Dev Notes [Dev Note] Venslar, Enslar's Successor Guide
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One of the seven beloved disciples of Enslar 

Vella was the youngest and sole successor of the group. 

Known as young Enslar since she was a child 

she was later affectionately christened Venslar. 


She dealt with the aftermath of the Kzarka summoning incident, reinstated the Order of Valkyrie Knights, and restored faith by purging Kzarka infiltrators within the Elionian Church. 



| Difficulty 



| Combat Style 

Venslar is a strategically maneuverable character that can shift between Courage Stance (Offensive) and Patient Stance (Defensive) according to the situation at hand. In the Courage Stance, Venslar will deliver damaging blows at close range while the Patient Stance can open up a powerful set of skills such as long-range attacks, healing, and summoning barriers to keep her opponents at bay. As the attack speed is relatively slow, predicting her attacks is vital in effectively bringing her down.


| Unique Skills

Switch Stance

Courage Stance: Maintains an offensive posture that grants Venslar with high attack speed and movement speed. 


Endurance Stance: Venslar is able to block all attacks that are within the capacity of her shield. If her shield capacity is depleted, clicking on the right mouse button can shift her back to the Courage Stance. 

Blades of Retribution: Summon a diving spear into the ground from the skies above. Clicking and holding the left mouse button will deliver three consecutive strikes. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: +50% Skill Movement Distance) 


Shield Throw: Throw a shield to push an opponent back. Opponents can be hit additionally and pushed back from the returning shield. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: +20% Explosive Damage) 


Radiant PursuitA quick dash followed by a blade strike that can throw the opponent off balance. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: A follow up attack can be instantly performed after the strike) 


Sacred Barrier: Summon a large barrier that can block the opponent’s attacks. 
(Ultimate Level Effect: +100% Barrier Duration Time) 


Radiant Slash: A deathblow with rotating momentum will throw the opponent back into distance. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: +100% Attack Range) 


Breath of Elion: Instantly heals Venslar and her allies within range. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: -45% Casting Time) 


Light’s Judgement (Courage): Summon a crashing sword from the skies that will blow opponents away. Delivers a stronger punch when used in the Courage Stance. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: +50% Attack Area) 


Light’s Judgement (Patient): Summon a crashing sword from the skies. While lacking in damage compared to the Courage Stance, it still does its job of blowing away opponents off balance. 

(Ultimate Level Effect: +50% Attack Area) 



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