Updates [Update] [Beta] 3/06 (Fri) Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-03-06 09:20 (UTC+9)


Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.


Find out what was updated to Shadow Arena on March 5 (Thu) below. 


Also, starting on day 9 until the end of the Beta, the servers will be opened daily for 24 hours every day without pauses in-between, so make sure to take this chance to enjoy the thrilling combat of Shadow Arena.

※ During this period, we may perform unscheduled maintenance to ensure server stability or deploy patches/updates.



■ Heroes

[Jordine Ducas]

- Adjusted the cooldown of Shield of Heidel (RMB) to 9 sec. (Before: 8 sec.)


[Gerhard Shultz]

- Increased the damage of basic attack (LMB) by 6.84%.

- Increased the damage of forward attack (W+LMB) by 7.17$.



- Fixed an issue where the HP recovery buff was not being applied when defeating an enemy with Mirage (4). 


[Badal the Golden]

- Fixed an issue where other skills would sometimes not be enhanced when using Golden Gate (4) for the first time.  


■ System

Added 3 public chat channels to lobby chat. (Added: 3/7 21:20 PST)


■ Improvements and Fixes

- Fixed an issue where the Camera Effect setting was not being properly applied in the Game Settings 

- Fixed an issue where the client would sporadically close when entering a Team Battle. 

- Fixed an issue where abnormal sounds could be heard in Spectate mode for Team Battles.
- Decreased the installation time of Stun Trap by 50%. 

- Adjusted the stun time of Stun Trap to 3 sec. (Before: 5 sec.) 

- Improved the matchmaking system. (Increased chance of being matched with players of similar skill levels).



Thank you.