Updates [Update] October 14 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-10-14 04:40 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on October 14 (Thu). 

* Patch Size: Approx. 149.81 MB 

Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena! 



■ Preseason 


- The Preseason has begun. 

  > Preseason Period: October 14 2021 (Thu), before maintenance) - October 14, 2021 (Thu), after maintenance) 
  > Your performance during the preseason will not be reflected on the previous season's records once the new season begins. 



■ Major Fixes and Improvements 


- Improved the situation where a hero would sometimes pass through an opponent when using a charge attack while under a crowd control effect. 

Changed by decreasing the camera's maximum zoom distance so Heroes are displayed more up close 

[Dev Note]
For players to experience more action through improved movement of the hero they are controlling, we slightly reduced the maximum camera viewpoint. Through this patch, players may experience issues such as reduced visibility or increased fatigue, so we will actively accept feedback and try to find the optimal viewpoint in time.  



■ Hero 


| Black Spirit Skills  

- [Hand of Healing] Improved so skill can be used while moving.  

- [Hand of Healing] - Decreased cooldown from 60 sec to 50 sec. 

- [Blink] - Decreased cooldown from 60 sec to 40 sec. 

[Dark Shift] - Decreased cooldown from 90 sec to 80 sec. 

- [Bloodthirst] - Decreased cooldown from 55 sec to 50 sec. 




| Resonating Shadow (RMB)  

- Decreased attack range from 22m to 20m.  

Added HP Recovery +50 per hit effect(Maximum HP Recovery: 700) 

Increased casting speed by approximately 10m.

[Dev Note]
When it came to Ahon Kirus, choosing Resonating Shadow over Phantom Raven resulted in a significant decrease in survivability. As a result, we added an HP recovery effect, which allows players to continue harassing opponents while also recovering HP during battles.



| Heart Stab A (Q)  

Increased cooldown from 6sec to 7 sec, 


| Mirage A (E)  

Increased cooldown from 7 sec to 10 sec.

[Dev Note]
Due to the previous patch in enhancing Shadow Step (RMB)it gave Haru the ability to assassinate opponents without much risk. The play of dodging by using Mirage A after inflicting damage on the opponent was overly powerful. So the cooldown has been increased by 3 seconds. 



Improved the issue where the flame effect was blocked by a wall and did not fire properly when using Ancient Dragon's Breath near a wall.  

| Seed of Ice A, B (Q) 

Fixed the issue where the effect was not visible from the opponent's point of view when using skills while moving. 


| Thunder Viper B (E)  

Fixed the issue where key input guide would not appear after using skill 




| Explosive Trap (RMB) 

Decreased Explosive Trap’s HP from 2000 to 1000.  


Twin Fairy Arrow A, B (Q)  

Improved the hit effect of basic attacks after using skills.  

- Fixed the issue where basic attack appeared to inflict opponents but did not actually hit them when the camera rotated quickly after using skills.  




| Asura Tread (RMB)  

Fixed the issue where key input guide would not be displayed after using the skill while using Golden Gate B.  




| Grave Digging A (E)  

Decreased the attack range of the first hit from 3.8m to 3.5.  

- Increased the attack range of additional hits from 4m to 5m.  

Fixed so attack range and performance effects match the actual attack range. 

[Dev Note]
Goyen's Grave Digging A was a frustrating skill because it was difficult to follow up with a second attack even if the first one hit the opponent. However, this aspect was not taken into account in the most recent patch, which only increased the first attack's range. As a result, the attack range was adjusted and calibrated once more to ensure that the first attack could be followed up with a second. Moving forward, we'll do our best to examine the tiniest details of how each skill is used, as well as any issues that may arise, and apply patches as needed.  




| Switch Stance (RMB) 

- Fixed the issue where the Patience stance buff would disappear when you used the RMB skill consecutively in place. 


Radiant Pursuit B (Q)  

Increased cooldown from 7 sec to 8 sec. 

Decreased charge distance from 12m to 8m. 

Fixed the issue where knockback would occasionally not be applied while dashing. 

- Decreased the casting speed of the third hit by approximately 0.16 sec.  

- Changed the attack range of the third blow to match the effect range to the following.  

