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ShadowArena 2020-11-19 16:30 (UTC+9)


Greetingsthis is Shadow Arena. 


We want to keep you informed regarding the details of the current known issues. 


Please refer below to minimize any inconveniences to your gameplayWe will continue to update you through this notice if any additional issues are discovered. 



● [Orwen] Dagger isn't visible when you wear the weapon skin.

● Igrid illustration on the main screen blocks UI on some game modes.

● [Tutorial] If Gorgath attacks AI using the Forbidden alchemy (4) skill during a 1:1 battle, we skip to the next stage.

● [Trio Mode] "Maximum Inventory count has been exceeded." message intermittently appears while using Shared Inventory and it becomes impossible to use

● [Sparring Grounds] Player turns transparent and invincible after entering the water on a Laytenn.

● Player cannot enter the battlefield intermittently with a message "Capacity has exceeded. Please try again soon.


● [NA, SA, EU/RU] An explanation regarding Internet Cafe benefits are shown on the bottom of the Hero Selection window.


● [Trio Mode] The time and order of Altar icons in World Map do not show.


● [Trio Mode] Ancient Altar - Hand of Salvation appears as Ancient Altar - Elixir of Life in the World Map.


● Changes in shortkey settings do not apply if UI size is less than 90 or more than 106.


● The Hero portrait in the result rescreen sometimes doesn't appear when playing as a random hero.


● [Ba-Ri&Heilang] Heilang does not disappear in King of the Hill even when Ba-ri dies.


● [Ba-ri & Heilang] When dueling in Sparring Grounds or before the match starts, Heilang continues to atttack the target even when the duel is cancelled.


● Projectile attacks to Heilang sometimes appears to through it even though the damage is applied correctly.


● [Gorgath] The damage from explosion is not applied when using Forbidden Alchemy (4) in Deathmatch, Sparring Grounds, and duel before the game starts.


● Acquired points appear in the result screen for custom matches that does not use tickets.


● [Gorgath] Gorgath's appearance is different from his standard appearance when viewed from afar


● [Gorgath] Gorgath's apparance is sometimes abnormal when entering the arena


● Certain skills appear to go through enemies that are charging.


● Stamina continues to be consumed without stopping when grabbed while casting a skill that consumes stamina


● [Badal the Golden] Super Armor of Thunder Breaker (3) enhanced by Golden Gate (4) sometimes does not take effect


● Moving outside of the map during the Grace Period causes the Hero to be unable to move


● [Herawen] Moving quickly from side to side while using Fairy Flame (RMB) causes the projectile to be invisible to other players


● Unable to select certain items when taking items after the end of a match


● Using certain skills while standing with your back to a wall causes them to be blocked by the wall


● Hero sporadically loses Black Spirit transformation before reaching the ground while flying through the air after being killed during the grace period.


● 'Invalid ticket' error message when launching the game from the Steam platform
- Restarting the game launcher will let you play the game properly.


Encounter a 'WinLicense' related pop-up window
- After completely downloading the patch, please restart your launcher.


  • ● Encountering a Login Page on the Steam Launcher while already logged intoSteam 

Please try the [Scan Files] option at the bottom of the launcher and restart your game launcher after it’s complete.  



Resolved Issues


● Certain products appearing under the Sale tab in the Shop
- Please note, this issue will be resolved during this week’s scheduled maintenance.
● Gcoin icon appears incorrectly
- This issue will be resolved during the next regularly scheduled maintenance.

● Game unexpectedly shuts down when spectating a player's PoV in Spectator Mode

- Please note that this issue does not occur when spectating normally.

● Afterimage of AI Bots does not disappear

● Incorrect instructions for assembling the “Summon Scroll: Ancient Weapon Puturum” in Ancient Weapon Fragments item description

- This issue will be resolved during the next regularly scheduled maintenance.

● An issue where you cannot turn the camera to the right.

- [Menu] > [System Settings] > and clicking on [Reset] will allow the camera to function properly.

● Match records now showing up properly in the [Recent Matches] in-game screen

● Skin names are displayed in the Korean language on the Hero Selection screen

● "No recorded matches" message appears in the Korean language on the Recent Matches screen when accessing it with a new account

● Names of weapons dropped by Tagahl when defeated are displayed differently.

● [Haru] Ultimate Level of Uproot inflicts 1.5 times the damage.

● Frame rate drops when the game window setting is set to "Full Screen" mode.

- For optimal gameplay, we recommend playing the game in Full Screen Window or Window mode.

● [Badal the Golden] The tooltip of the enchanced Helix Cannon incorrectly states the Knockdown time as 0.9 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds.

● The effect icons that are not being applied sporadically appear

● Skill cooldowns are abnormal in the Waiting Room before a match.

● Average Ranking Kill Score is shown as 0
- If you play at least 1 game, the average kill score will appear normally.

● "Verification has expired. Please login again." message sporadically appears when logging in from certain PC Cafes.

- Please note that you can play the game normally after re-logging in, and this issue will be resolved during next week's regularly scheduled maintenance.

● Clicking "Enter Shadow Arena" after launching the game causes an "Account authentication failed" error message to appear

- If you encounter this issue, please try accessing a different server and re-try accessing your desired server.

● Default in-game language is set as Korean

- You can change the language from the in-game Language setting or from the upper-right of the launcher.  

● Hungry Black Spirit spawns and attacks the player even if the player left the Dark Fog within 10 seconds of entering it

● Using Dark Shift (Q) sporadically causes the skill to enter cooldown without it actually activating

● Unable to create a custom room for 1 minute after leaving a custom room you made before it started.

