Updates [Update] December 2 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-12-02 05:10 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on December 2 (Thu).   

* Patch Size: Approx. 202.38 MB   


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!   




■ Major Fixes and Improvements 


- Fixed the issue where tokens from chests acquired from defeating the Shadow Lord were not obtained when playing the following heroes. 
> Ataraxia, Durgeff Durkhan, and Jousting. 



■ Hero 



- Fixed the issue where the blowback effect didn’t blow away the player when they were attacked on elevated terrain. 
- Fixed the issue where the motion caused by blow black effect appeared abnormally. 
- Improved the position synchronization of knockback and blow back motion. 
(※ The situation mentioned above does not apply to AI bots.) 




- Increased the maximum damage of basic attacks by 11%.  


| Shield Charge A (Q) 

- Increased the cooldown from 7 sec to 8 sec.  

- Added a jump stab attack upon using basic attacks after using the skill. 

| Shield Charge B (Q) 
- Changed the skill motion so that you move forward upon using the skill. 
> Consumes Stamina to move forward and knocks back and stuns the target when colliding with them. 
> Possible to change camera view and attack when casting the skill. 
> Added the kick attack when using a basic attack after using the skill. 
> As a result, the jump stab attack has been removed. 
- Fixed so you can change the camera view and attack before casting the skill.  
- Increased the duration of knockback effect from 0.7 sec to 0.9 sec. 
- Increased the duration of stun effect from 1 sec to 1.2 sec. 
- Increased the cooldown from 7 sec to 13 sec. 


| Spinning Slash A (E) 

- Increased the duration of knockback effect from 0;.9 sec to 1.2 sec. 

- Increased the cooldown from 7 sec to 8 sec. 


| Spinning Slash B (E) 

- Improved so you can quickly transition into performing an attack on good blocks.  

- Increased the cooldown from 9 sec to 10 sec. 

- Decreased the maximum damage by 15.6%. 


| Formation Break A (R) 

- Improved so you can change the camera view and attack while mid-air. 
- Increased the attack range by 0.2m. 

- Increased the maximum damage by 14.9%. 

[Dev Note]
We increased the overall duration of CC and improved the action of skills that were not commonly used. As a result, the transition time between skills and damage was increased, and the cooldown of certain skills was increased as well. 


| Phantom Raven (RMB) 

- Improved so you could knockdown enemies by performing a charge attack when holding RMB after using the skill. 

- Improved so you can move diagonally. 


| Resonating Shadow (RMB) 

- Increased the maximum duration of attack by 0.72 sec and decreased the maximum damage by 12.3%.  

- Changed so you cannot cancel skill right after casting it. 

- Changed the stun effect to be applied for 0 sec to 1.6 sec according to the duration of the chain effect. 

- Changed to increase the distance traveled backward depending on the duration of the chain effect.  


| Dark Mark B A (Q) 

- Increased the cooldown from 3 sec to 4 sec. 


| Dark Mark B B (Q) 

- Increased cooldown from 6 sec to 8 sec. 

- Increased duration of the knockback effect from 0.9 sec to 1.2 sec. 

| Shadow Explosion A (E) 

- Increased the duration of knockup effect from 1 sec to 1.3 sec. 

[Dev Note]
Charging and a combo skill that can be used to counter attack have been added to the Phantom Raven skill. With this, we hope that players find more usage of Ahon Kirus in ranged situations as well. 


| Blades of Retribution B (E) 

- Fixed the issue where you would fall in an abnormal direction when hit by skill.  




- Fixed the issue where the hit sound of skill would not be played after performing sprint attack.  


| Second Blade: Countercurrent B (E) 

- Fixed the issue where the hit sound and effect of skill would not be played after performing sprint attack.   


| Fourth Blade: Demon Rend B (R) 

- Fixed the issue where the hit sound and effect of skill would not be played after performing sprint attack. 




| Shield of Revenge (RMB) 

- Increased cooldown from 5 sec to 7 sec.  


| Volcanic Leap (RMB) 

- Increased cooldown from 8 sec to 10 sec.  


| Thunder Strike A (Q) 

- Increased the duration of stun effect from 0.3 sec to 0.5 sec.

- Increased the duration of stun effect from 0.3 sec to 1 sec. (Modified)  

- Changed Blowback/Ignore Super Armor for 0.9 sec to knockdown for 1.5 sec.  


| Thunder Strike B (Q)

- Removed effects and controls related to charging.  

- Increased the duration of stun effect from 0.3 sec to 0.5 sec.

- Changed from knockup for 1.2 sec to stun for 1.5 sec.  


| Altar Destroyer A (E) 

- Removed effects and controls related to charging.

- Increased the duration of knockback from 1.2 sec to 1.5 sec.  


| Altar Destroyer B (E) 

- Changed the motion of skill. 

- Removed effects and controls related to charging. 

- Removed super armor effect. 


| Avalanche A (R) 

- Increased the duration of knockdown from 1.2 sec to 1.5 sec. 


| Avalanche B (R) 

- Increased the charge distance from 11m to 15m.  