  > Attack rangeDecreased from 4.5m to 3.5m  

  > AngleIncreased front angle from 120 degrees to 180 degrees. 

- Increased the time to transition into another motion when the third blow fails by 0.2 sec. 

  > If targeted successfully, the transition time does not change. 

[Dev Note]
In the most recent patch, Radiant Pursuit B's charge distance was increased, and the blowback effect was added to improve the skill's usability.
However, even if the attack misses its target, the quick transition to another action, combined with the Guard Break and Blowback effects, and the ability to use it in a combo with other skills, made it a far too powerful skill. As a result, the charge distance was reduced and the risk associated with a failed attack was increased, giving the skill some weak points. However, when choosing this mastery, the ability to combo into other skills or use it to counter guard has not been changed. Instead, the hit registration has been improved to address the situation where the attack would not always knock back the opponent during a charge.


| Rockwind A (E)  

Changed so extra damage against monsters is not applied.  




| Volcanic Leap (RMB)  

Decreased the time to transition into another motion after the first hit by approximately 0.28 sec. 

Increased the time to transition into Roll after the first hit by approximately 0.14 sec.  
The time to switch between Skill and Roll is now the same. 


| Thunder Strike A (Q)  

Changed so you automatically apply a smash attack after gathering the power of lightning only once. 

Increased cooldown from 9 sec to 10 sec. 

Decreased the maximum number of hits from 7 to 3. 

Decreased maximum damage from 448% to 298%. 

- Changed the fixed damage of Downward Strike to the following,  

  > (Before): Level 1 300 / Level 2 500 / Level 3 1000  

   (Now): 500 (No level division)  

Changed the attack range of Downward Strike to the following. 

  > (Before): Level 1 3.5m / Level 2 5m / Level 3 6m  

   (Now): 5m  


| Thunder Strike B (Q)  

Increased cooldown from 9 sec to 10 sec. 

Decreased the duration of Knockup from 1.3 sec to 1.2 sec. 

- Slowed the time to gather energy of lightning by 20%.  

Improved so that the gauge bar is exposed even at the beginning stage of collecting energy.  


| Altar Destroyer A (E)  

Increased cooldown from 7 sec to 8 sec.  

Decreased the first casting time by approximately 0.1 sec.  


| Altar Destroyer B (E)  

Changed so you automatically make the first attack after a certain period of time without having to gather strength in super armor.  

Removed the effect of being dealt double the damage when attacked in super armor state.  

Decreased the duration of the first casting motion by approximately 0.17 sec. 

Decreased the maximum damage to the following.  

  > (Before)Level 1 570% / Level 2 760%  

   (Now): 760%  

Changed the attack range to the following.  

  > (Before): 2.5m ~ 3.5m  

  → (Now): 3m ~ 4m  


| Avalanche A (R)  

Increased cooldown from 14 sec to 15 sec. 

Decreased duration of Knockdown from 1.6 sec to 1.2 sec.  


| Avalanche B (R)  

Decreased cooldown from 26 sec to 20 sec 

Decreased duration of Knockup from 1.4 sec to 1.2 sec. 

[Dev Note]
The majority of Igrid's skills have a defense and super armor effect, as well as powerful crowd control effects. Igrid's specialty was her ability to defeat opponents with relative ease due to these skills. Unfortunately, opponents found it difficult to challenge Igrid because her skills had a short cooldown, allowing her to use them repeatedly. As a result, we've either increased the cooldown of certain skills or shortened the duration of crowd control effects. Crowd control effects have been reduced in duration, but they can still be used to combo with other skills. 

Furthermore, the "damage, attack range, and crowd control effect" of Thunder Strike A and Altar Destroyer B varied depending on how long the skill was charged for and this aspect was difficult for players to deal with on both ends. As a result, to give each skill a clearer concept, the charge mechanic was removed, and detailed changes were made to improve the skill's usability. 



| Second Blade: Countercurrent B (E)   

Changed so guard effect is maintained up until the attack if counterattack succeeds.   




| Harbinger's Scythe (RMB)  

Decreased attack range from 4m to 3m.   


| Contaminated Sacrifice A (E)  

Removed Guard Break and Blowback effects of Skeleton Wolf’s Explosion. 

