Notices [Notice] [CBT] Thoughts on preparing the second closed beta test (CBT)
ShadowArena 2020-01-02 01:00 (UTC+0)


Greetings! This is Gwang-Sam Kim “Byulbram”, the executive producer of Shadow Arena!


First, we would like to thank all the selected testers who participated in the first closed beta test and for their feedback. We will briefly highlight some of the changes that we made in the upcoming second CBT.

We made the following changes after monitoring the first CBT.

  1. 1. Too many small skirmishes

We anticipated a scenario where users would fight others in a true battle royale fashion as the circle gradually closed in. However, we noticed that the majority of the battles that took place were a result of ambush attacks forcing users into small skirmishes.

We understand the importance of using these strategic tactics to harass your opponent or catch them off guard. Unfortunately, because of this, users were less likely to engage others one-versus-one battles.

As a result, we decided to adjust the number of participants from 40~50 bracket to 30~40 bracket.

  1. 2. Balancing problems that resulted in lackluster endgame battle

The climax or the most intense battle of a match usually occurs in a scenario where there are 3~4 users remaining in a match. However, most users that make it to the final rounds are well equipped. This created a stalemate like situation where the remaining users were reluctant to engage others in all-out battle.

On day 4 of the first CBT phase, we allowed the skill damage as skill level increased. However, upon closer look, we decided to recalibrate the AP and DP mechanics as we thought it would be the best way to address the underlying problem of this situation.

We implemented the newly adjusted AP and DP mechanics in the upcoming second CBT. Unlike the stalemate like situation in the first CBT, users will find it easier to deal damage even on users with high DP.

  1. 3. Use of one hit combo through skill resets.

In Shadow Arena, a skill cooldown time will reset when it level up. By carefully timing this, users can use the skill consecutively to deliver a powerful combo attack. We intentionally designed and implemented this mechanic into the game. Unfortunately, most users found it unnecessary.

The attacker may find it satisfying to use the intended system to deliver a powerful combo attack. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the user on the opposite end may find it unfair, as there is no counter for such an attack. We carefully considered the feedback regarding the skill cancel system and decided to remove it.

  1. 4. Team Battle Improvements.

During the first CBT, we received considerable feedback and inconveniences about the Team Battle content.

We are currently revamping the Team Battle system from ground up based on the feedback. Because of that, the new Team Battle system will not be included in the second CBT.

We understand many testers were looking forward to the new Team Battle. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience on this part. We promise to add the improved Team Battle system in the next CBT.

We want to share some insight on the main goal we want to achieve in the upcoming second CBT.

The biggest change made in the second CBT is the ranking system that will be decided on the basis of in-game records from solo matches. We believe a ranking system will reward users and encourage users to play for a longer period.

In addition, we added a character mastery feature that reward users that play with their preferred character for long period. A user will receive a rating and a reward based on their knowledge and performance of their preferred character.

As mentioned previously, the main goal of the second CBT is to monitor and check the implementation of the ranking system. However, we also made several changes in order to improve the overall game play in Shadow Arena.

Two new characters

We are adding two new characters to in the second CBT, Orwen and Goyen.

Orwen is a character that specializes in ranged attack. Although Orwen does not have powerful combo skill, Orwen can strategically position herself to deal consistent damage from afar.

Goyen uses a unique system where he consumes HP to use a skill and basic attack recovers HP. We understand the new characters introduces an unconventional concept to the existing game play. We hope you enjoy the new characters.

New Items

We added two new items, Vigilance Elixir and Red Dragon’s Offering.

Vigilance Elixir will reveal other users on the minimap nearby for 10 seconds. The item will be applied when you kill another user.

Red Dragon’s Offering will call a giant dragon to fly to the targeted region and wreak havoc. Users, including the users who used the artifact, will also take damage if he/she is within the vicinity of the attack.



We enlarged the UI size in general. We understand that some users may find the UI inconvenient and incomplete. We will continue to make changes to the UI based on the feedback we receive from our users. We hope you enjoy the improved UI and more intuitive.

We hope you enjoy the second CBT that we have prepared.

We encourage you to not only play the game, but actively provide us with feedback, both negative or positive, about the game. Your feedback will greatly assist us in improving Shadow Arena in the future.


Thank you!


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