Updates [Update] November 5 (Fri) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-11-05 06:00 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on November 5 (Fri).  

* Patch Size: Approx. 13.19 MB  

Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!  






| Harbinger's Scythe (RMB) 

Decreased the maximum damage from 581% to 441%.  


Shadow Bullet (RMB)

Decreased the maximum damage from 504% to 360%.


| Shadow of Quturan A (Q)

Decreased the maximum damage from 360% - 720% to 290% - 580%.

| Contaminated Sacrifice A (E)

Decreased attack range from 3.5m to 2.5m.

Decreased the explosive damage of Undying Knights from 440% - 880% to 320% - 640%.

Fixed an issue where the skill’s effect was different from the skill description.

 > Range 6m -> 33m

 > Attack Range 6m -> 2.5m

 > Max Hit 1 -> 2

| Frightening Crow B (R)

- Removed Super Armor effect.

Decreased the damage inflicted from the swinging scythe motion from 465% to 270%.




- Decreased damage of basic attacks from 214% to 170%. 


| Arrow Storm A (E)

- Added additional effects upon activating Twin Fairy Arrow B.

  > Decreased Attack Speed –30% for 3 sec to –20%.

  > Decreased Movement Speed –30% for 3 sec to –20%.


| Arrow Storm B (E)

- Added additional effects upon activating Twin Fairy Arrow B

  > Increased Attack Speed –15% for 3 sec to –20%.

  > Increased Movement Speed –15% for 3 sec to –20%.



| Power Jump A (E)

- Fixed an issue where the skill’s travel distance was different from the skill description.



| Thunder Strike A (Q)

- Fixed an issue where the skill did not activate when pressing LMB while using the skill.



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We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will inform players through the linked page when the issues are resolved.


Thank you.