Updates [Update] 02/08 (FrI) Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-02-28 11:30 (UTC+9)


Greetings, this is Shadow Arena. 


Find out what was updated to Shadow Arena on February 28 (Fri) below. 



■ Heroes


- Lowered the volume of heroes’ voices made when jumping. 



- Adjusted Corpse Cut (2) so that Super Armor will only be applied while mid-air. 

  •   · Corpse Cut (2) will no longer have Super Armor immediately after the skill is cast and after the hit lands.
    - Fixed an issue where skill points were spent when trying to level up a skill at level 3. 



- Decreased the amount of stamina consumed by 5% when using Natural Marksman (RMB). 

- Increased the damage of Thunderbolt Arrow (1) by 11.2%. 

- Adjusted the cooldown time of Thunderbolt Arrow (1).

  •   · Level 2: (Before) 16 sec. → (After) 15 sec.
  •   · Level 3: (Before) 13 sec. → (After) 11 sec.


- Decreased the AoE range of Beastial Roar (4) by 17%. 

- Fixed an issue where the sound made by attacking using LMB while prone was awkward.  

- Adjusted the cooldown time of Gate Breaker (1).

  •   · Level 1: (Before) 13 sec. → (After) 14 ses. 
  •   · Level 2: (Before) 11 sec. → (After) 12 sec.
  •   · Level 3: (Before) 9 sec.  → (After) 10 sec.


■ Sound

- Improved the skill sound of an enemy Yeonhwa so their direction can be better predicted. 

- Fixed an issue where sound could not be heard outside of the Dark Fog.

- Fixed an issue where the sounds from within the battlefield could be heard while in the results screen.  


■ System

- Cute NPCs have started to appear at the Ancient Altar 

- Increased Laytenn’s HP by 30%.

- Changed the Black Spirits that appear outside of the dark fog so they can no longer be attacked. 

- Fixed an issue where text of the best records in the results screen was displayed in Korean. 


■ Fixes and Changes

- Fixed the effect of the Shadow Arena logo to properly appear when launching the game. 

- Changed the background image in the login screen. 

- Fixed an issue where the System text in the chat window was displayed in the Korean language. 

- Improved Haru’s appearance to be more natural in the Lobby/Hero Selection screen. 



We’ll do our best to present a more enjoyable and stable Shadow Arena. 


Thank you!