Product Info [Product Info] May 18 (Wed) Discounted Shop Product
ShadowArena 2022-05-18 02:00 (UTC+0)


Here are the discounted products released on May 18 (Wed). 

For more details about these products, please check out the in-game Shop after logging in to Shadow Arena. 


New Discounts 

- Sales Period: May 18 (Wed), 11:00 (UTC+9) ~ June 2 (Thu), before maintenance 

* This item can only be purchased once per server on the same account. 



[Jousting] Enslar

1,990 Gcoin1,592 Gcoin

20% Discount

[Badal the Golden] Dark Vengeance
[Herawen] Keeper of Secrets
[Lahn] Fiery Dragon Scale


[Jousting] Enslar

[Badal the Golden] Dark Vengeance

[Herawen] Keeper of Secrets

Lahn] Fiery Dragon Scale

※ Additional Notices ※  

- Please refer to the in-game description for the exact details and images of each product.

- Each product’s sale and/or discount period is subject to change.

- Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual appearance in-game.