Notices [Notice] Beta Season 9 Ranking and Reward Notice
ShadowArena 2022-05-18 02:00 (UTC+0)


Beta Season 9 begins on May 18, 2022.  

We are excited to announce the schedule for the new season as well as Season and Rank rewards! 
Get ready for the new Beta Season 9 jam-packed with various rewards! 


■ Beta Season 9 Schedule  

- May 18, 2021 (Wed), after maintenanceJuly 13, 2021 (Wed), before maintenance 

  > Rank points and tiers are reset at the end of the season 

  > Season and maintenance schedule is subject to change 


■ Season Rewards  

Achieved Tier 



Profile Frame - Master Tier 

Title - Beta SeasonMaster Tier


Profile Frame – Diamond Tier 

Title - Beta Season 9 Diamond Tier 


Profile Frame – Platinum Tier 

Title - Beta Season 9 Platinum Tier 


Profile Frame - Gold Tier 

TitleBeta Season 9 Gold Tier 


Profile Frame - Silver Tier 

Title - Beta Season 9 Silver Tier 


Profile Frame – Bronze Tier 

Title - Beta Season 9 Bronze Tier 

Achieve Gold tier or higher at the end of Beta Season 9 

[Event] [Wu-Ju] Gosphy 

 * Season Rewards are sent out based on the achieved tier during Season 9.  

* Only records from Solo, Trio, and Deathmatch mode will be added up for your seasonal performance.  

* The profile frame for each tier is an item that is available permanently. 

  > For Master tier title, a red title will be rewarded.  

* For further details on tiers, go to [Overview] -> [Guides] -> [Tier System Guide]. 


▲ [Wu-Ju] Gosphy 


■ Rank Rewards 

Rank (Place) 


1 - 3 

Pet - Junaid Cat 

Profile Effect (1st –3rd Place)  

Title - Slayer

Skin Selection Coupon x3 

Gorgath's Forbidden Alchemy Chest x10  

Gorgath's Alchemy Chest x10 

4 - 10 

Profile Effect (Rank 4th – 10th place)  


Skin Selection Coupon x2 

Gorgath's Forbidden Alchemy Chest x8 

Gorgath's Alchemy Chest x5 

11 - 50 


Skin Selection Coupon x1 

Gorgath's Forbidden Alchemy Chest x5 

Gorgath's Alchemy Chest x5 

51 - 300 

Gorgath's Forbidden Alchemy Chest x3 

Gorgath's Alchemy Chest x5 

* Each ranking will be based on your Solo, Trio, and Deathmatch mode rankings at the end of Beta Season 9.  

* The titles per each ranking are limited items that will be available until the next season.  

* However, Pet: Junaid Cat will be available permanently.   
> To check the pet you obtained, go to [Main Lobby] > [ESC] Menu > [Wu-Ju's Gift]  


▼ Gorgath's Alchemy Chest / See details of Gorgath's Alchemy Chest (close) 



You can get one of the following items upon opening [Gorgath’s Alchemy Chest] 

Skin Shard 

Hero Shard 

Profile Icon 

Silver Booster (3, 7 Days) 

Mastery Booster (3, 7 Days) 

Hero Mastery (Ⅰ-Ⅲ) 

Orange Dye Box 

Light Green Dye Box 

Green Dye Box 

Sky Blue Dye Box 

Purple Dye Box 

Pink Dye Box 

Silver (300, 500, 800, 1000, 2000) 



You can get one of the following items upon opening [Gorgath’s Forbidden Alchemy Chest]

Skin Selection Coupon 

White / Black Dye Box 

Profile Icon 

Silver Booster (15 Days) 

[Event] Mastery Booster (15 Days) 

Hero Mastery (Ⅳ-Ⅴ) 

Red Dye Box 

Yellow Dye Box 

Blue Dye Box 

Navy Dye Box 




■ Rewards based on the number of times Master Tier is achieved.

Number of Achievements


Achieve Beta Season Master Tier x1

Courage of the Arena

Achieve Beta Season Master Tier x2

Fame of the Arena

Achieve Beta Season Master Tier x3

Honor of the Arena

Achieve Beta Season Master Tier x4

Glory of the Arena

Achieve Beta Season Master Tier x5

Legend of the Arena

* Each title can be used permanently and will be rewarded as a color title.



Season and Rank rewards will be sent within 2 weeks after Beta Season 9 ends. 

Shadow Arena is currently in Early Access and Hero balances may change any time during the season 

※ The rewards are subject to change. Any changes to the rewards will be announced in this notice.