Notices [Notice] [Final Beta] How to Set the In-Game Language
ShadowArena 2020-04-17 22:19 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena. 


We want to welcome as many players as possible, and so, Shadow Arena offers 14 total different languages for an optimal gameplay experience. 

Check out how to change the in-game language settings below, and enjoy our game in your desired language!  

■ How to Set the In-Game Language - 1

  2. 1. Click the ‘▼’ located in the upper-right of the Shadow Arena launcher, and select your desired language. Then, select any of the other languages and re-select your desired language again.   
  3. 2. Now you can start the game in your desired language by clicking the Game Start button. 


■ How to Set the In-Game Language - 2

  2. 1. Click either [Language] button in the upper-left of the lobby screen or the gear-shaped icon upper-right. 
  3. 2. Select your desired language, then click [Apply] and [Confirm] and restart your client to enjoy the game in your desired language.

Thank you.