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Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on October 28 (Thu).  

Patch SizeApprox. 260.27 MB  

Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena 




■ Hero 


| All 

- Removed cooldown of Roll.   

- Increased stamina cost of Roll from 20 to 40.   

  > However, Ataraxia will use 35 Stamina when performing roll. 


| Sub Mastery 

- Changed the effect of [Nimble Maneuver] to the following: 

Before: Reduce roll cooldown by 0.5 sec, Movement Speed +5% 

After: Stamina +5, Movement Speed +10%

[Dev Note]
With the addition of Solo mode and a focus on 1v1 battles, we decided that a cooldown on the roll skill did not fit the current game environment, so it was removed. However, if the cost of stamina to use roll remained the same, considering the speed at which stamina is restored, roll could be used without restriction, which is why the cost of stamina was doubled. This change will also boost the value of stamina items, which were previously undervalued in comparison to other items. In this regard, the balance of stamina items was adjusted, as well as the sub-mastery effect. We anticipate that these changes will make battles more dynamic and exciting. 


| Dark Mark B (Q)

Fixed the issue where the projectile was occasionally not displayed from the inflicted player’s point of view 

Improved the launching location of the projectile to be more natural.  




Fixed the issue where the frowning facial expression was maintained after the skill was used.  

Changed so you could make a special projectile attack upon using basic attack after using skill.  

  > A projectile is created near Herawen after each skill is used. The projectile is then fired when performing a basic attack. 

  > Each projectile will not disappear when skills are used other than basic attacks.  

  > Each projectile can be stacked according to each skill. 

→ For example, if you use Seed of Ice (Q) then use Thunder Viper (E), both Movement Speed reduction and Knockback effects will be applied on the following attack. 

  > However, please note that basic attack enhancement effect of each skill is different and details are as follows.  
[Special attack effect of projectiles from each skill]  

① Light of Kamasylvia (RMB): DP Reduction - 50 for 3 sec   
② Ancient Dragon's Breath (RMB): Burn Damage – 390 for 3 sec   
③ Seed of Ice (Q): Movement Speed Reduction 10% for 3 sec  
④ Thunder Viper (E):  Knockback 1 sec    




| Heavenly Descent/Judgment of Light B (R) 

Fixed the issue where the hit sound effect did not play from the opponent’s point of view.  




| Thorns of Corruption (RMB) 

- Fixed the issue where Thorns of Corruption (RMB) skill was not applied to AI bots. 




- Changed so you cannot attack while moving diagonally.  


| Thaw Winter A (Q) 

Changed so stun effect is applied for 1 sec when you summon the boomerang for the first time. 

Adjusted the maximum damage to 720%.  

  > 300% damage is applied when you summon the boomerang for the first time and while summoned, it spins and deals 70% damage 6 times.   

- Increased cooldown from 11 sec to 13 sec. 

- Improved skill actions to be dynamic.  

- Adjusted the time boomerang is summoned.  

Before: Summon immediately after using a skill 

Now: Summon in jump motion after using a skill 

  > According to the changes applied, if you are hit before summoning the boomerang after using the skill, summoning may be canceled. 


| Thaw Winter B (Q) 

- Increased boomerang’s movement speed by approximately 2.8 times.  

- After using the skill, the boomerang explodes when moving a certain distance, and applies powerful damage and knockback effect to enemies nearby. 

  > However, the boomerang explodes immediately if you press Q again.  

- Adjusted maximum damage from 540% to 810.  


| Shining Light A (E) 
Changed so you cannot use skill while moving. 
- Decreased the time it takes for skill to hit enemy by approximately 35%.  


| Burning Hula Hoop B (R) 

- Changed the skill to the following. 

  > Durgeff mounts a burning boomerang and quickly dashes forwardEnemies hit by the boomerang are knocked up in mid-air and applied a powerful damage 

  > You can change directions while moving.  

  > After successfully targeting the skill, you can make a smooth transition from the tumbling motion to the Fire-rang skill.

[Dev Note]
The fun factor of playing Herawen and Durgeff Durkan were reduced as a result of applying the 

play style of Trio to Solo mode, so we are making overall adjustments to the two Heroes. Because these changes may have an impact on the balance, we'll keep a close eye on it after the update. 


■ Contents 


- Changed effects of the below Items to the following.   

Item Name



Skull Dagger 

- Attack Speed 8%

- AP 30

- Stamina 10

- Price: 2400

- Attack Speed 10%

- AP 30 (no change)

- Removed Stamina effect

Price: 2400 (no change)

Shamanic Stick 

- Stamina 20

- Price: 600

- Stamina 10

Price: 600 (no change)

Worn Boots 

- Movement Speed 6%

Price: 700

- Movement Speed 10%

- Price: 600

Elion's Silver Crown

- Ignore DP 15%

- DP 70

- Stamina 20

- Price: 2600

Ignore DP 15% (no change

- DP 70 (no change)

- Stamina 10

Price: 2600 (no change)

Blackstar Armor

- HP 1200

- Damage Reduction 5%

- Stamina 20

- Price: 3500

- HP 1200 (no change)

Damage Reduction 5% (no change)

Stamina 15

Price: 3500 (no change) 

Boots of Wind

- Stamina 20

- Movement Speed 12%

- DP 30

- Price: 2000

Stamina 20 (no change)

Movement Speed 12% (no change)

- DP 20

- Price: 1800

Boots of Steel

- DP 60

- Movement Speed 10%

- Price: 2000

- DP 80

Movement Speed 10% (no change)