[Dev Note]
Hexe Marie can use RMB skills (Harbinger's Scythe, Shadow Bullet) to increase movement speed buff or inflict damage over time to opponents from a distance. In addition, the Skeleton Wolf, which can be summoned by using Contaminated Sacrifice A, also applied Guard Break effects making it difficult for opponents to challenge her. Therefore, the crowd control effect that applied when the Skeleton Wolf exploded has been removed. However, in spite of this change, we anticipate that Contaminated Sacrifice A will remain a powerful skill since it can decrease movement speed of enemies nearby, as well as inflict high fixed damage.



| Garden of Roses A (R)   

Changed so you can cancel the skill while moving after using it. 





Changed so titles and nicknames are not exposed on status screen at the bottom of the game. 

  > With this change, it has been repositioned resized accordingly. 



Adjusted the size of the Battle Pass reward UI in the upper right corner of the main lobby.  

Improved so that you can check your information for each mode in [Main Lobby] > [Profile Information].  
Changed so aggregate ranking is not displayed on the [Main Lobby] > [Profile Informationscreen.   




 - Changed the name of item to the following. 

  > Hunting Hawk Amulet → Hunter’s Amulet 

  > Silver-Lined Gauntlet  Hunter’s Gauntlet 


Changed so you cannot purchase Hunter Items more than once.  

  > Hunter ItemsHunter’s Amulet, Hunter’s Bow Hunter’s Gauntlet 

[Dev Note]

Items with AP against Monster stats also offered AP and DP stats, which was very efficient for progressing through the game. As a result, the AP against Monster stat for these items has been reduced slightly, and they can now only be purchased once. 


Changed the effect of Items to the following.

Item Name  



Helmet of Guardians 

HP Auto Recovery +150,  

DP +60  

HP Auto Recovery +200,  

DP +60  

Cloak of Giants 

HP Auto Recovery +150,  

HP +600  

HP Auto Recovery +150,  

HP +700  

Assassin's Clogs 

Attack Speed +10%,  

Back Attack Damage +10%,  

Ignore DP +10%  

Attack Speed +10%,  

Back Attack Damage +7%,  

Ignore DP +7%  

Militia's Gray Cloak 

HP +500,  

AP +50  

HP +800,  

AP +40  

Plate Armor  

HP +1000  

HP +1200,  

Damage Reduction +2%  

Mithril Shield 

DP +100,  

Damage Reduction +2%  

DP +100,  

Damage Reduction +3%  

Shadow Dagger 

AP +40,  

Attack Speed +3%,  

AP +30,  

Attack Speed +3%  

Blackstar Great Sword 

AP +50,  

Attack Speed +5%,  

Ignore DP +30%  

AP +50,  

Attack Speed +3%,  

Ignore DP +30%  

Blackstar Longbow 

AP +80,  

Attack Speed +6%,  

Back Attack Damage +15%  

AP +80,  

Attack Speed +4%,  

Back Attack Damage +15%  

Blackstar Armor 

HP +1000,  

Damage Reduction +5%,  

Stamina +20  

HP +1200,  

Damage Reduction +5%,  

Stamina +20  

Elion's Silver Crown 

Ignore DP +15%,  

DP +60,  

Stamina +20  

Ignore DP +15%,  

DP +70,  

Stamina +20  

Shadow Bow 

AP against Monsters +100,   

Attack Speed +4%  

AP against Monsters +80,   

Attack Speed +4%  

Hunting Bow 

AP against Monsters +130,   

Attack Speed +4%,   

AP +50  

AP against Monsters +100,   

Attack Speed +4%,   

AP +40  

Silver-Lined Gauntlet 

AP against Monsters +130,   

Attack Speed +4%,   

DP +80  

AP against Monsters +100,   

Attack Speed +4%,   

DP +70  


[Dev Note]

The survivability stats on defensive items have been slightly increased to make it more viable to use. Because defensive items provide more meaningful stats compared to before, we anticipate that purchasing some defensive items can be a good strategy in securing a win. 



Decreased the damage of the flame summoned by Saigord by 50%.  
Fixed the issue where the Shadow Shaman would intermittently move left and right instead of attacking the player. 




- [In-game PlayFixed the issue where the process of purchasing certain items in the shop was delayed. 

