Notices [Notice] Information Regarding Recent Commonly Reported Issues
ShadowArena 2020-05-26 00:00 (UTC+9)



Greetingsthis is the Shadow Arena. 


The Shadow Arena service team does its utmost in checking every single report from our players.


Among these reportswe’d like to provide you with information about our progress for checking and responding to some of the most common ones 


  1. 1. Gameplay Lag/DelayIssue 

We’ve confirmed that there’s been many instances where lag/delay issues resulted in a difficult gameplay experienceCurrentlyall the Shadow Arena’s teams have put resolving this issue as the highest priority. Based on the videos and details you’ve sent to us, we are working to identify and fix the cause of this issue as quickly as possible.    


  1. 2. Issue of Certain CharactersBecoming Invisible  

We’ve currently identified some of the causes behind this issue where opposing players sometimes become invisible during a match. We’ll be releasing a patch to fix this issue as soon as it is ready.  


  1. 3. Measures AgainstUnauthorized Programs 

As announced previously, the Shadow Arena team is taking stringent measures against unauthorized program users. In addition to our 24-hour monitoringgame restrictions/bans, and strengthening our security systems, we are doing our best to quickly respond to these users If you ever suspect a player of using unauthorized programs, please send us a report immediately. 


  1. 4. HeroBalance 

We’ve received all sorts of feedback from many players regrading hero balance. During this Early Access, we’ll be continuously adjusting balance, and we ask for everyone’s continued feedback. 


To implement improvements for what was stated above, we will be performing a temporary maintenance sometime today. Once the details for the temporary maintenance are finalized, we will provide you the details through a notice.     


The Shadow Arena team will continue to closely listen to all our players’ voices and do our best to provide a better gameplay experience 


Thank you.