Dev Notes [Dev Note] Beta Season 7 and the Road Ahead
ShadowArena 2021-10-21 06:58 (UTC+0)



Hello, this is the Shadow Arena Development Team.


With the new season, we would like to introduce a few updates scheduled to come.

For Beta Season 7, we plan to focus on improving and reestablishing areas of the game that have been in development, as well as tracking and fixing bugs. Through enhancing the Tutorial and UI by thoroughly examining existing content, we will do our best to improve the game quality in providing enjoyable gameplay for our players.


📝 Track and Fix Bugs

 Due to the development of new content each week and fixing major bugsthe fixes to preexisting minor and major bugs were delayedIn this seasonwe will improve the overall quality of the game by spending more time addressing these bugs. 

📝 Improve UI Details
 We understand that not being able to move inventory items by dragging or not being able to close the UI for setting profile effects with the ESC menu have been inconvenient for players. We will carefully examine each UI and quickly implement fixes and improve these elements along with the bug fixes mentioned above this season.
📝 Add Streaming / Replay Feature

 As noted in our update notice and developer notes, the streaming and replay feature is currently in development. In streaming mode, you'll be able to watch a game in progress, and in replay mode, you'll be able to watch your previous games. Both features are nearly complete, which we are very pleased with.

The tournament system and spectator mode will be built around the streaming function, and we expect that this feature will make community tournaments more enjoyable for players.

The replay feature allows you to watch previous gaming, which can be utilized to analyze your gameplay patterns, and situations in greater depth, and even record epic moments.

The features will be available to Partner Influencers first and we will work towards making it available to more players in the future.


📝 Hero Reboot

 The ultimate goal is to make each Hero enjoyable to play.

We plan to proceed with the hero reboot which will enhance control of heroesimprove the flow and detail of motionincrease the hit impactand boost the ability of each skill to combo with other skillsas well as its synergy with related skills. In this processwe plan to adjust the balance of Mastery Skills and if considered to be necessary, nerfing of skills may be consideredbut we aim to make improvements for the most part.


With this saidwe want to inform you in advance of the placement of unwieldy skills or any drastic changes that may be applied in consideration of the Hero’s mechanismWe hope to improve each Hero as much as possible to enhance the gameplay for playersWe are proceeding with the Heroes that require the most attention in these aspectsAt this timewe are planning to start with Durgeff Durkhan and Herawen first.

📝 Add AI Hero Bots

 All AI Bots for each Hero will be added at a later date

We're actively working on adding AI bots for each of the 21 Heroes available in Shadow Arenaas well as continuing to improve the artificial intelligence of bots

AI bots will be improved to help new players adjust to the game, and they will be reduced as the number of players grow and eventually remove all AI bots at a suitable time.

📝 New Hero Release
 We’ve restarted the development of new Heroes and are now looking for the best timing to release an updateBecause it's been a while since the last Hero was addedall aspects related to the development of the new Heroes will be thoroughly evaluated before the update is announced.

Although there are many more elements such as improvements to the ArenaDeath Match, and fixes to the 3D character selection screen that are scheduled to comewe will inform you of any content that we did not cover in this developer note according to the development direction and schedule


With the start of Beta Season 7, we have prepared various eventsas well as the Challenge Cup registration that will start next weekWe hope you look forward to the events.


Thank you.