Updates [Update] November 25 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-11-25 05:55 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on November 25 (Thu).   

* Patch Size: Approx. 284.61 MB


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!   



■ Hero ‘Jousting’ 


- Added the new hero ‘Jousting’. 


▶ [Go to Jousting Guide]



■ Hero


| All  
- Fixed the issue where the bullet effect did not disappear when using Matchlock in a sitting position.  


| Sub-Mastery  

- [Black Spirit's Protection] Decreased the number of points used when selecting this sub-mastery skill from 2 points to 1 point. 


| Black Spirit Skills 
- Added detailed effects of the skill in the Black Spirit skill description. 


- [Bloodthirst] Removed the stun effect.

- [Bloodthirst] Decreased the HP recovery amount to the following.



HP Recovery per Hit: 500 

Max HP Recovery: 2500 

HP Recovery per Hit: 300

Max HP Recovery: 1500



- [Electric Shock] Fixed so the value displayed in the debuff icon description when hit by the skill matches the actual effect.
- [Electric Shock] Increased debuff duration by 1 sec upon being hit.



Debuff Duration Time: 3 sec
Black Spirit's Protection for 4 sec

Debuff Duration Time: 4 sec

Black Spirit's Protection for 5 sec



- [Hand of Healing] Fixed so the movement speed increase value displayed in the debuff icon description matches the actual effect. 

- [Hand of Healing] Changed Black Spirit's Protection effect to the following. 



Black Spirit's Protection HP Recovery +500

Black Spirit's Protection HP Recovery +1000



- [Taunt] Changed so the buff value displayed in the buff icon description matches the actual effect. 
- [Taunt] Fixed the issue where Black Spirit's Protection effects were applied as basic skill effects. 




| Shield of Heidel (RMB) 
- Fixed the typo within skill description.  




- Decreased the damage of basic attacks by 25.8%.  

- Fixed the issue where the location of the arrow appeared abnormally when fired while moving left or right. 




| Winter Petal A (Q) 
- Increased the transition time from using skill to performing an attack by approximately 0.2 sec. 

- Increased the time it takes to transition to another motion if skill fails to hit a target by approximately 0.3 sec. 

- Increased the cooldown from 10 sec to 12 sec. 


| Winter Petal B (Q) 

- Increased the transition time from using skill to performing an attack by approximately 0.2 sec. 
- Increased the transition time from using skill to another motion if skill fails to hit a target by approximately 0.2 sec. 

- Increased the cooldown from 7 sec to 10 sec. 


| Nimbus Stride B (R) 

- Fixed a typo in the skill description. 

[Dev Note]

Winter Petal can ignore the opponent’s defensive or super armor effects and had relatively low risk in return for a skill that was powerful and had decent attack range. For this reason, we increased the cooldown and added a delay before the skill is used to make an attack as well as before transitioning into another action when the attack fails.





| Third Blade: Searing Flash (RMB) 

- Improved to have the cooldown of other skills reduced when the skill hits the target by 2 sec. 


| Second Blade: Countercurrent A (E) 

- Increased the cooldown from 9 sec to 10 sec. 


| Fourth Blade: Demon Rend A (R) 

- Increased the cooldown from 10 sec to 10 sec. 


| Fourth Blade: Demon Rend B (R) 

- Increased the cooldown from 12 sec to 14 sec. 

[Dev Note]

To match the cooldown of Third Blade: Searing Flash, a Mastery B RMB skill, we increased the cooldown reduction effect that is applied when skill is successfully targeted. Considering the features added to Countercurrent A, Demon Rend A, and B, the cooldown of these skills has been slightly increased as well.



■ Contents 


- Added Tagahl and Venslar AI bots. 

  > These Heroes can be selected as party members in Trio mode. 

- Fixed the issue where AI bots could not acquire Blackstar Fragment. 
- Fixed the issue where AI bots would fail to teleport to the party leader when Trio mode started. 
- Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit jump at the start of the game would occasionally be cancelled.  



■ UI 


- Removed the function to close the chat screen on the main lobby. (However, the function to open chat screen can still be used.)

- Moved the location of the chat screen (Tab) on the main lobby. 

- Adjusted the size of the following menus in the main lobby. 

  > Achievements (Fame Rewards, Challenges, Titles) 

  > Shop 

  > Storage 

  > Clan 

  > Presets 



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Official Website 


- Added the new hero Jousting to [Overview] > [Heroes] page. 

- Improved so game launches faster when pressing the Start Game button from the launcher. 

- Fixed the issue where an abnormal screen appeared when Steam users tried to make purchases from the official website. 



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website 

* Improvements listed below were applied during the November 24 (Wed) maintenance made on the Pearl Abyss website. 


- Region of Residence can no longer be selected in My Page if your region is set to ETC. 

  > If your region is currently set to ETC, please submit a ticket to Support and request that your region information be changed to somewhere else. 

- Added details explaining about backup codes and how to apply to get your OTP removed on the OTP Backup Code page. 

- Improved certain notification mails pertaining to your account. 

- Improved certain parts of the UX for the sign-up page. 

- Improved the font size when viewing My Page, the sign-up page, and the official website on a mobile device. 




▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 


Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers.

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will inform players through the linked page when the issues are resolved.


Thank you.