- Increased the duration of knockup from 1.2 sec to 1.5 sec.

[Dev Note]
For better transitions into combos, we increased the duration of crowd control skills. Additionally, we made adjustments to motions and changes to skills that had low usage to better define their concept. Through this update, the duration of combo has been increased and with the skill being enhanced, the cooldown was also adjusted with this change. 




| Third Blade (RMB) 
- Changed the attack so that the crescent pendulum swings towards the direction of where the camera view is facing. 
- Improved the camera view by allowing it to be changed while casting the skill. 


Winter Petal A,B (Q) 
- Changed the attack so that the crescent pendulum is tossed towards the direction of where the camera view is facing. 
- Improved the camera view allowing it to be changed while casting the skill. 





| Summon Arduanatt (RMB) 

- Changed the skill so that a cooldown is applied when Arduanatt’s HP depletes and Jousting falls off the horse. 

- Improved the location synchronization to be better synced when mounting Arduanatt. 

- Increased the jump height when mounting Arduanatt by 1m. 
- Improved so you could move diagonally while mounting Arduanatt. 
- Decreased the turn speed when moving forward and laterally when riding Arduanatt. 
- Increased the turn speed when moving backward while riding Arduanatt. 
- Fixed the issue where the sound effect was not audible while dismounting. 
- Fixed the issue where you would pull the horse’s reins after using Wave of Light while riding a horse. 
- Decreased the time to transition into another motion after using a skill while riding a horse. 


| Retribution A (E) 

- Fixed the issue where the damage after a stab attack was not applied if the skill was used on an opponent standing with their back to the wall while riding on a horse. 


| Wave of Light A (R) 

- Improved so you could slightly rotate and change the direction of where the skill is fired while casting skill.  



■ Contents


| AI Bots 
- Fixed the issue where AI bots would suddenly disappear in certain situations.  
- Improved so a player's information is better synchronized on the Survivor Status (Caps Lock) window.  
- Fixed the issue where the ‘Revive’ effect on the party information UI would remain displayed even after AI bots were revived.   


| Whisper 

- Fixed the issue where the whisper didn’t go through occasionally when whispering to a player in the main lobby. 

- Changed the alert notification to appear when you whispered to a friend who is offline. 


| Monsters 

- Changed the Ruins Golem from 2 stages of eruption to 3 stages of eruption. 

- Increased the size of the Ruins Golem by 30%. 

- Increased the HP of Ruins Golem by 75%. 

- Increased the number of Tokens acquired from defeating Ruins Golem by approximately 50%.  

- Fixed the issue where the Ruins Golem did not react to attacks from AI bots in Solo mode. 


| Item 

-  Changed the following items to be stackable. 

  > As a result, items in your storage were deleted and re-sent to your in-game mailbox. Please check your mailbox and use them after you they have been obtained.   

Item Name

[Event] Silver Booster (1 Day)

[Event] Silver Booster (3 Days)
[Event] Silver Booster (7 Days)
[Event] Silver Booster (15 Days)
[Event] Silver Booster (30 Days)
[Event] Silver Booster (90 Days)

[Event] Mastery Booster (1 Day)
[Event] Mastery Booster (3 Days)
[Event] Mastery Booster (7 Days)

[Event] Mastery Booster (15 Days)

[Event] Mastery Booster (30 Days)
[Event] Mastery Booster (90 Days)

[Event] All-Hero Pass (1 Day)
[Event] All-Hero Pass (3 Days)
[Event] All-Hero Pass (7 Days)
[Event] All-Hero Pass (15 Days)
[Event] All-Hero Pass (30 Days)
[Event] All-Hero Pass (90 Days)

[Event] Halloween Pumpkins



■ UI


- Improved so the purchase window closes first when pressing the ESC button after purchasing in the Shop. 

- Fixed the issue where the Fame Reward UI appeared abnormally on certain resolutions. 

- Improved to display an alert notification if you attempted to purchase without selecting an item from the Support Kit Shop. 

- Fixed the issue where items that could be combined appeared as if they could not be combined. 



■ Event 

The [December Attendance Event] has started! 

  Simply log in to receive tons of rewards and a chance to win a Shadow Arena Tumbler, Mouse Pad, and the Razer Keyboard! 

   > Event Period: December 2, 2021 (Thu), after maintenance – December 30, 2021 (Thu), before maintenance 


■ Additional Fixes and Improvements

- [Launcher] > [Report Error] Changed certain parts of the text that is displayed when reporting an error. 
- [Jousting] Fixed the issue where the skill video would not appear in certain in-game menus. 



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website 

* The fixes and improvements listed below were applied during the November 1st (Wed) maintenance made on the Pearl Abyss website. 


- Improved the text of certain system mail. 

- Fixed the issue where failed login attempts would display the region as "unknown."  




▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 
Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers. 

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved. 
Thank you.