Notices [Notice] Changes to the Pearl Abyss Terms of Service
ShadowArena 2022-04-21 06:00 (UTC+0)



Thank you for your continued love and support of Shadow Arena.

In order to safely manage our Players’ valuable personal information, we are making amendments to the Pearl Abyss Terms of Service.

Please refer below for specific details.  



Pearl Abyss Terms of Service Amendments

- Subject for Amendment: Pearl Abyss Terms of Service

- Effective Date: May 25, 2020 (Wed) 

- Primary Amendments  

  > Article no. 4 was changed and article no. 5 was added to "Registration Procedure."  

  > The level of restriction on uploading indecent posts on the official website was changed on "Posting Regulation."

- Amendment Details 


Before Amendment 

After Amendment 

Registration Procedure

④ Minors can only register through their legal representative and the representative will be responsible for all the minor’s actions. 

④ Minors by the law of each nation, who apply for registration to use the services are considered to have earned the consent of their legal representative. Minors must check the Terms of Service with their legal representative, and the legal representative must be well-informed of the Terms of Service. The legal representative is held fully responsible for the minor’s use of services. 


⑤ The Company will not be responsible for any disadvantages that occur when it is found out that a minor pretended to be an adult. 

Posting Regulation 

Prohibited and Restricted Posting Table


1st: Delete Post/Reply

2nd: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban(3 days)

3rd: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban(7 days)

4th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban(15 days)

5th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban(30 days)

6th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban(90 days)

7th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban(10 years)

Prohibited and Restricted Posting Table


1st: Delete Post/Reply

2nd: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban (1 day)

3rd: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban (3 days)

4th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban (5 days)

5th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban (10 days)

6th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban (15 days)

7th: Delete Post/Reply/Post Ban (30 days)


Pearl Abyss Terms of Service Before Changes  

Pearl Abyss Terms of Service After Changes   



* If you do not reject the amended Pearl Abyss Terms of Service by the effective date of May 25, 2022 (Wed), you will be deemed as consenting to all changes.  

* If you wish to express your refusal to the amendments of the Pearl Abyss Terms of Serviceplease apply for “account deletion” or submit your appeal to our [Support]Please note that account deletion will result in deletion of all your HeroesItems and other game data, and any deleted data will not be recoverable.     

If you have any questions of concerns related to the Terms of Services, please contact us via [Support].



Thank you