Notices [Notice] [CBT] Testers, we want to meet you!
ShadowArena 2020-01-02 01:00 (UTC+0)


Greetings, this is the Shadow Arena. 

The much awaited Shadow Arena CBT has begun.
Even our GMs have been excitedly counting down the days to when they could finally meet our testers!  

During this upcoming 4 day CBT period, the GMs plan to head into the arena every day to meet and talk with our testers.

The GMs will be appearing in the waiting rooms for both solo and team battle, so don’t be too surprised if a GM drops by to say hello~ :)


※ The GMs will appear in the randomly created waiting rooms for solo/team battle. 

※ GMs will appear the same as normal characters, but [GM] will be displayed in their nicknames. 


Then, we await you in the arena!


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