Updates [Update] [Beta] 3/02 (Mon) Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-03-02 00:00 (UTC+9)


Hello, this is Gwang-Sam Kim “Byulbram”, the executive producer of Shadow Arena!


I want to thank everyone who has sent us their support during this Beta. With that, I’m here to let you know the details behind the March 2nd update. 


For the past several days, the Shadow Arena team has been focused on fixing in-game issues and keeping an eye on the overall situation. We believe it is now time for us to shift our main focus to adjusting the game balance. 


First of all, the hero “Goyen” has been too strong for the past few days of the Beta. 

It seems we under-evaluated his strength because there was a lot of “counter-hero play” during our internal testing.  

And so, we’ve adjusted Goyen’s balance with this update. 


Secondly, we’ll be making major changes to the game’s ranking points and lightstones.
We intended for gameplay where players aim for the top scores with lightstones and encourage the top-scorers to compete over them, but there were a couple of problems.    

The lightstones had an immense impact on ranking points, since the number of points you can obtain from them was too high and the drop rates for each tier were set incorrectly.  

Nevertheless, if we were to just change the points and drop rates of the light stones, the points players can obtain afterwards would be lower, making it difficult for players to change their current ranking. That’s why we will increase the overall points earned from kills and gameplay.  


This update will increase the overall ranking points that you can obtain. 

However, this means you will need to be a bit more attack-orientated than before to obtain points. 


Beyond what I described here, there are more balance changes and fixes in the patch notes below. We will continue to work hard so your battles in the arena will be more thrilling and enjoyable.



■ Heroes


Adjusted the amount of Stamina that was consumed when activating sprint jump to 10%. 

Adjusted the amount of Stamina that was consumed when sprint jump attacking to 10%. (Before 20%) 



- Formation Break (3) will no longer have Super Armor during the time before the jump. 

- Decreased the jump distance of Formation Break (3) by 20%. 



- Removed the bleeding effect of the chained-skill Uproot (2); added bleeding effect to Heart Stab (1). 

- Increased the damage of the chained-skill Uproot (2) by 87.3%.  

- Fixed Shadow Step (RMB) so that you can sprint attack with LMB or RMB while stealthed.  

- Decreased the amount of stamina consumed while stealthed with Shadow Step (RMB) by 6%. (The amount of stamina consumed when casting the skill is unchanged.) 

- Fixed an issue where stamina was not consumed when sprint attacking. 


[Ahon Kirus]

- Increased the cooldown time of Phantom Raven (RMB) by 0.5 sec. 



- Decreased the attack speed of basic attacks (LMB) by 7%. 

- Fixed an issue where the last hit would not activate when recovering HP while casting Gate Breaker (1) or Rock Smash (2). 

- Decreased the damage of Rock Smash (2) by 23%. 



-Increased the damage of Natural Marksman (RMG) by 2.63%. 

- Fixed Arrow Storm (2) so that another skill can quickly be used after Arrow Storm is casted.  

- Decreased the cooldown time of Explosive Trap (4) by 1 sec. for level 2 and 3 sec. for level 3. 



- Adjusted Grave Digger (3) to no longer have Super Armor during the knock-up portion of the skill. 

- Decreased the float cooldown time of Grave Digger (3) from 2 sec. to 0.5 sec. 

- Fixed an issue where the level 1 and 2 of Iron Pulverizer (1) was dealing the damage of level 3.  

- Decreased the damage of Iron Pulverizer (1) by 47.5%. 

- Decrease the damage of lateral attacks by 6.25%. 


[Badal the Golden]

- Increased the damage by 12% and duration of Super Armor for Thunder Breaker (3) when used without buff of Golden Gate (4).


■ Ranking System

- Adjusted the ranking points obtained for defeating other players







Team Battle (Defeated by You)



Team Battle (Defeated by Teammate)




- Adjusted the ranking points obtained for winning. 




Solo/Team Battle




- Adjusted the drop rate buff and bonus ranking points of lightstones obtained from the ancient ruins golems. 




Broken Lightstone

30 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +20%

10 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +50%

Faint Lightstone

60 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +20%

30 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +30%

Shiny Lightstone

100 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +20%

50 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +10%

Resplendent Lightstone

150 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +20%

100 Ranking Points

Drop Rate +5%

Pure Lightstone

Ranking Points +10%

Drop Rate +20%

Ranking Points +10% (Unchanged)

Drop Rate +5%


- Adjusted the maximum points from up to 120% to up to 150% depending on the players’ ranks you’ve been matched against. 


■ Monster Number Adjustments 

- Adjusted the number of monsters spawned after the start of the game. 

  • Decreased the number of monsters spawned at the 2nd Fog (5 min.) by 20%.  
  • Decreased the number of monsters spawned at the 3rd Fog (7 min.) by 10%
  • The number of monsters spawned at the 1st Fog will be unchanged. 


■ Improvements and Changes

- Fixed an issue where mastery would sometimes be displayed abnormally.  

- Fixed an issue where spectate mode would occasionally not switch when a party member is killed.  



Thank you.