ‘Razer Merch Ticket’, you will automatically be entered into the [RTX 3080 Graphics Card] Razer giveaway.

Players who obtain a [Event] RTX 3080 Ticket and [Event] Razer Merch Ticket will be entered into the giveaway and winners will be selected amongst all servers. However, winning prizes cannot be selected.

* If you received Tickets from multiple servers, you will be entered into the Event where you first received the Ticket.

*All Images shown above are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.


■ See details of Gorgath's Alchemy Chest


You can get one of the following items upon opening [Gorgath’s Alchemy Chest] 

Skin Shard 

Hero Shard 

Profile Icon 

Silver Booster (3, 7 Days) 

Mastery Booster (3, 7 Days) 

Hero Mastery (Ⅰ~Ⅲ) 

Orange Dye Box 

Light Green Dye Box 

Green Dye Box 

Sky Blue Dye Box 

Purple Dye Box 

Pink Dye Box 

Silver (300, 500, 800, 1000, 2000) 



Event 2.  Get even more Hero Mastery with 5x increase event! 

Event Period

- October 21, 2021 (Thuafter maintenance - October 28, 2021 (Thubefore maintenance. November 4, 2021 (Thubefore maintenance. (Modified)



Event Details

- Hero Mastery that is gained after the game is increased by 5 times during the event.


TIP. As you increase your Hero’s Mastery, you can acquire various titles as well as special skins that can be purchased when it is reaches a certain level.

* The amount of Mastery obtained by the Hero through the Hero Mastery does not increase.

Additional Notices


[Prize Merchandise Winners] 

- Prize winners will be announced within 2 weeks after the event ends.

- The winner cannot choose the specific details of the prize such as color and it will be sent out randomly.

- If the monetary worth of the prize exceeds 50,000KRW, a customs duty will be levied in accordance with Republic of

Korea tax legislation. Personal information will be collected in order to process the customs duty, and if you do not submit

personal information or a copy of proof of identity, your prize will be forfeited.

- Prize will not be sent if you do not submit the Personal Information Collection & Usage within the submission period

as you will be deemed to have waived your intention to collect the prize.

- Details on prize delivery will be announced through the winner announcement notice.

- Event prizes are subject to change without any prior notice to goods of equal and/or similar value.

- Your rewards may not be transferred to others, and your prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other merchandise of the same value.



- Rewards that were not collected due to not logging in during the event period cannot be recovered.

- In the case that Items or rewards received were used normally, they cannot be recovered.

- Rewards not collected within the event period will be deleted during the maintenance on November 4, 2021 (Thu).
Please make sure to receive the rewards within the event period.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.

- If you have any other questions or concerns related to the event, please contact us via [Support]. 

- Any matters not listed on this page will follow the [Shadow Arena Event Rules].