 AI Bots 


Fixed the issue where AI bots would continue to perform Roll without a cooldown.  

- Fixed the issue where the motion of AI bot’s crowd control effect was applied differently compared to normal Heroes.  

Improved so that yellow effect is displayed on AI bots are afflicted with crowd control effects other than freezing effect. 

Fixed the issue where Orwen’s AI bot would ignore knockback effects when she was hit 

- Fixed the issue where AI bots would get stuck in an area when they died.  
Fixed an issue where Yeonhwa AI bot repeatedly used the skill Clairvoyance. 



■ Event 


- The [Beta Season 7 Partner Influencer] sign up has begun. 

  > Sign up Period: October 14, 2021 (after maintenance) - October 21, 2021 (Thu), before maintenance 

  ▶ Find out more about the perks for signing up early! [Link] 


- The new event [Waiting for the New Season, Fight time with [GM]!] has started. 

  > Event PeriodOctober 14, 2021 (Thu), 16:00 (UTC+9) ~ 

  > Play together with a [GM] in Solo mode and receive rewards! 
Find out more about the event! [Link].


■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website (Updated)

*The fixes and improvements listed below were applied during the October 14th (Thu) maintenance made on the Pearl Abyss website. 


- Improve the UI of the launcher login screen and the screen that appears when clicking on [Sign Up] button on the launcher. 
- Unify the text of copyright notice. 
- Improve the UI/UX of the terms agreement that appears when a member signs up. 
- Improve the UI/UX of the sign-up screen's password input and confirmation.


[Dev Note]


Hello, this is the Shadow Arena Development Team. 

As Beta Season 6 draws to a close we’d like to thank everyone who has joined in this journey thus far. 
Season 6 saw the return of the Solo mode, as well as several other various changes over the course of the season. Before Season 7 starts, we would like to share some insight about the AP and DP balance that players have been curious about. In accordance with the changes that were made to shop items, players can now choose which stats to increase by purchasing items, and each stat will play a more significant role in gameplay. For this reason, we’ve meticulously evaluated this aspect. 
Due to the nature of the battle royale genre, defensive items have been adjusted in relation to their balance with offensive items and with survivability in mind. 
For example, there were times when having a high DP outweighed the benefits of AP, such as when a player was attacked by another player during a battle, when a player was ambushed, or when vying for ascension in a match with more than three surviving players. We decided that an AP and DP balance adjustment was needed after carefully considering these various situations, which is why defensive items have been slightly nerfed. 

Prior to the adjustments, the ratio of purchasing offensive/defensive items was 2:8 among Platinum or higher tier players. But after the adjustments, it was confirmed that the ratio of offensive/defensive items purchased was roughly 6:4. Of course, with the current balance change, a player with offensive items will have an advantage over a player who purchased defensive items in a 1v1 battle. However, a player’s survivability drops if they are ambushed or in a situation where they have to fight against multiple opponents, this being the reason the current advantage of offensive items is necessary. Of course, we recognize that the item balance in relation to the development intention and direction that we envision may not satisfy all the players in the game. Furthermore, we recognize that simply changing the purchase ratio of offensive and defensive items to 5:5 is not the ideal solution. 

Therefore, each item balance will be closely monitored so that its balance is consistent for the development team and players. 


Finally, we would like to share some details about future contents that were discussed earlier from the Season 6 development roadmap. 
Some of the content that was mentioned for the roadmap was added, while some content was not applied due to realizing that it did not align with the current direction of the development. 
One of the contents that has been put on hold is the Ancient Altar renewal, which players can use Blackstar Fragments as in-game currency in special shops. While internally evaluating the content to see whether the game play was fun and engaging, we decided that it did not mesh well with the current environment of the game. We regret the inconvenience this has caused players who were looking forward to the Ancient Altar renewal. The Ancient Altar content is currently being improved to make the process of obtaining the reward more exciting, and it will be added in Beta Season 7. 
Apart from that, content that is still under development will continue during Beta Season 7. The next development roadmap will be shared when Beta Season 7 begins. 
We would like to thank all the players for their love and support, and we’ll see you on the next dev note. 

Thank you!


▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 
Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers. 

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved. 
Thank you.