Dev Notes [Dev Note] [Beta] Let’s learn about Tiers!
ShadowArena 2020-02-28 00:00 (UTC+9)


[GM] Goyen here! 


I hope you enjoyed the first day of the Shadow Arena Beta. 


While we’ve been answering questions in our communities and server chat, many players have been asking about their Tier placement and how Tiers are set up. 


So, come check out details of all Tiers in one place right below~


Tier Points
Dragon Badge I 162,000
Dragon Badge II 155,000
Dragon Badge III 148,000
Dragon Badge IV 141,000
Dragon Badge V 134,000
Griffon Badge I 127,000
Griffon Badge II 121,000
Griffon Badge III 115,000
Griffon Badge IV 109,000
Griffon Badge V 103,000
Ogre Badge I 97,000
Ogre Badge II 91,000
Ogre Badge III 85,000
Ogre Badge IV 79,000
Ogre Badge V 73,000
Orc Badge I 67,000
Orc Badge II 60,000
Orc Badge III 53,000
Orc Badge IV 46,000
Orc Badge V 39,000
Goblin Badge I 32,000
Goblin Badge II 24,000
Goblin Badge III 16,000
Goblin Badge IV 8,000
Goblin Badge V 0
Shade Under 5 matches in Ranked Play
Troll Badge

Restricted Player


Now that you’ve seen how Tiers are set up, how about setting a goal for a higher Tier?

I’ll be doing my best to reach a higher Tier as well! 


See you in the battlefield!




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