Damage Reduction 2% (Added 

- Price: 1800

Assassin's Clogs

- Movement Speed 10%

- Ignore DP 7%

- Back Attack Damage 7%

- Price: 2000

- Movement Speed 15%

- Ignore DP 10%

- Back Attack Damage 10%  

- Price: 1800

[Dev Note]

As mentioned in the changes for Heroesthe cooldown of Roll has been removed and changed to consume more stamina

With the above changesit is anticipated that the importance of ‘staminawill be relatively too high in the futureso we are balancing the effectiveness of certain stamina items

In the case of shoe itemswe improved Worn Boots so that movement speed can be obtained at a low priceIn additionwe adjusted the effect of stamina items such as Boots of Wind (Utility), Boots of Steel (Defensive), and Assassin’s Clogs (Offensiveto match the concept accordingly so they can be selected after sufficient consideration.



| AI Bots  

- Added Igrid and Ataraxia AI Bots.   

  > Available to be selected as party members in Trio.   

- Changed so AI Bots Dark Shift and Blink only against Heroes.    

- Fixed the issue where the Knockback effect of Dark Shift was not applied to AI Bots maintaining Guard.   

- Improved so Ahon Kirus AI bot selects and uses Sun of Destruction A, B skills.   

Improved so Orwen’s AI bot selects and selected and uses Arrow Storm A, B skills. 

Fixed the issue where the Shadow Soldiers created by destroying the Suspicious Cauldron would not attack AI Bot players.   

Added Korean and Chinese names to AI bots. 

Fixed the issue where Mountain and Steppe Stoneback Crab could not detect AI bots making ranged attacks. 

- Fixed the issue where certain parts of Goyen’s AI bot’s outfit was not displayed. 


| Tutorial 

Changed so name is displayed on top of the training scarecrow’s head 

Improved skill controls and added color emphasis 

Placed an additional arrow that indicates direction 


- [Tutorial - Skills] Changed the process of acquiring knowledge on "Clairvoyance" to the following 

   > Changed so Monsters stop before they attack.  

   > Changed so Tutorial Objective is complete upon successfully counterattacking.  

- [Tutorial – Skills] Doubled the size of the scarecrow that appears in the ‘Head Shot’ learning process 

- [Tutorial - Skills] Decreased the HP of Shadow Fighters during the ‘Red Moon’ learning process 

- [Tutorial – Skills] Doubled the size of the Shadow Wizard’s attack projectile and decreased its speed by 30%.  

- [Tutorial - Skills] Decreased AP of Shadow Knights and Shadow Wizards 


- [1v1 Arena] Changed so when an enemy Hero is defeatedcooldown of skills is reset. 

- [1v1 Arena] Changed so name is not displayed during Varigord’s appearing motion.   



| Monster  

- Fixed the issue where HP was not recovered when performing Roll after approaching the Tree Spirit.   

- Adjusted by decreasing HP and AP of the below Monsters or Objects by 10~20%.   

  > Shadow Lord, Stoneback Crab, Shadow Knight Captain, Shadow Shaman, and Ancient Relic 



■ UI  


Fixed so you can change the location of items in [Main Lobby] > [Inventory]. 

- Changed Menu of name [ESC] > [Special Function] to “Wu-Ju’s Gift.” 
Improved the visibility of daily earned points for Battle Pass so progress can be checked more easily.
Fixed the issue where profile effects were not displayed in the chat window of the main lobby.  Fixed the issue where the score was displayed as 0 in [Main Lobby] > [History] > [Recent History] 
- [Fixed the issue where the ESC Login Reward Menu was covered when clicking [ESC] > [Login Rewards] 
Fixed the issue where friend profile icon was displayed abnormally upon adding friends for the first time. 

- [English/Chinese (Simplified/Traidtional)] Fixed the issue where Korean was displayed in the main lobby chat screen. 



■ Additional Fixes and Improvements 


Fixed the issue where Box Dye color appeared White on the Battle Pass banner 
Fixed the issue where Dye Box item description text was not displayed on the Battle Pass banner 
Fixed the issue where Jordine’s Portrait would be displayed when party members died or when enemies were defeated.  
Fixed the issue where Item information was not in sync in the Hero Status Window for AI bots or normal players at a distance.   



■ Event


- The [2021 Shadow Arena Challenge Cup (Asia)] registration is now open. [Link]
> Log in to the Asia server and then click the "Register" button on the right side of the main lobby to register. 

- The [Start the New Season with GMs!] event has started! [Link]
- The [Halloween with Halloween Pumpkins!] event has started! [Link]

■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website

*The fixes and improvements listed below were applied during the October 27th (Wed) maintenance made on the Pearl Abyss website.


Improved the email verification process when signing up to display a resend button after a certain period of time has passed. 

-  Improved so you are proceeded to an additional verification stage upon failing to log in multiple times. 

Added the following text to be displayed for email verification.   

  > If you do not receive a verification email after a whileplease check your spam or promotion mailbox.   

- Added notes to the bottom of sign up verification email 

  > This email could have been sent to you due to someone entering in their email address incorrectly. 

- Improved the UI of the Open ID sign-up area in the Launcher.  

[Dev Note]

Due to an abnormal issue discovered during internal testing, the rank reward "Pet - Brown Guide Hawk' for Beta Season 6 has been delayed by one week. We will thoroughly investigate the issue to avoid causing any inconvenience to players, as the reward delivery has been delayed by a week. Thank you for your understanding. 




▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 
Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers.    

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved.    
Thank you.