● [Haru] Visual effect for Super Armor/Invincibility appears immediately after casting Thunder Rip even though the Super Armor/Invincibility status is not active

● Control guide appears overlapped when riding Laytenn or Puturum in the Sparring Grounds

● Trying to use Stun Trap, Matchlock, Sandwich, or Red Dragon's Offering sporadically causes the item to be consumed without it actually being used

● [Herawen/Orwen] Sometimes unable to deal damage when attacking enemies while riding Laytenn in the Ancient Weapons Showdown

● Unable to set AI difficulty and select Hardcore mode for when creating a room for an AI match in Custom mode.

● The Herawen AI Bot's Fairy Flame (RMB), Seed of Ice (1), and Ancient Dragon's Breath (2) skill damage is set abnormally.

● Clicking "Skill & Combo Guide" of the [Hero] Lahn in the Here Selection brings up the "Skill & Combo Guide" of the [Hero] Goyen

● Laytenn and Puturum are not summonable in the Sparring Grounds (NA, EU/RU, SA server)

● Certain text overlaps the UI when creating a room in Custom mode.

● [Haru] Stays visible to members of the same clan after using Shadow Step (RMB).

● [Herawen] Using RMB with insufficient causes a "Action exceeded allowed range" message to appear.

● [Yeonhwa] Stamina is consumed when using the level 1, 2, or 3 version of the skill Red Moon (4)

● [Ahon Kirus] The visual effect of Sun of Destruction (4) lingers if the Ultimate Level of the skill was interrupted mid-cast

● After entering Spectate mode, items are being displayed at the end of the match like they are able to be sealed.

● Hero Rotation is set incorrectly (Asia Server)

● [Gorgath] The skill description of Rolling Boulder (2) in the Hero Intros on the official website is incorrect

● Specters sometimes are not spawned after a Jump Gate is used.

● Defeated Ruins Golems do not drop any items

● [Venslar] Sacred Barrier - Patience Stance (2) continues to block even after the barrier disappears

● [Gerhard Shultz] The Super Armor buff lingers when using the the Ultimate Level of Bestial Howl (4) after using Unleashed Beast (RMB)

● [Gorgath] Hero voicelines are sometimes not played during gameplay

● An incorrect message appears at the top of screen when entering a Team match

- The team match will begin once 20 players have joined.

● [Venslar] Being attacked in Patience Stance causes a 0.3 delay for performing different actions

● [Tagahl] Ultimate Level of Dragon Slash (3) deals an abnormal amount of damage

● The Red Dragon’s flame graphical effect is not visible.

● [Igrid] The increased travel distance effect for the Ultimate Level of Avalanche (1) does not take effect

● [Igrid] The +10% movement speed buff is not applied when the wind visual effect indicating acceleration appears when sprinting

● [Igrid] Using basic attacks while crouched deals the same amount of damage as normal basic attacks

● The ranking season name of the official website is different from the in-game name.

● The standard tier icon is being displayed instead of the Master tier icon

● Jump Gate sporadically does not activate normally.

● [Badal the Golden] Helix Cannon (1) and Sleeve Tanger (2) remain enhanced even after the 2nd Gate or higher buff of Golden Gate (4) has expired

● The text for Sura's weapons is in Korean

● Laytenn sometimes appears transparent

● The Black Spirit's appearance does not show while on standby when standing still.

● Boss monsters are sometimes summoned in mid-air

● After getting hit by a crowd control skill, the duration lasts even when Dark Shift is used in King of the Hill and Deathmatch mode.

● Offline Friends are displayed as currently online

● The weapon of Goyen's Specter does not show.

● The skill range of [Ba-ri & Heilang] Tiger: Chase! (2) in the skill description is different from actual skill range.

● The Hero Score sometimes increases abonrmally.

- This issue will be addressed during next week maintenance and any points gained abnormally will be deducted.

● AP+100 buff icon appears when Random Hero is selected.

- Please note that even though it appears as AP+100, there is no actual effect on AP.

● A fence appears on the grave when a player dies in battle royale mode.

● [Event][Gerhard Shultz] Legendary Skeleton King skin's name and description showsi n Korean.

● The rewards listed for 3 and 5 [Event] Halloween Pumpkins is incorrect.

● Playing Trio Mode games does not satisfy the "Play your first Solo/Trio Match!" Daily Quest requirement.

- Due to this issue, the [Event] Halloween Pumpkin items you were unable to collect will be exchanged for their proper rewards during next week's maintenance.

● The DP+500 buff does not seem to apply when defeating specters.

- This is an UI issue and the DP +500 buff is actually applied.

● [Trio Mode] You do not Ascend when riding on Heilang.

● [Trio Mode] Revive buffs aren't applied to Ba-Ri and Heilang when they revive.

● The visual effect for tiers in the main screen appears abnormally when logging in for first time.

● Reviving a party member in Team mode sporadically revives them without the basic gear equipped.

● Certain in-game texts appear in Korean.

● [Jordine Ducas] Super Armor is applied to Jordine right after he casts Shield of Heidel (RMB).

● [Tantu] If Tantu appears as a "Random Hero", his Reload (RMB) does not work.

● [Tantu] You cannot use Reload (RMB) when resetting skills in Deathmatch and Sparring Grounds.

● [Tantu] The default weapon skin image does not appear in Hero selection screen.

● [Tantu] Clicking on Skill/Combo Guide in Hero select menu leads to Goyen's guide.

● [Trio Mode] Blackstar Fragments flicker when they are viewed from a distance.

● [Venslar] DP buff UI appears when using Ultimate Level of Breath of Elion (Patience Stance -3).

- This is only visual issue and there is no effect on actual DP.

● When selecting "Random Hero" on the Hero Selection screen, the Attack Type and Weapons descriptions come up incorrectly.


If you continue to experience the same issue after trying the instructions above, please provide us the exact details via our Customer Support or the launcher’s Report Error function. 


We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences, and we will work harder to provide better services. 


Thank you.


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