Updates [Update] April 20 (Wed) Update Details
ShadowArena 2022-04-19 23:00 (UTC+0)

Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on April 20 (Wed).    

* Patch Size: Approx. 209.19 MB    


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!




■ Major Fixes and Improvements


| Solo 

- Added [Solo Mode] in the main lobby

[Dev Note]

We have reintroduced Solo mode which was temporarily removed due to the FGT for Deathmatch. We would like to say thank you to all the players who provided us various types of feedback on Deathmatch. We look forward to continuously connecting with our players during the preseason as well!


■ Hero



| All

- Fixed the issue where the effect of the corpse would remain upon death due to being inflicted with knockback, knockdown, and blowblack.





| Light of Kamasylvia (RMB)

- Fixed the issue where AP against monster related text remained within the skill description.    




Badal the Golden


| Asura Tread (RMB)

- Increased the attack range that is applied upon using Golden Gate from 2m to 2.5m.   






| Iron Pulverizer (F)

- Adjusted the skill description to match the actual effect.   





| Radiant Pursuit/Sacred Barrier (Q)

- Fixed the issue where the HP recovery alert message was displayed as Patience Stance (Sacred Barrier).  


| Glaring Slash/Shield Throw (F)

- Fixed the issue where the DP description was omitted from the Glaring Slash skill description.  






| Dragon Impaler (F)

- Adjusted the skill description to match the actual effect. 




| Power Jump (E)

- Fixed the issue where an abnormal skill would be activated upon using skill in non-combat sprint state.  


| Charged Shot (F)  

- Fixed the issue where an abnormal skill would be activated upon using skill in non-combat sprint state.

- Fixed so the skill description matches the actual effect.  



Hexe Marie


| Harbinger's Scythe (RMB)  

- Fixed the issue where Power of Quturan effects would be applied upon using skill in non-combat sprint state.  





| Sacred Shield (RMB)

- Fixed the skill description to match the actual effect.   



■ Deathmatch


- Fixed the issue where player nickname and HP information UI was displayed upon changing Heroes.   

- Changed to automatically obtain tokens based on play duration.  

- Changed the number of automatically obtained tokens from 5000 to 3000.   

- Removed items that were unavailable for purchase within the Deathmatch Preset list in the Shop (B).  

- Exempted the items below within the Item list in Shop (B).   

> Beacon of Light, Catalyst, Shadow Dagger, Shadow Bow, Shadow Armor, Hunting Bow, Hunter's Gauntlet 


| Tier System 

- Added a system where you obtain tier points based on Deathmatch game results.  

> You are assigned a Deathmatch tier upon completing a minimum of 5 Deathmatch games.  


- The conditions for Deathmatch tier points are as follows.


※ Deathmatch Tier points = Victory/Defeat Points + Kill and Assist points + Basic deducted points per tier + Additional tier points per team 


Deathmatch Tier Point Requirement 




15 Points 


-5 Points 

Kills and Assists 

Kill (Kill: 2 Points (Max 30 Points)) + Assist: 1 Point (No Restriction) /2 

Points deducted per team tier 

(Average Game Tier - Average Team Tier) / 2 

Points deducted per tier 

See list below 


※ Points deducted per Tier



Points Deducted





Diamond I  



Diamond II  



Diamond III 



Diamond IV 



Diamond V 



Platinum I  



Platinum II  



Platinum III 



Platinum IV 



Platinum V 



Gold I  



Gold II  



Gold III 



Gold IV 



Gold V 



Silver I  



Silver II  



Silver III 



Example: player A, Platinum Tier I, plays against player B with the same rank from the opposing team and ends the round with 5 kills and 10 assists: earns a total of 10 points. {(5x2) + (10x1)} / 2 = 10 

(21-21)/2= 0 

Upon winning 15 points + 10 points (K/A) + 0 (Point deducted per tier in team) - 4 (Tier deducted) = Obtained 21 points 

Upon losing –5 points + 10 points (K/A) + 0 (Point deducted per tier in team) - 4 (Tier deducted) = Obtained 1 point 





- Added [Frame] feature within the profile icon settings in My Info > Change Icon.   

> The Beta Season 8 Tier reward “Tier Frame” has been sent to your game inbox. After receiving the item, you can check the profile icon by right-clicking within the [Inventory] after using it in the profile icon edit screen.  


- Removed Trio from the Starter Battle Pass Requirement and added Solo mode instead. 

- Improved so you can obtain battle pass points through Deathmatch.  

- Adjusted the number of tokens that are obtained automatically.   

- Adjusted the number of tokens that are obtained automatically in Solo and Deathmatch. 

> Before: 40 tokens per 6 sec  

> Now: 30 tokens per 10 sec 


| Tutorial 

- [In-game Play] Reintroduced Tutorial.   

- [Skills] Fixed the issue where you would proceed to the main lobby while being taken to the next stage of completing the tutorial.   



■ Additional Fixes and Improvements 


- Reintroduced the button [Main Lobby] > [Quick Start] button.

> You can enter into [Solo] mode by pressing the [Quick Start] button.   

- Fixed the issue where the screen displayed the topmost area when selecting the profile UI in [My Info] > [Change Icon].

■ Improvements to the Official Website

- Added Deathmatch Ranking in [Arena Board] > [Ranking]. 




▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 
Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers. 

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved.

Thank you.