Dev Notes [Dev Note] New Hero Update and Beta Season 7 Development Progress
ShadowArena 2021-11-25 04:00 (UTC+0)



Greetings, this is the Shadow Arena Development Team.
As we are currently halfway into Beta Season 7, we wanted to share details about the new hero Jousting and the progress of the development plan that was announced at the beginning of the season.



| New Hero ‘Jousting’

Jousting is the only Hero that rides a horse in combat in Shadow Arena.

Through the RMB Mastery, players can select equestrian combat or a defense-oriented playstyle with the Hero.

Players can summon and mount Dream Horse Arduanatt by using the [RMB A] Arduanatt skill. While in a mounted state, you can travel quickly and use Black Spirit skills as well.

Additionally, to match the characteristics of the mounted hero, her unique skill damage, attack range, and skill cooldown increases in the mounted state. We're excited to see what new types of gameplay this new Hero will bring to the Arena with her unique equestrian combat gameplay.



| Hero Reboot

Currently, a hero reboot was implemented to a total of 6 heroes which are Durgeff Durkhan, Tantu, Lahn, Sura, Herawen, and Hexe Marie. Moving forward, both minor and major improvements are scheduled to come for all Heroes. However, as previously mentioned, these changes will happen in a prioritized order starting with Heroes which we believe are a bit difficult or not as fun to play and could use a little more work in terms of their overall action flow. The changes to come will not be as large as the Hero reboot in this update. All improvement work will proceed in the direction of ultimately increasing the fun in gameplay.

We do realize that during the improvement process, minor and major balance issues occurred in the past. We want to apologize to our players on this matter as we will quickly resolve any issues that may create an impact on gameplay.



| Streaming and Replay Feature

We plan to delay the Streaming and Replay feature due to numerous issues discovered during the development process. The development of it is still in progress but we regret to inform you that exact details cannot be shared at this moment. Again, we apologize to all players who were looking forward to this update as we will be sure to announce the details soon. Thank you for your support and patience.



| Adding Hero AI Bots

We added 8 AI bots bringing the total number of AI bots to 16 in this season. For the remaining Beta Season 7, we will slow down with the development of new AI bots and shift our focus on resolving bugs, improve target syncing, and work to improve the action flow and intelligence of AI bots.


Finally, as we announced at the start of Beta Season 7, we will focus the remainder of the season on improving the UI and addressing any remaining bugs. We look forward to any feedback you wish to share with us and hope you look forward to many more things to come in Shadow Arena.


Thank you for your support.